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JCCC Course Reviews

Johnson County Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PSYC 218Human Development54551
HPER 186Fitness Assessment44441
COMS 180Intercultural Communication11321
CS 236Object-Oriented Prog C#00000
COLL 200College Success Strategies00000
AVHO 115IV Therapy for LPNs00000
ART 143Ceramics II00000
DRAF 225Civil Drafting00000
BOT 118Skillbuilding II00000
EAP 117Speaking and Listening IV00000
BUS 141Principles of Management00000
CO 100Esthetics00000
AUTO 205Engine Performance II00000
CPCA 121Introduction to Project Management00000
ARCH 131Architectural Graphics00000
DIET 100Foodser Manag for Diet Manager00000
BIOL 225Human Physiology00000
DS 280Big Data Architecture00000
ADMJ 265Advanced Police Training00000
ELEC 120Introduction to Electronics00000
ART 231Life Drawing I00000
AET 260Programmable Logic Controllers II00000
BUS 270Business Administration Internship00000
ART 291Independent Study00000
CET 105Construction Methods00000
CHEM 100Preparation for Chemistry00000
CJ 215Understanding Terrorism00000
AUTO 131Brakes II00000
CO 110Cosmetology I00000
ANTH 142World Prehistory00000
CPCA 105Introduction to Personal Computers: Windows00000
AUTO 252Automatic Transmissions00000
CPCA 151Internet II00000
ADMJ 170Drugs and Crime00000
DHYG 148Dental Health Education00000
BIOL 135Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology00000
DRAF 132Exploring AutoCAD00000
ART 127Design 3D00000
DRAF 272Drafting Internship II00000
BIOT 260Biotechnology Methods00000
EAP 094Writing and Grammar I00000
ACCT 136Computerized Accounting Applications00000
EDUC 131Early Childhood Curriculum I00000
BOT 205Workplace Professionalism00000
ELEC 212Fundamentals of Light & Lasers00000
AET 122Industrial Code00000
BUS 215Savings and Investments00000
ART 235Studio Workshop I00000
CDTP 155Desktop Photo Manipulation II: Photoshop00000
ACCT 232Intermediate Accounting II00000
CET 160Green Building Fundamentals00000
ARTH 182Art History: Renaissance to Modern00000
ANI 210Digital Sculpting00000
CHEM 125General Chemistry I Lab00000
ARTH 200Women, Art & Society Honors00000
CHEM 140Prin Organic & Biological Chem00000
CIS 124Introduction to Computer Concepts and Applications00000
CJ 154Fund Criminal Investigation00000
AUTO 114Introduction to Automotive Practices00000
CJ 255Ethics and Criminal Justice00000
ANI 275Animation Career Preparation00000
CO 104Esthetics Essentials00000
AUTO 161Engine Performance I00000
COLL 150Job Search Skills00000
ADMJ 141Criminal Law00000
COMS 132Intermediate Debate I00000
AUTO 214Electrical III00000
CPCA 111Spreadsheets II: MS Excel00000
ANTH 165Linguistic Anthropology00000
CPCA 138Windows for Microcomputers00000
AVHO 102Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)00000
CS 201Concepts of Programming Algorithms using C#00000
ACCT 121Accounting I00000
DHYG 135Dental Materials00000
BIOL 127General Zoology00000
DHYG 245Nitrous Oxide Analgesia00000
ARCH 220Sustain in Built Environment00000
DRAF 120Introduction to Drafting00000
BIOL 161Introduction to Biotechnology00000
DRAF 1523D Modeling with SketchUp00000
ADMJ 221Forensics Science Crime Scene00000
DRAF 245Advanced Parametric Design: Inventor00000
BIOL 240General Pharmacology00000
DS 240Introduction to Statistical Programming00000
ART 135Painting I00000
EAP 076Reading and Vocabulary III00000
BOT 103Business English/Proofreading00000
EAP 105Speaking and Listening I00000
AAC 099Study Skills00000
ECON 132Survey of Economics00000
BOT 150Records Management00000
EDUC 231Early Childhood Curriculum II00000
ART 149Metal and Silversmithing II00000
ASL 135Intro to American Sign Language Linguistics00000
CIS 242Introduction to System Design and Analysis00000
CJ 121Introduction to Criminal Justice System00000
BOT 280Office Internship II00000
AAC 082Basic Spelling00000
AAC 112Basic Math Review00000
ADMJ 122Police Operations00000