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Ivy Tech South Bend Course Reviews

Ivy Tech Community College, South Bend

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSCI 201Computer Science II Students attend remotely via livestream/...00000
DHYG 103Dental Radiography 2nd 8 wks00000
BCTI 231Intermed. Electrical, Part 1 1st 8 wks Blended Traditional (...00000
CPIN 239Systems Analysis and Design Students attend remotely via liv...00000
BIOT 218Medicinal Prod.LifeCycle&Capst 16 weeks ONLINE00000
AVIT 251Engine Cooling and Exhaust00000
DENT 130Clinical Externship00000
ARTS 224Indianapolis Silkscreen Printmaking00000
BIOL 222Genetics Traditional, on campus.00000
AUBR 209Collision Damage Appraising00000
CHEM 102Introductory Chemistry II 1st 8 weeks ONLINE00000
BOAT 216Business Communications 2nd 8 weeks On Campus Course00000
AVIT 144Aircraft Electricity00000
CRIM 134Intro to Crim.Justice Careers00000
AOLS 103Org. Culture & Change Ldrshp. 1st 8 weeks ONLINE00000
DBMS 210Database Design & Development 2nd 8 weeks Virtual Instructio...00000
BCOM 220Project Planning & Control 2nd 8 weeks ONLINE00000
DESN 216Jig And Fixture Design00000
AGRI 165Turf Science; 2nd 8 weeks; All class sessions meet on campus...00000
DMSI 105General Sonography Clinical I 16 Weeks All Sessions at Clini...00000
ASTR 101Solar System Astronomy 1st 8 weeks On Campus Course00000
BIOT 103Safety and Regulatory Compliance for Biotechnology 2nd 8 wee...00000
AGRI 208Agricultural Financial Records, Streaming Live, no campus re...00000
BOAT 114Microsoft Publisher 1st 8 weeks ONLINE00000
AUTC 123Electrical & Electronics II00000
BUSN 262Personal Insurance 2nd 8 weeks ONLINE00000
BUSN 105HPrinciples of Mngmt. Honors 2nd 8wk Honors (must be admitted...00000
AUTI 145Driveline Service 2nd 8 wks00000
CINS 101Introduction to Microcomputers00000
AMSL 102American Sign Language II 2nd 8 weeks Virtual Instruction00000
CRIM 105Introduction to Criminology-Learn Anywhere, on campus with v...00000
AVIT 231Reciprocating Powerplants00000
CRIM 216Comm.&Conflict Mgmt-CrimJust 16 Wks Learn Anywhere00000
AGRI 128Agricultural Safety 1st 8 Weeks Virtual00000
CSIA 260Bus Continuity Students attend remotely via livestream/webca...00000
BCOM 103Green Construction 2nd 8 weeks ONLINE00000
DENT 117Dental Office Management-Advisor Approval-1st 8wks00000
ARTH 110Art Appreciation Warsaw Virtual 16 weeks REQUIRED Virtual me...00000
DESN 1132D Computer-Aided Design, on campus requirement, South Bend,...00000
BCTI 104Carpentry Framing & Finish, 2 2nd 8 wks Blended Traditional...00000
DESN 230Computer Modeling & Animation (attend virtually or on campus...00000
ADMF 122Industrial Electrical II 2nd 8wks Blended Primarily Traditio...00000
DHYG 121Medical and Dental Emergencies 1st 8 wks.00000
BIOL 120Environmental Science 1st 8 weeks ONLINE00000
DMSI 119Cardiac Sonography Clinical II00000
AGRI 202Animal Production Facilities00000
BIOT 100Survey of Biotechnology 1st 8 week s- Virtual Instruction00000
AUBR 101Body Repair I 1st 8 Weeks00000
BIOT 211Analytic Methods in Biotechnology I 1st 8 weeks BT with on c...00000
ADMF 226Industrial Robotics lll; 2nd 8 weeks; Weekly on campus sessi...00000
BIOT 282Special Topics Biotechnology00000
AUTC 107Engine Fundamentals-8 Week-Indianapolis (Blended)00000
BOAT 201Emerging Technologies 1st 8 weeks ONLINE00000
AGRI 217Soil Fertility; 2nd 8 weeks; All class sessions meet on camp...00000
BOAT 222Microsoft Access 2nd 8 Wks VIRTUAL attend through link in Ca...00000
AUTC 145Powertrain Service-1st 8 Weeks-Indianapolis(Blended)00000
BUSN 221Principles of Employment 2nd 8 Weeks Virtual00000
BUSN 120Busn Ethics & Social Responsibility (Blended-campus/online -...00000
AUTI 121Brake Systems 1st 8 Weeks00000
CARD 206Adv Electrocardiograph Techniq 2nd 8 weeks00000
AGRI 262Woody Landscape Plants; 2nd 8 weeks; All class sessions meet...00000
CHEM 106General Chemistry II00000
AVIT 123Part Time Private Pilot Flight Training I00000
COMM 201Introduction to Mass Communication 2nd 8 weeks LA ASAP Only00000
AGRI 115Natural Resources Management 1st 8 wks Richmond00000
CPTR 205Fundamentals of Kiniesiology-1st 8wks-Fort Wayne-TR-REQUIRED...00000
AVIT 222Non-Metallic Structures00000
CRIM 113Criminal Investigation00000
ANTH 154AHCultural Anthropology (AH) South Bend (Streaming Video)00000
CRIM 204Interview and Interrogation 1st 8 weeks ONLINE00000
AVIT 241Aircraft Fuel Sys&Welding Prac00000
CRIM 260Research Methods Criminal Justice Warsaw Virtual 2nd 8 weeks00000
ADMF 101Key Principles of Advanced Manufacturing 1st 8wks BT00000
CSIA 106WF Prep Comp TIA Security & Cert 2nd 8 weeks Virtual Instruc...00000
AVIT 271Aviation Management Career Seminar 2nd 8wks Virtual00000
DBMS 110Database Design and Management00000
APHY 201Advanced Human Physiology-Traditional-1st 8wk00000
DBMS 241WWF Prep Admin MS SQL Cert 2nd 8 Weeks Virtual Students atte...00000
BCOM 206Construction Estimating 1st 8 weeks ONLINE00000
DENT 123Dental Anatomy00000
AGRI 133Intro to Aquaponics; 1st 8 weeks; All class sessions meet on...00000
DESN 103CAD Fundamentals South Bend00000
BCOT 202Plumbing Fundamentals00000
DESN 134Design for Visual. & Comm. (attend virtually or on campus) 2...00000
ARTS 204Exploration of Women in Art00000
DESN 223Parametric Solid Modeling, on campus requirement, South Bend...00000
BCTI 131Electric const1 pt 1 1st 8 weeks Blended Traditional (campus...00000
DESN 271Introduction to Solidworks 2nd 8wks Blended Primarily Tradit...00000
ACCT 205Income Tax 2nd 8wks Learn Anywhere00000
DHYG 110Periodontology 1st 8 wks.00000
BIOL 101Introductory Biology00000
DHYG 230Clinical Seminar, on campus requirement, South Bend, January00000
ARTS 241Ceramics I On campus course00000
BIOL 201General Microbiology-Blended Traditional-On Campus Labs-1st...00000
ACCT 118Financial Concepts for Account 1st 8 weeks ONLINE00000
ACCT 223Enrolled Agent Review Virtual Instruction00000
AGRI 110Intro Agr Business & Economics-Marion- 1st 8 Weeks (Blended...00000
AGRI 255Agricultural Education 1st 8 weeks ONLINE00000
AUTC 243Electrical & Electronics III00000
BUSN 202Human Resource Management00000