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Jacksonville State Course Reviews

Jacksonville State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BY 571Seminar in Organismal Biology00000
CJ 465Interviews and Interrogations00000
ART 490Advanced Independent Study00000
BY 438Freshwater Biology00000
ART 690Graduate Independent Study00000
ART 435Advanced Typography00000
CEA 510Alternating Co-Op Education00000
AN 410Archaeological Field School00000
ART 639Special Topics in Photomedia00000
ART 202Art Appreciation00000
BY 332Ecology00000
BA 501Organizational Communication00000
ART 399Study Tour00000
BY 478Endocrinology00000
AE 485Industrial Safety Management00000
CBA 350Business Communications (WI)00000
ART 464Advanced Printmaking IV00000
CJ 225Criminal Courts00000
AE 344Manufacturing Cost Analysis00000
CJ 506Seminar in Juvenile Justice00000
ANP 677Advance Adult-Gerontology Acute NP Practicum IV00000
ART 647Graduate Typography Design Studio00000
AE 370Continuous Quality Improvement000000
AT 527Physical Exam II00000
ART 306Professional Opportunities in Fine Arts00000
BY 264Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000
BA 535Innovative and Entrepreneurial Thinking00000
ART 369Black and White Photography00000
BY 406Ornithology00000
AE 440Manufacturing Management Systems00000
BY 458Herpetology00000
ART 410Ceramics III00000
BY 535Functional Vertebrate Anatomy00000
AE 326Electronic Devices II00000
BY 596Research I00000
ART 448Ancient Art00000
CEA 003Alternating Co Op Education00000
AE 495Sptop: Hazwoper Prep. Training00000
CEP 007Parallel Co Op Education00000
ART 476Video for Photographers00000
CJ 411Victimless Crimes00000
ACC 550Advanced Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting00000
CJ 498Senior Seminar II00000
ART 602Graduate GD History00000
CJ 515Applied Ethics00000
AE 361Materials and Processes of Industry00000
ART 642Gr Design Interactive Grad00000
ART 113Honors Survey of Art I00000
ART 676Video for Photographers (Graduate)00000
AE 207Electrical, Fluid Power, and Mechanical Systems00000
AT 517Physical Exam I00000
ART 240Design II00000
AT 550Medical Conditions00000
AE 380Industrial Safety and Health00000
BA 520Healthcare Analytics00000
ART 338Special Topics in Drawing00000
BY 112Introduction Biology Research Experience Lab II00000
BY 101Introductory Biology I00000
ART 352Type in Motion00000
BY 310Environmental Education00000
AE 407Indus. Organization & Function00000
BY 399Study Tour-Costa Rica00000
ART 387Modern Art00000
BY 417Medical Parasitology00000
AE 311Electronics Digital00000
BY 445Ecotoxicology00000
ART 405Advanced Painting IV00000
BY 474Bio-Design Challenge00000
AE 460Computer-aided Manufacturing00000
BY 496Senior Seminar (WI)00000
ART 430Graphic Design III00000
BY 542Biodiversity: Kingdoms of Living Things00000
ACC 490Advanced Auditing00000
BY 576Seminar in Physiology00000
ART 442Interactive Design I00000
CBA 115Business Fundamentals/Orientation00000
AE 489Hazardous Materials Technology00000
CBA 488Small Business Experience00000
ART 461Artists' Books00000
CEA 007Alternating Co Op Education00000
AE 341Motion and Time Study00000
CEP 003Parallel Co Op Education00000
ART 470Alternative Processes in Photography00000
CJ 101Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
AN 345Cultural Anthropology00000
CJ 400Protective Systems00000
ART 478Bio-Design Challenge00000
CJ 456Homicide Investigation00000
ACC 340Entrepreneurial Accounting00000
CJ 482Independent Study in Criminal Justice00000
ART 495Advanced Independent Study00000
CJ 501Applied Data Analysis for Criminal Justice00000
ANP 671Health Promotion/Disease Prevention and Issues for AGACNP00000
ART 622Graduate Screen Printing Design Studio00000
ACC 200Principles of Accounting I00000
ACC 448Forensic Accounting00000
AE 251Computer-Aided Design00000
AE 390Hazard Control Technology00000
ART 343Graphic Design II00000
BY 106Honors Introductory Biology II00000