KCC Course Reviews

Kingsborough Community College (CUNY)

ENG 7800Contemporary African-American literature00000
HE 3500First Aid and Personal Safety00000
CA 6000Beverage Management00000
ENG 1200Composition I00000
CS 13A0Advanced Programming Techniques00000
BIO 5200Marine Biology00000
EXS 1500Lifetime Strength and Flexibility Training00000
ART 8175Independent Study - Ceramics00000
CHM 1100General Chemistry I00000
ART 9500Modern Architecture and the Environment00000
EMS 211Paramedic Clinical00000
EDC 200Social Foundations of Education00000
BIO 1100Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
ENG 5700Creative Writing: Poetry00000
ART 6900Illustration Style00000
ESL 91A7Developing Fluency in Reading and Writing For ESL Students00000
CA 100Culinary Arts I: Skills00000
FD 9200Field Experience in Fashion Design00000
ART 3800Renaissance Art00000
HIS 1200American Civilization II00000
ART 8547Landscape Painting00000
CIS 1200Introduction to Operating Systems00000
ART 4700History of American Art00000
CSR 100CUNY Start Reading00000
BA 1400Principles of Marketing00000
EGR 8123I.S. Egr Thermodynam00000
EDC 2800Techniques in Math, Science and Technology Teaching for Earl...00000
BF 3300Salesmanship00000
EMS 241Paramedic Clinical IV00000
ART 6100Sculpture I00000
ENG 4000Short Fiction00000
BIO 3300Introduction to Modern Concepts of Biology00000
ENG 6800Gothic and Horror Fiction00000
ART 3000Art and Activism00000
EPS 3300Physical Geology00000
BIO 6500Molecular and Cellular Biology00000
EXS 500Introduction to Exercise Science00000
ART 8072Ceramic Sculpture00000
FD 2000Flat Patternmaking00000
CA 1300Contemporary Dessert Plating00000
FR 200Elementary French II00000
ADM 9229Field Experience00000
HEB 200Elementary Hebrew II00000
CFMAT 10College Focus Mathematics00000
HIS 1900History of U.S. Civil Rights and Related Movements00000
ART 4300Digital Illustration00000
CHM 3200Organic Chemistry II00000
ART 8850Intermediate Watercolor Painting00000
CRJ 6900Policing00000
ANT 3800Human Rights00000
CS 3500Discrete Structures00000
BA 1100Fundamentals of Business00000
ECO 1300Microeconomics00000
ART 5100Photography I00000
EDC 2200Art Workshop in Education00000
BA 3300Business Communications00000
EGR 2200Introduction to Electrical Engineering00000
EDC 3200Infant/Toddler Development00000
BF 1900Fashion Forecasting00000
EMS 100Emergency Medical Technician - Basic00000
ART 5800Drawing II00000
EMS 230Paramedic III00000
BF 3900Fashion Sales Promotion00000
ENG 92A6Developing Competence in Read and Writing00000
ART 2300Asian Art through Religion, Philosophy, and Politics00000
ENG 3000Introduction to Literature00000
BIO 1400General Biology II00000
ENG 4800American Environmental Literature00000
ART 6400Ceramics II00000
ENG 6500Literature and Film00000
BIO 5000General Microbiology00000
ENG 7400Themes in American Literature II: 1865 to Present00000
ADM 3700Office Communication Skills00000
ENG 8288Creative Nonfiction00000
BIO 5900Genetics00000
EPS 3800Introduction to Earth Science00000
ART 7500Graphic Design and Advertising00000
ESL 900Intermediate Reading and Writing for Students Learning Engli...00000
BIO 9202Research II00000
EXS 1200Health Risk Appraisal00000
ART 3500Nineteenth-Century Art00000
FD 1100Fashion Sketching for Fashion Designers00000
CA 990Culinary Concepts00000
FD 2300Design Trends and Aesthetics00000
ART 8131Independent Study of Art History00000
FM 3700Fashion Merchandising00000
CA 1600Chocolate and Sugar Confections00000
HE 2000Community CPR00000
ACC 2200Intermediate Accounting II00000
HE 5000Weight Management00000
CA 7400Menu and Dining Room Management00000
HEB 8103Independent Study: Intermediate Hebrew00000
ART 8232Medieval Art00000
CHI 8102IS Elementary Chinese 200000
ACC 1200Fundamentals of Accounting II00000
ACC 6000Microcomputer Accounting Applications00000
ARB 100Elementary Arabic I00000
ART 5500Design Foundations00000
BA 6100Spreadsheet Applications in Business00000
EDC 9105Supervised Instructional Experience in Education I00000