JCU Course Reviews

John Carroll University

CG 572Clinical Diagnosis and Psychopathology00000
CH 399DUndergraduate Research00000
BL 230Human Anatomy And Physiology I00000
CE 103Internship Experience II00000
BL 435Plant Ecology00000
BI 141Introduction to Applied Data Analytics00000
CH 105LChemistry In Society Lab00000
AR 101SAdvising Cohort: Stem and Allied Health00000
BL 350LVertebrate Anatomy Lab00000
AR 160MImmersion Prep: Dominican Rep00000
BPD 100Your Professional Development Journey00000
BL 517Geographic Information Systems00000
AR 304IStdy Abrd: Maynooth Univ00000
CG 515Treatment Knowledge for Chemical Dependency and Addictive Di...00000
AH 317Greek And Roman Art00000
CG 592Clinical Mental Health Counseling Practicum00000
BL 137Link: Climate Change: Global Impacts00000
CH 174Link: Food Chemistry00000
AC 562AInternational Trip00000
CH 478AChemistry Seminar 100000
AR 121Modeling Success00000
BL 417Introduction to Geographic Information Systems00000
AC 580Info Systems Control&Assurance00000
BL 459Molecular Cell Biology00000
AR 160BImmersion: El Salvador00000
BL 581Biology Seminar00000
BL 524LAquatic Resources Lab00000
AR 300CStdy Abrd:Beijing Center00000
BPD 401The Professional World00000
AH 304Baroque Art00000
CG 417Group and Individual Counseling for Chemical Dependency and...00000
AR 450Arrupe Scholars Sr Capstone00000
CG 554Counseling Children And Adolescents00000
AC 484Accounting Theory And Policy00000
CG 581Ind St: Psychodynamic Therapy00000
BL 109LEnvironmental Biology Lab00000
CG 596AClinical Mental Health Counseling Internship 100000
AH 399Sptp:20Th Cent Eur & Amer Art00000
CH 151Chemical Principles (Hnrs)00000
BL 160Principles Of Biology III00000
CH 361Intro Physical Chemistry00000
AC 370Vita for Juniors00000
CH 439Biochemistry III00000
BL 260Social Inequality And Disease00000
CH 498Ind Stdy:Intro To Mclr Mdlg/Vr00000
AC 572Acctng & Taxes Issues Non Prof00000
BL 399Special Problems in Biology00000
AR 150AArrupe Scholars For Social Action Orientation00000
BL 423LBiology Of The Ambhibia Lab00000
AC 422Federal Taxes II00000
BL 444LAdvanced Ecology Laboratory00000
AR 160EImmersion Prep: Chiapas, Mx00000
BL 475Endocrinology00000
AC 584Accounting Theory & Policy00000
BL 523LBiology Of The Amphibia Lab00000
AR 160AImmersion Prep: El Salvador00000
BL 575Endocrinology00000
BL 540Behavior00000
AR 300WCross Reg/Washington Ctr00000
BL 599DMaster's Thesis00000
AH 240Drawing I00000
BPD 202Build & Develop Prof Skills 200000
AR 301SStdy Abrd: Isep00000
BPD 490Professional Experience: Internship00000
AC 475Fraud Examination00000
CE 401College of Arts and Sciences Professional Development Progra...00000
AR 304AStdy Abrd:Rhodes Univ S Africa00000
CG 502Research Methods for School Counselors00000
AH 311Cinema Of The Avant-Garde00000
CG 530Tests and Measurements00000
BI 100Business Analysis With Excel00000
CG 561Counseling Theories00000
AC 310Accounting for Finance Majors00000
CG 574Clinical Treatment Methods00000
BI 371Business Decision Optimization00000
CG 586Encountering Each Other00000
AH 319Gothic Art00000
CG 596CClinical Mental Health Counseling Internship 300000
BL 112LHuman Biology Lab00000
CG 598ASchool Counseling Internship 100000
AC 498Independent Study: Data Analytics In Accounting00000
CH 142General Chemistry II00000
BL 156Sci: Principles of Biology II00000
CH 170Link: Chemistry of Poisons00000
AH 499Sp Tp: Baroque Art00000
CH 224Organic Chemistry II00000
BL 222General Ecology00000
CH 367Physical Chemistry Laboratory I00000
AC 202Accounting Principles II00000
CH 435Biochemistry I00000
BL 231LHuman Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory II00000
CH 443Instrumental Analysis Laboratory00000
AR 112Academic Success Strategies00000
BL 310Microbiology00000
AC 100Link: Catholic Social Teaching In Business00000
AC 303Intermediate Accounting I00000
AC 462AInternational Trip00000
AH 201Introduction To World Art00000
AR 171LInterdisciplinary Science Lab00000
BL 559Molecular Cell Biology00000