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JWU Course Reviews

Johnson and Wales University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHM 2025Organic Chemistry II Laboratory00000
CJS 4080Criminal Justice Senior Seminar00000
BPA 1701Foundations of Baking and Pastry00000
CAD 2059Introduction to Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)00000
BPA 3030Advanced Petits Gâteaux00000
BIO 4040Functional Histology00000
CJS 3810Topics In National Security00000
ADVC 4099Advertising Internship00000
BPA 2020Plated Desserts00000
BEV 5200Advanced Global Wine Studies00000
CAD 1020Computer-Aided Drafting II00000
BPA 4010Baking and Pastry Buffet Presentation00000
BIO 2205General Microbiology Laboratory00000
CHM 1000Foundations in Chemistry00000
ACCT 6020Individual Taxation00000
CJS 1090Law Enforcement00000
BPA 1020Pies and Tarts00000
CJS 4040Criminalistics00000
ACCT 3031Cost Accounting I00000
CJS 5780Social, Community and Restorative Justice00000
ART 3020Art History00000
BPA 3010Decorative Breads and Advanced Viennoiserie00000
ACCT 3060Accounting Information Systems00000
BPA 3360Chocolate Artistry00000
BIO 1022General Biology Organismal00000
CAD 1L00Computer-Aided Drafting I Lab00000
BPA 4030Advanced Sugar Artistry00000
BIO 2045Human Physiology Laboratory00000
CAD 2020Mechanical Cad00000
ACCT 4065Accounting And Financial Analysis Seminar00000
CAD 3075Design for Manufacturing00000
BIO 3040Molecular Biology00000
CHM 1022General Chemistry II00000
ACCT 3012Federal Taxes II00000
CHM 3040Biochemistry00000
BPA 003Freshman Culinary Academics00000
CJS 3033Community Policing00000
ADVC 3050Special Projects in Integrated Marketing Communications00000
CJS 4030Criminal Justice Research Methods00000
BPA 1040Introduction to Cakes00000
CJS 4050Advanced Topics in Criminal Justice00000
ACCT 2004Hospitality Accounting II00000
CJS 5650Criminal Justice Ethics And Diversity In A Global Environmen...00000
BPA 1740Artisan Bread & Viennoiserie II00000
COCA 2699College of Culinary Arts Intermediate Internship00000
ACCT 3040Auditing00000
BPA 2030Sugar Artistry00000
ASCI 4799College of Arts & Sciences Internship00000
BPA 3020Sensory Analysis in Contemporary Desserts00000
ACCT 2022Intermediate Accounting II00000
BPA 3350Artisan Breads00000
BIO 1015General Biology Laboratory Cellular00000
BPA 3730Decorative Breads and Advanced Viennoiserie00000
ACCT 3075Financial Management00000
BPA 4020Advanced Wedding Cake Design00000
BIO 1026General Biology Laboratory Organismal00000
BUS 4799College of Business Internship00000
BPA 4710Advanced Petits Gateaux, Mini Pastries and Buffet Presentati...00000
BIO 2026Functional Human Anatomy Laboratory00000
CAD 1L303D Parametric Modeling Lab00000
ACCT 4050International Accounting00000
CAD 10303D Parametric Modeling00000
BIO 2100Coastal Ecology00000
CAD 2040Architectural Cad00000
ACCT 2220Intermediate Accounting Theory and Practice II00000
CAD 2080CAD for Network Systems Design00000
BIO 2320Exercise Physiology00000
CFIT 2699College of Food Innovation & Technology Intermediate Interns...00000
ACCT 6001Accounting Theory00000
CHM 1015General Chemistry I Laboratory00000
BIO 4011Microbiology00000
CHM 2015Organic Chemistry I Laboratory00000
ACCT 2002Business Accounting II00000
CHM 2050Introduction to Organic Chemistry00000
BIO 4099Internship In Biology00000
CJS 1002Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
ADVC 3010Digital Media Planning00000
CJS 2085Juvenile Justice00000
BPA 1010Fundamental Skills and Techniques00000
CJS 3099Criminal Justice Internship00000
ACCT 3025Hospitality Financial Management00000
CJS 3850Homeland Security00000
BPA 1030Hot and Cold Desserts00000
CJS 4033Terrorism00000
ADVC 4020Portfolio Seminar00000
CJS 4045Criminalistics with Lab00000
BPA 1050Viennoiserie00000
CJS 4060Advanced Topics in Criminalistics00000
ABRD 4180Study Abroad Affiliate Program France00000
CJS 5620Contemporary Criminology and Crime Prevention00000
BPA 1720Plated Desserts00000
CJS 5700Special Needs Populations In The Criminal Justice System00000
ART 2010Introduction to Film00000
BPA 2010Specialty Cakes00000
ABRD 0000Term Abroad Supplement00000
ACCT 1220Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 2035Accounting Software00000
ACCT 4012Taxes and Business Decisions00000
BIO 2021Functional Human Anatomy00000
BUS 1001Introduction to Business and Management00000