JCCC Course Reviews

Johnson County Community College

PSYC 218Human Development54551
HPER 186Fitness Assessment44441
COMS 180Intercultural Communication11321
BUS 261Business Law I00000
BOT 105Business Document Preparation and Management00000
ART 146Sculpture II00000
ANI 255Advanced Animation and Effects00000
CHEM 120Chemistry in Society00000
ASL 147Fingerspelling I00000
CJ 130Crime Prevention00000
AUTO 155Automotive Engine Repair00000
BIOL 231Microbiology Lab00000
ARCH 292Special Topics: Architecture and Suburbia00000
BOT 265Business Office Simulation00000
ANI 122Digital Rendering for Animation00000
CET 105Construction Methods00000
ARTH 180Art History: Ancient to Medieval00000
CIS 142Beginning Programming using Python00000
ADMJ 130Crime Prevention00000
CJ 221Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation00000
ANI 260Animation Capstone00000
ADMJ 170Drugs and Crime00000
AUTO 201ASE Certification Review00000
ANI 275Animation Career Preparation00000
AUTO 215Engine Performance III00000
AUTO 271Automotive Technology Internship00000
BIOL 155Bioethics00000
ARCH 131Architectural Graphics00000
BIOT 260Biotechnology Methods00000
AET 122Industrial Code00000
BOT 141Electronic Health Records Applications00000
ART 131Drawing II00000
BUS 145Small Business Management00000
ACCT 278Accounting Internship00000
CDTP 155Desktop Photo Manipulation II: Photoshop00000
ART 232Life Drawing II00000
CET 205Advanced Construction Methods00000
ANI 210Digital Sculpting00000
CHEM 140Prin Organic & Biological Chem00000
ASL 120Elementary American Sign Language I00000
CIS 270Information Systems Internship00000
AAC 150Job Search Skills00000
CJ 154Fund Criminal Investigation00000
AUTO 125Intro to Auto Shop Practices00000
CJ 230Criminal Behavior00000
ADMJ 143Crime Analysis00000
AUTO 162Electrical II00000
ANI 270Visual Effects and Compositing00000
AUTO 209Manual Drive Train Axles00000
ACCT 122Accounting II00000
AUTO 237Diesel/Hybrid Maint Lt Repair00000
ANTH 126Physical Anthropology00000
ADMJ 221Forensics Science Crime Scene00000
AVHO 102Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)00000
ANTH 134Native Americans00000
AVHO 106Home Health Aide (HHA)00000
AVHO 115IV Therapy for LPNs00000
BIOL 144Human Anatomy and Physiology00000
ARCH 123Architectural Principles00000
BIOL 225Human Physiology00000
ADMJ 285Admin Justice Internship00000
BIOL 291Independent Study00000
ARCH 220Sustain in Built Environment00000
BLAW 263Business Law II00000
ACCT 231Intermediate Accounting I00000
BOT 118Skillbuilding II00000
ART 129Design Color00000
BOT 170Introduction to Medical Coding and Billing00000
AET 185LAN Cabling and Installation00000
BUS 121Introduction to Business00000
ART 138Digital Imaging for Artists I00000
BUS 225Human Relations00000
AAC 112Basic Math Review00000
CDTP 135Desktop Photo Manipulation I: Photoshop00000
ART 172Watercolor Painting00000
CDTP 168Desktop Publishing III: InDesign00000
ANI 130Motion Graphics and Effects00000
CET 129Construction Management00000
ART 238Digital Imaging for Artists II00000
CET 229Advanced Construction Management00000
ADMJ 124Criminal Justice & Corrections00000
CHEM 125General Chemistry I Lab00000
ARTH 184Art History: Twentieth Century00000
CHEM 250Biochemistry00000
ANI 235Character Modeling and Rigging00000
CIS 240Advanced Topics in Java00000
ASL 123Intermediate American Sign Language II00000
CJ 122Police Operations00000
AAC 093Algebra Preparation00000
CJ 143Crime Analysis00000
ASTR 122Astronomy00000
CJ 201Police Interrogation00000
ANI 258Game Level Design00000
ANTH 150People and Cultures of Mesoamerica00000
BIOL 121Introductory Biology for Non-Majors00000
BIOL 127General Zoology00000
AUTO 131Brakes II00000
AAC 082Basic Spelling00000
AAC 101Study Skills Mini-Course00000
ACCT 141Computerized Accounting Problems00000