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JCU Course Reviews

John Carroll University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
TRS 226Rels Of Ohio & Western Reserve00000
TRS 369Special Topic: Church & Racial Justice00000
SC 205Conflict/Cooperation: War/Peace00000
SPS 232Research Methods in Exercise Science and Sports Studies00000
SC 355Link: Comparative Race and Ethnic Relations00000
PS 481BPracticum In I/O Psychology00000
TRS 321History Of The Papacy00000
PS 241Social Psychology00000
SC 285Aging, Health, And Society00000
PS 295RPsychology Of Trauma00000
SP 336Contemporary Mexican Literature And Culture00000
SC 497Undergraduate Research Assistant00000
PS 401Advanced Research Methods in Psychology00000
SPS 440CIndependent Study00000
PO 458Topics In Political Development00000
TRS 267Egc: Tomb Raiders: Threats to Cultural Heritage00000
PS 495Advanced Special Topics In Psychology00000
TRS 339Topics in Systematic Theology: the Documents of Vatican II00000
PO 241Egc: History, Culture, And Politics00000
TRS 512Jewish Messianism00000
PS 268Life Span Development00000
SC 335Isj: Prisons And Human Rights00000
PO 337Comparative Health Policy00000
SC 440Violence And Society00000
PS 308Sins Of Memory00000
SP 311Perspectives On The People And Cultures Of Spain00000
SL 101Beginning Slovak I00000
PS 375Clinical Psychology00000
SP 410Senior Capstone00000
PO 397Sp Tp: Genocide & War Crimes00000
SPS 350Professional Development and Practicum00000
PS 462Counseling Theory And Practice00000
TRS 131ULTIMATE QUESTIONS (of Life, the Universe, and Everything)00000
PO 105Qa: Political Analysis00000
TRS 252Egc: Religions Of India00000
PS 486BPracticum:Child&Family Studies00000
TRS 302Bible Thru Eyes Of The Hungry00000
PS 101Sci: Introduction to Psychology00000
TRS 329Special Topic: Catholic In America00000
RS 102Beginning Russian 200000
TRS 360Catholic Moral Theology00000
PL 390Philosophy Of Race & Racism00000
TRS 430Introduction To Systematic Theology00000
SC 250Japanese Society00000
TRS 532Christ & the Pascal Mystery00000
PO 321The Politics Of The European Union00000
SC 310Comparative Crime And Punishment00000
PS 288Health Psychology00000
SC 350Sociological Research Methods I00000
PL 398BSp Tp:Phil & Pop Culture00000
SC 385Poverty, Welfare, And Community Action00000
PS 299Research Experience Psych00000
SC 493Independent Study00000
PO 347American Political Thought00000
SCM 350Supply Chain Transportation00000
PS 326Psychobiology00000
SP 308Hum: Hispanic Culture Through Food00000
SP 201Intermediate Spanish00000
PS 360Counseling Theory And Practice00000
SP 321Advanced Spanish Grammar00000
PO 391Research (Undergraduate)00000
SP 396Experiential Learning In Spnsh00000
PS 386Mind, Brain, And Behavior00000
SPS 201Foundations of Exercise Science and Sports Studies00000
PL 499BDirected Readings00000
SPS 301Diversity In Sports00000
PS 442Lab Management Science In Psychology00000
SPS 440AIndependent Study00000
PO 410American Presidency00000
TRS 105Myth Matters00000
PS 477Capstone Seminar in Clinical and Counseling Psychology00000
TRS 200Hebrew Bible00000
PL 379Plkr: Philosophy Of Mind00000
TRS 233Saints & Society00000
PS 482BPracticum:Mental Hlth Services00000
TRS 261African-American Christian Social Ethics00000
PPH 399St:Pph:Plcy Anlaysis Nonprofit00000
TRS 273Sacred Quest (Honors)00000
PS 487BPracticum:Child&Family Studies00000
TRS 315The Holocaust & Its Meaning00000
PO 206Healthcare Access In Latin America00000
TRS 325Women Who Shaped Christianity00000
PS 499Individual Research Project in Psychology00000
TRS 334Church & Sacrament00000
PS 210Sport Psychology00000
TRS 350Interreligious Dialogue00000
SC 195Global Debt And Justice00000
TRS 363Bioethics (Honors)00000
PL 307Plkr: Philosophy of Religion00000
TRS 375Augustine's Spiritual Quest00000
SC 225Sociology of the Family00000
TRS 493Senior Seminar00000
PS 261Child Development00000
SC 259Cuba: Past And Present00000
MT 450Euclidean And Non Euclidean Geometry00000
PL 330Plvs: Feminist Philosophies00000
PL 450Seminar00000
PO 390CInternship00000
PS 342Isj: Psychology Of Prejudice00000
SP 301Conversation in Spanish00000