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JWU Course Reviews

Johnson and Wales University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ILS 2320Economics of Law and Order00000
ISA 5005Network Fundamentals00000
HRM 5010Human Resource Management00000
ILS 2003The American Dream00000
HSC 1110Determinants of Health I00000
HOSP 4060Hospitality Strategy Design and Execution Seminar00000
ILS 4133How to Change the World00000
HIST 3010Modern History00000
HRM 5050Strategic Recruiting, Retention and Succession00000
HOSP 1015Managing the Hotel Guest Experience00000
IDES 1010Introduction to 3D Design00000
HSC 3899Internship In Health Science00000
HOSP 3085International Hotel Operations, Development and Management00000
ILS 2140History of Science00000
GDES 3300Design for Motion00000
ILS 2450The Mathematics of Art00000
HOSP 6120Organizational Behavior in the Hospitality Industry00000
ILS 4270Narragansett Bay00000
FSM 4070The Business of Alcohol Distribution, Retail and Sales00000
ISA 6020Securing Virtualized and Cloud Infrastructures00000
HIST 3200American Government00000
HRM 6030Organizational Change Management00000
GDES 1020Design Theory and Practice00000
HSC 2400Research Methods for Health Science00000
HOSP 2030Hospitality Human Resources And Diversity Leadership00000
IBUS 3040International Culture and Protocol00000
HUM 3200Honors Seminar: American Music Cultures00000
HOSP 3053Hospitality Strategic Marketing00000
IDES 2020Studio Iteration00000
GDES 3015Design Team I00000
ILS 2090The Working Life00000
HOSP 3810Spa Management00000
ILS 2215Honors Seminar: The Earth in Peril: A Literary and Scientifi...00000
FSM 3111Catering: Sales and Operations Management00000
ILS 2385Visual Literacy and the Sociology of Perception00000
HOSP 6030Franchising and Licensing00000
ILS 4120Disease and Culture00000
HIST 2002World History Since 150000000
ILS 4176Sports in Film and Literature00000
HOSP 6526Information Technology in Hospitality and Tourism00000
ILS 4330Economic Explorations in American History00000
FSM 3022Baking Science00000
ISA 5040Network Security and Cryptography00000
HRM 5030Strategic Compensation and Benefits00000
ISA 6040Advanced Network Intrusion Detection And Analysis00000
FSM 4160Food and Beverage Strategies and Logistics00000
HRM 6010Advanced Organizational Behavior00000
HOSP 1001Orientation to the Hospitality Industry00000
HSC 1010Introduction to Health Professions00000
FSM 3035Supervision for Food Service Professionals00000
HSC 2100Epidemiology00000
HOSP 2011Hospitality Sales and Meeting Management00000
HSC 3200Health Education and Program Planning00000
GDES 1040Screen Design & Coding I00000
HSC 4900Data and Evidence in Health: Research Capstone00000
HOSP 3005Leading Service Excellence in the Hospitality Industry00000
IBUS 2036Foreign Area Studies: Africa00000
IBUS 2020Seminar on the European Union00000
HOSP 3050Hospitality Strategic Marketing00000
IBUS 4099International Business Internship00000
GDES 2040Portfolio Assessment00000
IDES 1020Studio Research and Debate00000
HOSP 3075Hotel Strategic Marketing and Brand Management00000
IDES 3100Parametric Engineering Design00000
FSM 3080Food & Beverage Marketing And Distribution00000
ILS 2015Honors Seminar: Postcolonial Literature00000
HOSP 3099Hotel Internship00000
ILS 2120Capital Punishment in America00000
GDES 3200Print Production00000
ILS 2180Sexuality: Science/Culture/Law00000
HOSP 4015Advanced Hospitality Sales Seminar00000
ILS 2280Science and Civilization00000
FSM 2210Operational Management in Healthcare00000
ILS 2330The Good Life00000
HOSP 5010Research Methodology & Data Analysis In The Hospitality Indu...00000
ILS 2435Leonardo da Vinci: Culture, Art and Math00000
GER 1001Conversational German I00000
ILS 4070Nostalgia, Memory and Hybrid Identity00000
HOSP 6060Corporate Social Responsibility00000
ILS 4125Honors Seminar: Shakespeare: Studies in the Politics of Perf...00000
FSM 4060Hospitality Operations Management00000
ILS 4150Making Monsters: Science, Lit-Crit and the Man-Made Monster00000
HOSP 6509Hospitality and Tourism Global Issues00000
ILS 4180Things That Go Bump In the Night: An Interdisciplinary Appro...00000
HIST 2200U.S. History Since 1877 (to the Present)00000
ILS 4302Abuse of Power: Corruption in Contemporary Society00000
HOSP 6900Hospitality Capstone00000
ILS 4430Explorations in Symmetry00000
FSM 2055Beverage Appreciation00000
ISA 5020Foundations of Information Security Management00000
HRM 5020Labor and Employee Relations00000
ISA 5085Principles of Programming00000
HIST 3100Contemporary American History: The United States in a Global...00000
HRM 5040Organizational Training and Development00000
FISV 3199Experiential Education Projects in Financial Modeling and Va...00000
FSM 2130The Businesses of Non-Commercial Foodservice00000
FSM 3060Front of the House Operations Management00000
GDES 2000Typography00000
HOSP 3033Hotel Property Operations00000
IBUS 2033Global Studies: Latin America & the Caribbean00000