K State Course Reviews

Kansas State University

CIS 705Programming Languages33431
CIS 501Software Architecture and Design11141
CHM 250Honors Chemistry II22231
CIS 300Data and Program Structures21341
CIS 575Introduction to Algorithm Analysis12211
CIS 775Analysis Of Algorithms31551
MATH 511Introduction to Algebraic Systems53541
CIS 400Object-Oriented Design, Implementation, and Testing53551
MATH 632Elementary Partial Differential Equations53551
CIS 721Real-Time Systems44551
AGRON 325World Food Crops00000
AGED 860Program Evaluation in Agricultural and Extension Education00000
AGEC 445Agribusiness Internship00000
AG 020University Honors Program00000
AGRON 415Soils Judging00000
AGEC 525Natural Resource And Environmental Economics00000
AGRON 605Soil and Environmental Chemistry00000
AGRON 662Rangeland Watershed Management00000
AGEC 680Risk Management00000
AGRON 790Range Management Planning00000
AGRON 880Plant Molecular Biology00000
ACCTG 832Advanced Auditing00000
AG 582Natural Resources/Environmental Sciences Project00000
AGEC 760Applied Econometric Analysis00000
AGRON 935Top/Soils - Top/Vary By Student00000
AMETH 353Latina/o Perspectives - Top/Freedom Struggles00000
AGED 850Curriculum Development in Agriculture I00000
AGEC 308Farm And Ranch Management00000
AGRON 202Introduction to Precision Ag Software00000
AERO 215AFROTC Field Training00000
AGRON 375Soil Fertility00000
AGEC 501Data Analysis and Optimization00000
AGRON 550Forage Management and Utilization00000
ACCTG 641Intermediate Accounting and Analytics III00000
AGRON 640Cropping Systems00000
AGEC 605Price Analysis and Forecasting00000
AGRON 700Agricultural Meteorology00000
AG 225Fundamentals of Global Food Systems Leadership00000
AGRON 824Advanced Weed Ecology00000
AGEC 713Agribusiness Financial Management00000
AGRON 902International Agronomy Experience for Graduate Students00000
ACCTG 241Accounting For Investing and Financing00000
AGRON 980Genomic Analysis for Crop Improvement00000
AGEC 810Price, Income and Trade Policies in Agriculture00000
ACCTG 835Advanced Management Accounting00000
AMETH 450Comp Ethnic Studies - Top/Sex, Race, & the Exotic00000
AGCOM 300Careers in Agricultural Communications00000
AGEC 890Advanced Food And Agribusiness Management00000
AGEC 905Agricultural Demand and Commodity Marketing00000
AGCOM 410Agricultural Student Magazine00000
AGEC 936Quantitative Topics in Agricultural Economics00000
AGEC 999Agricultural Economics Phd Research00000
ACCTG 413Accounting Information Systems00000
ACCTG 845International Accounting00000
AGCOM 435Video in Agriculture and Food00000
AGED 212Emerging Technologies in Power, Structural, and Technical Sy...00000
AGED 300Introduction To Agricultural Education00000
AGED 823Agricultural Education For Beginning Teachers00000
AGEC 115Decision Tools for Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness00000
AGED 858Program Planning and Evaluation in Agricultural and Extensio...00000
AERO 111The Foundations of the United States Air Force-Heritage and...00000
AGED 899Master's Thesis00000
AGEC 410Agricultural Policy00000
AGRON 302Agronomy International Study Tour00000
ACCTG 490Undergraduate Research Experience00000
AGRON 340Grain Grading00000
AGEC 470Cooperative Management00000
AGRON 385Soil Fertility Laboratory00000
AERO 410Aerospace Studies/Regional Studies,Defense Policy00000
AGRON 501Range Management00000
AGEC 515Food and Agribusiness Marketing00000
AGRON 598Undergraduate Research in Agronomy00000
AAI 859Capstone Experience II00000
AGRON 620Applied Crop Physiology00000
AGEC 598Farm Management Strategy00000
AGRON 650Integrated Weed Management00000
AG 201Leadership for Agriculture Advocacy00000
AGRON 681Range Ecology00000
AGEC 615Global Agricultural and Economic Development00000
AGRON 746Environmental Soil Physics00000
ACCTG 810Foundations of Accounting00000
AGRON 816Soil Physics00000
AGEC 701Introduction to Computer Decision Tools for Agribusiness00000
AGRON 840Crop Physiology00000
AG 425Global Food Systems Leadership in Action00000
AGRON 898Master's Report00000
AGEC 740Seminar In Agricultural Economics Analysis00000
AGRON 916Advanced Soil Physics00000
AAI 842Strategies in the Stewardship of Licensed Pharmaceuticals an...00000
AGRON 955Soil Microbial Ecology00000
AGEC 770International Agribusiness and Policy Analysis00000
AMETH 300Intercultural Competence in Institutions00000
AGCOM 110Introduction To Agricultural Communications00000
AGCOM 610Crisis Communication00000
AGED 400Leadership and Professional Development in Agric Educ00000
AGED 500Methods of Teaching Agriculture in the Secondary and Middle...00000
ACCTG 856Accounting Analytics00000
AGCOM 712Environmental Communication00000
AGED 600Senior Seminar in Agricultural Education00000
AGED 621Program Planning in Agricultural Education00000