Kettering Course Reviews

Kettering University

MECH 551Vehicular Crash Dynamics and Accident Reconstruction00000
PHYS 302Vibration, Sound and Light00000
IME 200Introduction to Industrial Engineering00000
MECH 311Introduction to Mechanical System Design00000
IME 563Safety and Human Factors00000
EE 432Feedback Control Systems00000
MGMT 619Project and Change Management00000
CE 490Senior CE Design Project00000
IME 452Designing Value in the Supply Chain00000
CE 680Computer Networks00000
MATH 412Complex Variables00000
LS 201Sophomore Seminar: Exploring the Human Condition00000
EE 240Electromagnetic Fields and Applications00000
MECH 521Energy and Environmental Systems Design00000
CE 420Microcomputers II00000
MFGO 635Work Analysis for Lean Production Application00000
ESL 091Technical English I00000
MRKT 570Marketing Concepts and Applications00000
BUSN 001BUSN Study Abroad00000
PHYS 477Optics and Lab00000
CE 622Computer Architecture & Org00000
IME 471Quality Assurance00000
BUSN 212Organizational Behavior00000
ISYS 669Enterprise Information System Models00000
CHEM 135Principles of Chemistry00000
MATH 328Methods of Applied Mathematics00000
MATH 102XCalculus II00000
ECON 350Comparative Economic Systems00000
MECH 212Mechanics of Materials00000
BUSN 779MBA Capstone: Innovation & New Ventures00000
MECH 420Heat Transfer00000
EE 342Electrical Machines00000
MECH 542Chassis System Design00000
BIOL 481Genetics00000
MECH 627Green Energy Conversion00000
EE 621Energy Storage Sys w/ EV App00000
MGMT 510Foundations of Business00000
CE 450App Dvelpmt for Mobile Devices00000
MGMT 665Strategic Management00000
FYE 101First Year Foundations00000
PHYS 115Newtonian Mechanics Laboratory00000
BIOL 331Biological Techniques II00000
PHYS 378Spectroscopy and Microscopy00000
IME 351Engineering Economics00000
SCM 610Foundations Supply Chain Mgmt00000
BUSN 152Information Systems00000
IME 462Ergonomics00000
CE 626Real-Time Embedded Systems00000
IME 473Design of Experiments00000
BIOL 361Microbiology00000
IME 654Enterprise Resource Planning00000
CE 684Internet of Things (IoT)00000
LIT 374Seminar on J.R.R. Tolkien00000
BUSN 402Business Law00000
MATH 100College Mathematics00000
CHEM 137General Chemistry I00000
MATH 310Biostatistics I00000
MATH 204Differential Equations & Laplace Transforms00000
CHEM 346Organic Chemistry I Lab00000
MATH 360Life Contingencies I00000
BUSN 522Business Statistics00000
MATH 448Time Series00000
EE 210Circuits I00000
MECH 300Computer Aided Engineering00000
BIOL 441Cellular Biology00000
MECH 322Fluid Mechanics00000
EE 320Electronics I00000
MECH 430Dynamic Systems with Controls00000
CE 320Microcomputers I00000
MECH 528Bio and Renewable Energy Lab00000
EE 346High Voltage Generation and Measurement Techniques00000
MECH 546Vehicle Systems Dynamics00000
BIOL 311Ecology00000
MECH 582Composite Materials00000
EE 4913-Phase AC Motor Control00000
MFGO 601Globally Integrated Manufacturing Company00000
CE 426Real-Time Embedded Systems00000
MFGO 659Integrative Capstone Project00000
EP 342Materials Science and Nanotechnology00000
MGMT 550Mgmt Concepts and Applications00000
BIOL 494Senior Research/Seminar00000
MGMT 649Ethics and Leadership00000
ESL 098English as a Second Language II00000
MGMT 691Foundations of Business00000
CE 480Computer Networks00000
PHYS 001PHYS Study Abroad00000
HIST 391History of Technology00000
PHYS 224Electricity and Magnetism00000
BIOL 141General Biology00000
PHYS 362Modern Physics00000
IME 321Operations Research I Deterministic Models00000
PHYS 452Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics00000
CE 499Design & Development of a Control System for Common Rail Die...00000
IME 408Industrial Robotics00000
ACCT 500Finc Concepts-Self-Dir-Studies00000
BIOL 241Human Biology00000
BIOL 381Molecular Biology00000
BUSN 483Strategy Integration II00000
CHEM 247Survey of Organic Chemistry00000
MATH 307Matrix Algebra00000