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Kettering Course Reviews

Kettering University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH 350Financial Mathematics00000
MECH 610Mechanics of Materials I: Linear Elasticity00000
CHEM 374Analytical Chemistry Lab00000
LIT 315Literature of the Fantastic00000
EP 446Solid State Physics00000
CE 442Introduction to Mobile Robotics00000
MECH 420Heat Transfer00000
CHEM 346Organic Chemistry I Lab00000
CHME 301Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer Lab00000
BIOL 441Cellular Biology00000
IME 564Ethics and Practice of Engineering00000
IME 100Interdisciplinary Design and Manufacturing00000
BUSN 411Project Management00000
MATH 203Multivariate Calculus00000
CE 620Microcomputer Systems00000
MECH 212Mechanics of Materials00000
CHEM 135Principles of Chemistry00000
MECH 541Advanced Automotive Power Systems00000
BUSN 371Business Analytics00000
MGMT 505Mgmt Concepts-Self-Dir-Studies00000
BIOL 242Human Biology Lab00000
EE 434Digital Signal Processing00000
BUSN 483Strategy Integration II00000
ESL 099English as a Second Language III00000
BUSN 102Intro to Business Methods00000
IME 465Human-Computer Interaction and Interface Design00000
IME 333Engineering Statistics II Design of Experiments00000
BUSN 342Product Marketing Management00000
IME 676Lean Six Sigma00000
CE 472VR Systems: Modeling & Control00000
MATH 100College Mathematics00000
BUSN 779MBA Capstone: Innovation & New Ventures00000
MATH 310Biostatistics I00000
BUSN 303New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship00000
MATH 418Intermediate Differential Equations00000
CE 622Computer Architecture & Org00000
MECH 312Mechanical Component Design I00000
CHEM 001CHEM Study Abroad00000
MECH 526Fuel Cell Science & Engineering00000
CHEM 347Organic Chemistry II00000
MECH 550Automotive Bioengineering: Occupant Protection and Safety00000
BIOL 442Cellular Biology Lab00000
MFGO 633Lean Production Systems00000
CHEM 494Senior Research/Seminar I00000
MGMT 521Statistical and Quantitative Methods for Managerial Decision00000
BUSN 402Business Law00000
CHME 410Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics00000
BIOL 361Microbiology00000
EE 621Energy Storage Sys w/ EV App00000
BIOL 499Plant Identification in MI00000
ESL 096Intermediate I00000
BIOL 494Senior Research/Seminar00000
HIST 322Africa in the World Economy00000
BUSN 659International Business00000
IME 301Engineering Materials00000
BUSN 212Organizational Behavior00000
IME 453Tools for Managing the Supply Chain00000
IME 403Computer Numerical Control Machining00000
BUSN 304Intrapreneurship and Innovation Development00000
IME 473Design of Experiments00000
CE 422Computer Architecture and Organization00000
IME 654Enterprise Resource Planning00000
BUSN 382Introduction to Strategy00000
LIT 310African American Literature00000
BUSN 221Financial Accounting00000
LS 201Sophomore Seminar: Exploring the Human Condition00000
BUSN 491Managing Workplace Diversity00000
MATH 102XCalculus II00000
CE 491Computer Vision for Auto Drvn00000
MATH 305Numerical Methods and Matrices00000
CE 412Digital Systems II00000
MATH 327Mathematical Statistics I00000
BIOL 362Microbiology Lab00000
MATH 408Probability and Statistics00000
CE 484Internet of Things (IoT)00000
MECH 001ME Study Abroad00000
CE 672Virtual Reality Systems: M&C00000
MECH 307Materials Engineering00000
CE 680Computer Networks00000
MECH 330Dynamic Systems with Vibrations00000
BUSN 341Introduction to Marketing00000
MECH 512Mechanical Systems Design Project00000
CHEM 238General Chemistry II Lab00000
MECH 528Bio and Renewable Energy Lab00000
CHEM 237General Chemistry II00000
MECH 545Hybrid Electric Vehicle Propulsion00000
CHEM 361Physical Chemistry I00000
MECH 572CAD/CAM and Rapid Prototyping Project00000
BIOL 241Human Biology00000
MECH 691Advanced Hybrid Electric Vehicle Propulsion00000
CHEM 451Biochemistry II00000
MFGO 649Metrics for Lean Production Improvement00000
CHEM 352Biochemistry I Lab00000
CHME 200Mass & Energy Balances00000
ACCT 639Managerial Accounting00000
BIOL 331Biological Techniques II00000
BUSN 152Information Systems00000
CE 210Digital Systems I00000
BUSN 272Quantitative Business Analysis00000
IME 422Simulation00000