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Ivy Tech New Castle Course Reviews

Ivy Tech Community College, New Castle

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ARTH 110Art Appreciation- New Castle00000
BIOL 101Introductory Biology Online00000
BUSN 207Introduction to International Business New Castle00000
CSIA 105Intro. Cyber Security/Info00000
ECON 101Economics Fundamentals-Learn Anywhere(class on campus, or vi...00000
ENGL 202Creative Writing-Learn Anywhere(class on campus, or via zoom...00000
GENS 279General Studies Capstone Crse New Castle Online00000
HLHS 101Med Term- 2nd 8 week Options: Attend Muncie Fisher Bldg, att...00000
HLHS 121Customer Relations in Healthcare-2nd 8 week-Virtual Particip...00000
IVYT 111Student Success New Castle Career Center Students Only00000
MATH 122Applied Tech Math-New Castle00000
MPRO 201Lean Manufacturing00000
RESP 203Advanced Emergency Management New Castle 4th Four Weeks00000
SOCI 252Social Problems-VIRTUAL Participation at course meeting time...00000
APHY 201Advanced Human Physiology Blended Traditional New Castle00000
BCTI 102Intro. to Carpentry, Part 200000
BUSN 105Principles of Management 2nd 8 Weeks HYBRID CLASS ONLINE AND...00000
CINS 101Introduction to Microcomputers New Castle00000
ECED 101Health, Safety, Nutrition 2nd 8 Weeks -New Castle- HYBRID CL...00000
ENGL 075Co-Req Integrated Read/Write Must also enroll in ENGL 111-50...00000
ENGL 215Rhetoric and Argument-Learn Anywhere(class on campus,or via...00000
HIST 102Survey of American History II-Learn Anywhere(class on campus...00000
HLHS 107CNA Preparation-1st 8 week- New Castle00000
INFM 109Informatics Fundamentals New Castle Campus00000
IVYT 113Student Success In Technology School Of Technology Students...00000
MATH 136College Algebra Online00000
NRSG 100Fundamentals of Nursing- New Castle-1st 8 week00000
NRSG 110Med/Surg Nsg II- New Castle Med/Surg Nsg II-1st 8 wks New Ca...00000
NRSG 127Mental Health Nursing Clinical-New Castle-1st 8wk00000
NRSG 207Care of Childbearing-Clinical-New Castle-2nd 8 week00000
POLS 101Introduction to American Gover00000
PSYC 240Human Sexuality New Caste Campus00000
RESP 106Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology00000
RESP 204Extended Care for the Cardiopulmonary Patient New Castle00000
APHY 102Anatomy and Physiology II- New Castle00000
BCTI 101Intro. to Carpentry, Part I00000
BOAT 218Microsoft Excel New Castle 2nd 8 weeks00000
BUSN 201Business Law New Castle Campus00000
COMM 102Intro Interpersonal Comm-Learn Anywhere-(class on campus, or...00000
ECED 105CDA Process 2nd 8 weeks New Castle HYBRID ONLINE AND FACE TO...00000
ENGL 112Exposition and Persuasion00000
FREN 101French Level I Online00000
HIST 112World Civilization II-Learn Anywhere(class on campus, or via...00000
HLHS 113Dementia Care-New Castle- 2nd 8 week-Virtual participation @...00000
ITSP 136WForce Prep CompTIA A+ Cert New Castle Career Center Student...00000
MATH 080Mathematical Principles Co-req, must also enroll in MATH 123...00000
MPRO 106Introduction to the Workplace and Safety00000
NRSG 106Pharmacology for Nursing-1st 8 wks- New Castle00000
NRSG 126Mental Health Nursing-New Castle-1st 8 wk00000
NRSG 206Care of Childbearing Family- New Castle00000
PHIL 102Introduction to Ethics-New Castle-Virtual participation @ co...00000
PSYC 205Abnormal Psychology-New Castle-Options: Attend class on camp...00000
RESP 104Concepts in Adult Critical Care New Castle 1st 8 weeks00000
SCIN 100Earth Science Online00000
SPAN 101Spanish Level I Online00000
ACCT 101Financial Accounting New Castle00000
ASTR 101Solar System Astronomy Online00000
BUSN 101Introduction to Business-Learn Anywhere(class on campus, or...00000
CHEM 101Introductory Chemistry I- New Castle00000
ECED 100Intro Early Childhood Educatio00000
ECON 201Principles of Macroeconomics Online 2nd 8 Weeks00000
ENGL 206Introduction to Literature00000
HIST 101Survey of American History I New Castle- Learn Anywhere00000
HLHS 105Medical Law & Ethics-New Castle-1st 8 week-Virtual Meeting00000
HUMA 118Music Appreciation New Castle00000
IVYT 112Student Success In Health Care School Of Health Care Student...00000
MATH 123Quantitative Reasoning-Learn Anywhere (class on campus,or vi...00000
NRSG 102Medical Surgical Nursing I-New Castle-2nd 8 week00000
NRSG 111Med/Surg Nsg II Clinical- New Castle Med/Surg Nsg II Clinica...00000
NRSG 200Complex Med-Surg- New Castle00000
NRSG 208Practice Issues-New Castle-2nd 8 week00000
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology-Learn Anywhere(class on campus,or...00000
RESP 101Assessment & Caring for Resp P00000
RESP 201Advanced Concepts in Cardiopulmonary Diagnostic Procedures N...00000
SCIN 111Physical Science-New Castle00000
APHY 101Anatomy and Physiology I- New Castle00000
ARTH 101Survey of Art and Culture I Online00000
BCTI 103Carpentry Framing & Finish, I00000
BUSN 108Personal Finance-Learn Anywhere(class on campus, or via zoom...00000
COMM 101Fundamentals of Public Speaking-Learn Anywhere(class on camp...00000
ECED 103Curriculum Early Childhood Ed Hybrid Henry County Learning C...00000
ENGL 111English Comp-Learn Anywhere(class on campus,or via zoom) New...00000
FITN 100Lifetime Fitness and Wellness Online00000
HIST 111World Civilization I- New Castle-Options: Attend class on ca...00000
HLHS 111Health and Wellness for Life00000
ITSP 135Hardware/Software Support New Castle Career Center Students...00000
IVYT 115Student Success In Computing And Informatics Aas School Of C...00000
MKTG 101Principles of Marketing-New Castle-Learn Anywhere00000
NRSG 105Medical Surgical Nursing I-Clincial-New Castle-2nd 8wk00000
NRSG 115Fundamentals of Nursing Lab-New Castle-1st 8 weeks00000
NRSG 201Complex Med-Surg Nsg ASN Clini00000
PHIL 101Introduction to Philosophy Online 2nd 8 Weeks00000
PSYC 201Lifespan Development-Learn Anywhere(class on campus, or via...00000
RESP 103Cardiopulmonary Anat & Physiol00000
RESP 202Pediatric and Neonatal Advanced Critical Care New Castle 2nd...00000
SOCI 111Intro to Sociology-New Castle-Options: Attend class on campu...00000