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Kapiolani Course Reviews

Kapiolani Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
HOST 293HOST Internship00000
ITS 388PYPython Programming00000
EALL 261WI-Chns Lit in Trans to 85000000
HIST 281WI-Intro US Hist I: to Reconst00000
EMT 125Emerg Med Tech ALS Pract00000
CULN 272LHosp. Purchasing & CC Lab00000
IS 197FFinancial Literacy00000
BIOL 172LIntroduction to Biology II Lab00000
ED 284Foundations of Inclusion in Teaching00000
BUS 195CPITS Certification Preparation in Security Plus00000
HAW 101Elementary Hawaiian I00000
ENG 272PWI-S-Landscapes in Literature00000
CULN 120Fundamentals of Cookery00000
HLTH 290LKinesiology Lab00000
ASL 102Inter American Sign Lang II00000
HWST 285H-Laau Lapaau: Medicinal Herbs00000
DENT 106LDental Radiography Lab00000
ITS 227Web Site Development00000
ART 129Corporate Identity00000
JPNS 199Independent Study in Japan00000
BOT 105S-Ethnobotany00000
EE 296RI-Sophomore Project00000
ART 213Intermediate Drawing00000
ENG 270BWI-American Literature00000
CHEM 162General Chemistry II00000
GEOG 101The Natural Environment00000
ERTH 101LIntro to Physical Geology Lab00000
CHW 130Introduction to Counseling and Interviewing00000
HDFS 230Human Development00000
ART 294Practicum in Digital Arts00000
HLTH 201Transfers, Positioning, Mobility and Assistive Devices00000
CULN 222Asian/Pacific Cuisine00000
HOST 171Airline Reservations and Pricing00000
ART 116Introduction to Three-Dimensional Composition00000
HUM 269FCStudy Abroad- Freeman China00000
DEAF 202Effective Teaching Strategies00000
ICS 241Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science II00000
BIOL 124LS-Environment and Ecology Lab00000
ITS 144Business PC System Maintenance, Support and OS Installation00000
DNCE 121Beginning Ballet I00000
ITS 381BTopics in Information Technology: Mobile Application Develop...00000
ANTH 200Cultural Anthropology00000
JPN 202Intermediate Japanese II-SSP00000
ECON 120S-Introduction to Economics00000
JPNS 297FIntensive Japanese I00000
ART 159History of Communication Design00000
ED 294Education Capstone Seminar and Practicum00000
BOT 130LRI-S-Plants Haw'n Env Lab00000
EMT 110Emergency Medical Technician00000
ARAB 102Elementary Modern Standard Arabic II00000
ENG 100S-Composition I00000
CE 271Applied Mechanics II00000
ENG 272FWI-Women Writers on Women00000
ART 2263D Computer Graphics II00000
ENG 273NWI-Creative Nonfiction00000
CHEM 273LOrganic Chemistry Lab II00000
GEO 101LThe Natural Environment Lab00000
FR 102Elementary French II00000
CHNS 201Intermediate Mandarin I00000
GEOG 151Geography and Contemporary Society00000
ART 258Interface Programming II00000
HAW 202Intermediate Hawaiian II00000
COM 201WI-Intro to Communication00000
HIST 222WI-REL&Conflict in ModernEra00000
ART 112Introduction to Digital Arts00000
HLTH 118Therapeutic Interpersonal Skills00000
CULN 160Dining Room Service/Stewarding Procedures00000
HLTH 252Pathophysiology00000
ASAN 100Asian Perspectives00000
HOST 152Front Office Operations00000
CULN 240Garde Manger00000
HOST 265S.Tourism Development & Manage00000
AMST 201WI-American Exp:Inst&Movements00000
HOST 340Lodging Industry Analytics and Revenue Management00000
CULN 330BSpecial Culinary Topics: Food Science and the Modernist Cuis...00000
HWST 207Hawaiian Perspectives in Ahupua'a Resource Management00000
BIOC 141Fundamentals of Biochemistry00000
ICS 111Introduction to Computer Science I00000
DENT 103Dental Materials00000
IS 109Na Wa‘a: A Learning Odyssey00000
ART 1263D Computer Graphics I00000
ITS 124Small Business Networking00000
DENT 205Dental Sciences II Focus on Pathology and Development00000
ITS 197CNNet+Certification Prep00000
BIOL 171Introduction to Biology I00000
ITS 229PDatabase Analytics with Python00000
DNCE 132Modern Dance II00000
ITS 382RFTopics in IT: Incid Resp & For00000
ACC 221Practical Intermediate Accounting00000
JPN 101Elementary Japanese I-SSP00000
EALL 272WI-JPNS Lit in Trans Modern00000
JPNS 101Elementary Japanese I-SSP00000
BIOL 275LCell and Molecular Biology Lab00000
ED 277Introduction to Multicultural Education00000
ACC 137Business Income Tax Preparation00000
ACC 252Using QuickBooks® in Accounting00000
ART 106JSculpture-Small Scale, Jewelry00000
ART 256Digital Compositing00000
CHN 202Intermediate Mandarin II00000
FR 202Intermediate French II00000