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Kauai CC Course Reviews

Kauai Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MUS 254Songwriting and Transcription00000
AEC 161Building Information Modeling Software00000
ENG 104Introduction to Creative Writing00000
MATH 253Accelerated Calculus III00000
FENG 22Interior Finishing00000
ECED 131Early Childhood Development: Theory Into Practice00000
REL 150Intro World Religions00000
BUSN 123Word Processing for Business00000
ETRO 120Etron I00000
CARP 41CRough Framing and Exterior Finish II00000
MATH 88College Algebra Companion00000
HIST 250WI-Film and Wrld Hist Snc WWII00000
CULN 116Introduction to Culinary Sustainability00000
MGT 120Principles of Management00000
BIOL 172Introduction to Biology II00000
PBT 275Intro Crop Improvement00000
EIMT 47Commercial Installation Lab00000
WELD 18Shop Tools and Equipment00000
AMT 154Suspension and Steering Systems00000
AMT 50Automatic Transmis/Transaxle00000
BUSN 188Business Calculations00000
ETRO 161Introduction to Optics and Photonics00000
AMT 244Engine Performance II00000
HAW 102Elementary Hawaiian II00000
CHEM 161General Chemistry I00000
HWST 128Hula and Chant00000
HOST 150Housekeeping Operations00000
CM 190Introduction to 3D Animation00000
MATH 231Calculus III00000
ART 248Digital Post-Production00000
MEDA 150Medical Assisting Science00000
CULN 221Continental Cuisine00000
MUS 122CPiano Class II00000
AMT 99VSpecial Studies00000
NURS 299VSpecial Studies00000
ECED 290CField Exp in Early Child Ed II00000
PHYS 101Career and Tech Ed Physics00000
BOT 130LPlants in the Hawaiian Environment Lab00000
SPAN 101Elementary Spanish I00000
ELEC 42Elec Install Lab II00000
ACC 124Principles of Accounting I00000
AMT 16Car Care00000
AMT 20Intro Auto Technology00000
ENG 261Literature of the Pacific00000
AMT 100Introduction to Automotive Technology00000
AMT 199VSpecial Studies00000
ETRO 140BCisco Networking 100000
CARP 20BBasic Carpentry Skills00000
ETRO 240CCisco Networking 400000
AMT 40GElectrical/Electronics II00000
GIS 189GIS, Mapping, and Society00000
CARP 120BBasic Carpentry Skills00000
HAW 261WI-Hawn Lit in Eng00000
ART 105Introduction to Ceramics00000
HLTH 155Introduction to the Study of Diseases00000
CHW 130Introduction to Counseling and Interviewing00000
HPER 171WI Intermediate Yoga00000
HOST 293VCoop Voc Ed00000
CM 170Introduction to Event Technology00000
HWST 251Mahi`ai Kalo (Taro Cultivat)00000
ART 213WI-Inter Drawing00000
MATH 115Introduction to Statistics and Probability00000
CULN 102BIntroduction to Food Service, Breakfast Cookery, and Cafeter...00000
MATH 243Calculus III00000
AMT 46Manual Drive Trains and Axles00000
MEDA 123Clinical Medical Asst II00000
CULN 160Dining Room Operations00000
MEDA 176LAdministration of Medications Lab00000
BIOL 100LHuman Biology Lab00000
MICR 130General Microbiology00000
CULN 275Human Resource Mgt and Sup00000
MUS 203SCollege Orchestra00000
AG 199VSpecial Studies00000
NURS 211Professionalism in Nursing I00000
ECED 191Field Experience in Early Childhood Education I00000
OCN 199VMarine Research & Dir Read00000
BLPR 40Adv Blprt Read and Est00000
PHIL 111Introduction to Inductive Logic00000
EE 213Basic Circuit Analysis II00000
PHYS 272LGeneral Physics II Lab00000
AMT 141Electrical/Electronic Systems I00000
SCI 170STEMinar: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics...00000
EIMT 75Renewable Energy Advanced PV00000
SSM 101Sustain in a Chnging Wrld00000
BUS 293VCoop Voc Ed00000
WELD 99VSpecial Studies00000
ENG 75Introduction to College Reading and Composition00000
ACC 137Business Income Tax Preparation00000
ACC 193VCooperative Education00000
AG 200LPrinciples of Horticulture Lab00000
ENG 252WI-Brit Lit after 180000000
AMT 40EElectrical/Electronics I00000
BUSN 164Career Success00000
ENT 150Basic Accounting and Finance for Entrepreneurs00000
ACC 125Principles of Accounting II00000
ACC 255Using Excel® in Accounting00000
AMT 40DEngine Performance I00000
ART 125Introduction to Graphic Design00000
CM 110Introduction to Music Production00000
HPER 152Weight Training00000