Kean Course Reviews

Kean University

CED 8002Dissertation Continuation00000
CJ 3700Proof and Verification00000
BIO 4397Cooperative Educ In Biology00000
CED 5945Counseling Children & Adolesc00000
CDD 4101Deafness & Society00000
BIO 3060Biology And Ecology Of Birds00000
CHEM 4905Senior Honors Research I00000
ARCH 5110Studio 1000000
BIO 6406Advanced Neuroscience (D)00000
AS 3416Chin Pop Cul & Film00000
CDD 7005Adv Top Min Focus:Application00000
CDD 5233Cognitive-Ling Impair In Tbi00000
AT 4693Sr Clin II Fld Exp in At00000
CED 7631Advanced Student Services00000
ARCH 3173Is/Multicultural Claims00000
CHEM 3382Physical Chemistry Lecture II00000
BIO 3420Parasitology00000
CJ 3450Victims of Crime00000
AH 3796History Latin American Art00000
CJ 5630Ethics Criminal Justice00000
ARCH 6111Studio 1100000
CDD 3250Later Language Development00000
ANTH 2802Intro to African Amer Studies00000
CDD 5226Comm in Infancy/Early Interv00000
ASL 3130Ethics Issues & Practices00000
CDD 5299Adv Sem Res Sp/Lang Path II00000
CDD 5251Aba Fr Spch Lng Pathlgst00000
AT 3513Upper Ext. Eval-Lab00000
CED 5504Asmt&Couns Alch/Drg Child&Fam00000
ARCH 2204History 400000
CED 5975Career Counseling & Dvlpmt00000
BIO 1400General Biology II00000
CED 7959Sexuality In Counseling00000
AH 3740Modern Art00000
CHEM 2583Org Chem Lab & Recitation I00000
BIO 3315Principles of Microbiology00000
CHEM 3902Indep Chemistry Research II00000
ARCH 4108Studio 800000
CHIN 3101Adv Chin. I00000
BIO 4225Cell Physiology00000
CJ 3640Comparative Criminal Justice00000
ACCT 4803Accounting Co-Op Education00000
CJ 4650Alternatives To Incarceration00000
BIO 4913St:Hist of Bio-Paris & Amster00000
CJ 5650Race, Class & Gender In Cj00000
AH 4720Exhibiting Modern Art00000
CDD 2253Scope of Prac: Slp and Aud00000
AS 2000Intro To Asian Studies00000
CDD 3262Aural Rehabilitation00000
ACCT 5140Managerial and Cost Acct00000
CDD 4272Capstone Slhs00000
ASL 1102American Sign Language 200000
CDD 5229Dis Of Phonology & Artic00000
ANTH 2805Films-African World Exp00000
CDD 5238Mtr Spch Drsd in Chld&Adults00000
AT 2512Soph Fld Exp in At00000
CDD 5269Dysphagia00000
CDD 5255Dis Soc Prag00000
AT 3504Therap. Modalities00000
CDD 7000Maj Top Lit Review00000
ARCH 1602Theory II00000
CDD 8002Semnr Intrprof Edu/Collab Pra00000
AT 3694Jr Clin II Fld Ex in At00000
CED 5910Orientation Prof Counseling00000
AH 1700Art-Prehist to Middle Ages00000
CED 5963Theory/Prac Group Counseling00000
BCHM 4115Biochemistry00000
CED 5986Internship in Coun II00000
ARCH 3105Studio 5: Complex Program I00000
CED 7930Qualitative Methods00000
BIO 2403Human Anatomy & Physiology I00000
CED 7985Internship I: Professional00000
ACCT 3350Intr Forensic Acct & Fraud Ex00000
CHEM 2581LOrganic Chem Lab I00000
BIO 3291Biology Internship00000
CHEM 3291Coop Ed00000
ARCH 4100Foundation Arch Studio00000
CHEM 3501Coop Ed00000
BIO 3403Anatomy & Physiology I00000
CHEM 4190Medicinal Chemistry00000
AH 3771Byzantine Art00000
CHIN 1101Basic Chinese I00000
BIO 3820Basic Tissue Culture00000
CJ 2630Foundations in Cybersecurity00000
ARCH 4402Structures II00000
CJ 3605Sup in Law Enforc00000
BIO 4316Immunology00000
CJ 3675Research Methods in Cj00000
ACCT 3230Federal Income Taxes I00000
CJ 3750Cyber Risk Management00000
BIO 4700Molecular Genetics00000
CJ 4801Internship II00000
ARCH 5501Professional Practice I00000
BIO 4962Indep Research in Biology00000
ACCT 2232Comp. Accounting Systems00000
ACCT 3280Government & Fund Accounting00000
ACCT 5230Auditing Information Systems00000
ARCH 1201Arch Hist 100000
AT 3501Risk Mgmt. & Gen.Med Cond00000
CDD 5265Pediatric Dysphagia00000