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KCC Course Reviews

Kingsborough Community College (CUNY)

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MCM 3000Mass Media35341
MAT 4A0Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning43431
PSY 1100General Psychology44441
MCB 4600Media Technology34331
ENG 1200Composition I44441
PEC 4000Modified Physical Activities for All Ages and Abilities00000
HIS 5100The Ancient World00000
PHY 1400Advanced General Physics II00000
PSY 3200Human Growth and Development00000
ESL 900Intermediate Reading and Writing for Students Learning Engli...00000
MAT 1500Calculus I00000
RPE 3100Therapeutic Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities I00000
PEC 400Training with Weights00000
HEB 8103Independent Study: Intermediate Hebrew00000
PHI 6800Ethical Problems in Business and Society00000
ENG 8258Intro to Creative Writing00000
POL 7200Minorities and the Criminal Justice System00000
HUM 200Early Literacy and Children's Literature00000
PTA 2000Pathology00000
ART 4300Digital Illustration00000
SAC 2400Basic Techniques in Substance Abuse Counseling II00000
EXS 1200Health Risk Appraisal00000
MCB 4900Media Production and Editing00000
MCF 4000Film: The Creative Medium00000
ENG 4300Drama00000
FD 1300Computerized Fashion Design00000
MH 3100Principles of Interviewing and Group Leadership00000
NUR 2100Nursing the Ill Adult I00000
HE 3800Women's Health Issues00000
PEC 1700Basic Volleyball00000
ENG 7000Sexuality and Literature00000
PEC 7100High Intensity Fitness Training00000
HIS 2100Popular Culture in America00000
PHI 7500Philosophy of the Beautiful - Aesthetics00000
ART 3500Nineteenth-Century Art00000
POL 5600Urban Politics00000
HIS 8245History of Policing in the United States00000
PSG 106Classification of Sleep Disorders00000
EPS 3800Introduction to Earth Science00000
PTA 300Foundations of Physical Therapy II00000
MAT 9B0College Algebra for STEM Majors00000
RM 9229Field Experience in Retail Merchandising00000
ANT 3700Introduction to Anthropology00000
RPE 4600Facilities Planning in Sports00000
MAT 9100Biostatistics00000
SAC 3200Addiction and the Family00000
ART 4700History of American Art00000
MCB 9201Intrnshp Broadcastng00000
EXS 8113I.S. Fitness Assessment and Program Design00000
MH 1100Introduction to Human Services00000
ARB 200Elementary Arabic II00000
MH 3500Introduction to Gerontology00000
FD 2100Fashion Design I00000
MH 3800Assessment and Intervention Modalities with Domestic Violenc...00000
MH 9802Supervised Instructional Experience in Mental Health II00000
ENG 5700Creative Writing: Poetry00000
FD 8192Independent Study: Fashion Design00000
MT 4300Marina Operations00000
NUR 1700Calculations for Medication Administration00000
HE 2000Community CPR00000
NUR 2700Pathophysiology00000
ENG 6600Literature and Psychology00000
PEC 700Soccer Techniques00000
HEB 100Elementary Hebrew I00000
PEC 2900Introduction to Hatha Yoga00000
ART 3100Survey of Art History: Prehistory to the Present00000
PEC 5600Pilates System of Exercise00000
HIS 1500Era of the Civil War: 1828 to 187700000
PEW 700Power Volleyball00000
ENG 7600Violence in American Literature and Visual Culture00000
PHI 7100History of Ancient Philosophy00000
HIS 4100The Indian in American History00000
PHY 100Preview Of General Physics00000
ADM 8192I.S. Field Exp00000
POL 5200Comparative Government00000
HIS 5900Modern America: 1920 to Present00000
POL 6300Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
EPS 3300Physical Geology00000
PSG 102Foundations of Polysomnography I00000
HS 4100Global Health Issues00000
ART 3800Renaissance Art00000
PSY 3500Educational Psychology00000
JRL 3100Basic Journalism00000
PTA 700Modalities and Procedures II00000
ESL 91A7Developing Fluency in Reading and Writing For ESL Students00000
RM 3300Salesmanship00000
MAT 900College Algebra00000
RPE 1200Leadership in Recreation, Physical Education, and Sport Mana...00000
ACC 2100Intermediate Accounting I00000
RPE 3400Methods and Materials in Arts and Crafts00000
MAT 3200Introduction to Set Theory00000
SAC 91B0Substance Abuse Counseling Program - Field Internship00000
EXS 900Introduction to Personal Training00000
MT 5100Introduction to Diesel Engines00000
FM 3500Textile and Non-Textile Analysis00000
MT 5400Low Voltage Electrical Systems00000
MT 5800Advanced Welding00000
MCB 4000Introduction to Pro Tools00000
ACC 1100Fundamentals of Accounting00000
ACC 6000Microcomputer Accounting Applications00000