John Jay Course Reviews

John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY)

CRJ 744Terrorism and Politics00000
CSCI 377Computer Algorithms00000
CHS 150Foundations of Human Services Counseling00000
CRJ 701Sociology of Crime00000
CJBA 381Special Topics In Criminal Justice Research00000
BIO 364Forensic Pathology00000
CRJ 784Organized Crime00000
ANT 332Class, Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Anthropological Perspec...00000
CJBA 210Criminal Responsibility00000
ART 104Non-Western Art & Visual Culture00000
COR 303Comparative Correction Systems00000
CJM 348Justice Planning and Program Evaluation00000
ASL 102Introductory American Sign Language II00000
CRJ 727Cybercriminology00000
ANT 210Sex and Culture00000
CRJ 761Youth Crime and Delinquency Control00000
CHE 104General Chemistry II00000
CSCI 171The Nature of Computers and Computation00000
AFR 202Hip-Hop Justice00000
CSL 150Foundations Of Human Services Counseling00000
ANT 450Majors Works in Deviance and Social Control00000
CJBA 340Research Methods in Criminal Justice00000
AFR 224African American Women in Art00000
CJBS 250Research Methods and Statistics for Criminal Justice00000
ART 115Introduction to Sculpture00000
COR 201The Law and Institutional Treatment00000
COM 120Computer Competence and information Literacy00000
ART 241Forensic Drawing00000
CRJ 236Victimology00000
AFR 385Faculty Mentored Research Experience In Africana Studies00000
CRJ 713White Collar Crime00000
BIO 212Microbiology Laboratory00000
CRJ 733The Constitution and Criminal Justice00000
AFR 123Justice, the Individual, and Struggle in the African America...00000
CRJ 752The Law and High Technology Crime00000
BIO 488Cell and Molecular Biology Capstone00000
CRJ 772Seminar In Terrorism Studies00000
ANT 305Theory in Anthropology00000
CRJ 810Police Leadership00000
CHE 315Biochemistry00000
CSCI 278Software Applications for Office Management00000
ACC 383Accounting Internship Intensive00000
CSCI 401Capstone Experience in Digital Forensics/Cybersecurity II00000
CHS 415Senior Seminar in Human Services and Community Justice00000
CSL 220Leadership Skills00000
AFR 215Police and Urban Communities00000
CJBA 240Quantitative Inquiry of Problems in Criminal Justice00000
ARA 201Intermediate Arabic I00000
CJBA 364Death Penalty: Law and Policy00000
ACC 410Seminar in Forensic Financial Analysis00000
CJBA 411Senior Thesis II00000
ART 110Ceramics I00000
CJBS 377Internships for Criminal Justice, Law and Policing00000
AFR 230African-American Theatre00000
CJBS 415Capstone Seminar for BS in Criminal Justice00000
ART 125Graphic Design00000
COM 250Persuasion00000
COM 155Justice & Communication in Civic Life00000
ART 230Issues in Art and Crime00000
COR 230Sex Offenders in the Criminal Justice System00000
AFR 377Field Education in Community Organizing & Practice I00000
COR 395Educating Behind Bars: Policy Implications, Programs and Iss...00000
ART 299Intrmediate Ceramics00000
CRJ 322Judicial and Correctional Ethics00000
ACC 720Advanced Auditing with Analytical Applications00000
CRJ 708Law, Evidence, and Ethics00000
BIO 104Modern Biology II00000
CRJ 715Research Design and Methods00000
ANT 110Drug and Alcohol Use and Abuse in American Society00000
CRJ 729Drugs, Crime and the Criminal Justice System00000
BIO 355Human Physiology00000
CRJ 738Perspectives on Race and Crime in America00000
ACC 380Selected Topics in Fraud and Financial Forensics00000
CRJ 747Computer Applications in Public Policy and Management00000
BIO 412Molecular Biology00000
CRJ 755Writing for Management00000
ANT 224Death, Dying and Society: A Life Crises Management Issue00000
CRJ 767Gangs in American Society00000
CHE 101General Chemistry I-A00000
CRJ 780Field Work in Criminal Justice00000
AFR 140Introduction to Africana Studies00000
CRJ 789Violence Across Globe00000
CHE 220Quantitative Analysis00000
CSCI 72Networking Research Workshop00000
ANT 325Ethnographic Research Methods in Anthropology00000
CSCI 272Object-Oriented Programming00000
CHI 101Elementary Chinese I00000
CSCI 373Advanced Data Structures00000
ACC 265Digital Forens Fraud00000
CSCI 385Faculty Mentored Research Experience in Computer Science00000
CHS 235Theories of Assessment and Intervention in Human Services00000
CSCI 489Independent Study 400-level00000
ANT 380Selected Topics in Anthropology00000
CJBA 110Introduction to Major Problems in Criminal Justice I00000
ACC 250Introduction to Accounting00000
ACC 307Fraud Examination and Financial Forensics I00000
ACC 705Forensic Accounting and Auditing00000
AFR 319Self, Identity and Justice: Global Perspectives00000
ART 213Digital Photography II00000
COM 204Group Discussion and Conference Techniques00000