JHU Course Reviews

Johns Hopkins University

AS110 201Linear Algebra3343.52
EN601 280Full-Stack JavaScript54551
AS376 242Introduction to Popular Music54531
AS310 107Introduction to Korean Studies53551
AS010 405The Medieval Image and Concepts of Authenticity00000
AS020 151General Biology I00000
AS020 334Planets, Life and the Universe00000
AS020 506Internship - Biology00000
AS010 252Sculpture and Ideology in the Middle Ages00000
AS010 452Death and the State: Archaeologies of Governance in the Amer...00000
AS020 674Quantitative Biology and Biophysics00000
AS010 802Special Research/Problems00000
AS010 365Art of the Ancient Andes00000
AS020 312Introduction to the Human Brain00000
AS010 218Modern Art, 1880-195000000
AS020 384Fundamentals of Drug Discovery00000
AS010 425Patronage and Power: The Art of the Book in the Middle Ages00000
AS020 617Quantitative Biology Lab 100000
AS001 130FYS: Evolutionary Psychology00000
AS010 302Writing Systems of the Ancient Americas00000
AS020 825Introduction to Research00000
AS010 602The Art of Gothic Europe (1200-1500)00000
AS010 607The Epistemology of Photography00000
AS010 105Art of the Ancient Americas00000
AS010 308Art and Technology, 1800 - Present00000
AS010 617The Cartographic Imaginary: Maps, Charts, and the Navigation...00000
AS010 660The Hegemony of Bodies00000
AS010 337Global Amsterdam: The Golden Age of a Small but Mighty Metro...00000
AS020 111Freshman Seminar: The 'Nobels" in Medicine and Chemistry00000
AS010 207African American Art of the Twentieth Century00000
AS020 162Current Events in Biology II00000
AS010 389The Stone and the Thread00000
AS020 320Cell Division Mechanisms and Regulation00000
AS001 123FYS: Wired to Read: the Science and the Art00000
AS020 375Anatomy00000
AS010 415Interrogating the Material Turn00000
AS020 442Mentoring in General Biology00000
AS010 233Asian Art Since 194500000
AS020 551Mentored Research00000
AS010 433Hands-On Approaches to European Books and Prints before 180000000
AS020 637Genomes & Development00000
AS001 112FYS: Story, Song, Food, And Film: A Thousand Years Of Jewish...00000
AS020 699CMDB Responsible Conduct in Research00000
AS010 506Internship - Spring00000
AS030 101Introductory Chemistry I00000
AS010 101Introduction to Art History I00000
AS010 605An Empire’s Diversity: Ottoman Architecture and Patro...00000
AS010 305The Ethiopia at the Crossroads00000
AS010 611Seminar in Near Eastern Art:00000
AS001 115FYS: Illusions, Delusions, and Other Confusions00000
AS010 309The Idea of Athens00000
AS010 625Art and Interaction in the Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean00000
AS010 628Image and relic: aesthetics, materiality, and function of la...00000
AS010 631Performing Power: Ceremonial, Diplomacy, and Gift-Giving in...00000
AS010 111Introduction to the History of Art: Ancient to Medieval00000
AS010 320Art of Colonial Peru00000
AS010 634Rethinking the Renaissance: Alternatives to "Early Modernity...00000
AS010 655Raphael: Self-Production and Historical Reception00000
AS010 332Jade, Turquoise, Feathers, and Gold: Valued Materials in Azt...00000
AS010 703Patterns of Attention in the Visual Arts00000
AS010 203Abstraction00000
AS020 101Freshman Seminar: The Cell Biology of Neurodegeneration00000
AS010 349Art and Interactions in the Eastern Mediterranean from 2000...00000
AS020 135Project Lab: Phage Hunting00000
AS001 121FYS: Socrates and his Intellectual Context00000
AS020 154General Biology Lab II00000
AS010 371Materials and Methods in Contemporary Art00000
AS020 305Biochemistry00000
AS010 210The Art of Colonial Latin America00000
AS020 315Biochemistry Project lab00000
AS010 401A Republic in Crisis: Florence 1490-153000000
AS020 329Microbiology00000
AS001 110FYS: How We Read00000
AS020 340Developmental Genetics Lab00000
AS010 410The Epistemology of Photography00000
AS020 379Evolution00000
AS010 230Contemporary Art of the Americas00000
AS020 402Master's Seminar: Molecular and Cellular Biology II00000
AS010 423Modern and Contemporary Art in South Asia00000
AS020 503Independent Research in Biology00000
AS001 126FYS: What is a University?00000
AS020 512Independent Study00000
AS010 431Obsessed with the Past: the Art and Architecture of Medieval...00000
AS020 607Quantitative Biology Bootcamp00000
AS010 237Freshman Seminar: Art and Medicine in the ancient Mediterran...00000
AS020 619Thesis Proposal Preparation00000
AS010 442Without Representation: Race, Gender, and Belonging in Ameri...00000
AS020 650Chromatin, Chromosomes and The Cell Nucleus00000
AS001 104FYS: Science of Color00000
AS020 686Advanced Cell Biology00000
AS010 461The Double: Identity and Difference in Art Since 190000000
AS020 801Research – Biological Problems00000
AS010 265Early Modern Dutch and Flemish Painting00000
AS010 639Obsessed with the Past: the Art and Architecture of Medieval...00000
AS010 325Blood, Gold, and Souls: The Arts of the Spanish Empire00000
AS010 643Without Representation: Race, Gender, and Belonging in Ameri...00000
AS010 647Art and Vision in Premodern Europe00000
AS010 522Honors Thesis00000
AS001 102FYS: Japanese Robots00000
AS001 107FYS: Thinking and Writing Across Cultures - East Asia and th...00000