Ivy Tech Muncie Course Reviews

Ivy Tech Community College, Muncie

HOSP 108Human Relations Management-1st 8 weeks- Learn Anywhere (clas...00000
HUMS 270Multicultural Practice Muncie online00000
DESN 104Mechanical Graphics00000
HIST 111World Civilization I 1st 8 weeks Learn Anywhere (class on ca...00000
ECED 120Child Growth & Development-Field Exp. Reqd-2nd 8 wks-Virtual...00000
CRIM 120Introduction to Courts-1st 8 wks-Learn Anywhere (class on ca...00000
HOSP 221Catering Administration00000
BCTI 270Project Supervision 2nd 8 weeks Muncie Blended Technology00000
DMSI 107Cardiac Sonography I and Lab00000
BOAT 280Co-Op/Internship/Externship Muncie00000
ENTR 205Financial Management Entrepreneurs Muncie Online00000
ECON 101Economics Fundamentals 1st 8 weeks Learn Anywhere (class on...00000
COMM 280Co-op/Internship00000
HLHS 121Customer Relations in Healthcare 1st 8 weeks Learn Anywhere00000
BCTI 103Carpentry Framing & Finish, I 1st 8 wks Blended Traditional...00000
HOSP 203Menu, Design and Layout-2nd 8 weeks- Learn Anywhere (class o...00000
CSIA 135Digital Forensics 1st 8 weeks Muncie Online00000
HUMS 103Interviewing & Assessment00000
AUTI 100Basic Automotive Service 1st 8 weeks00000
HVAC 211Refrigeration II Blended Traditional (campus and online meet...00000
BIOL 221Molecular Biology00000
ECED 100Intro Early Childhood Education 1st 8 weeks Virtual Instruct...00000
AUTI 132Engine Performance Systems II00000
ECED 225Infant Toddler Practicum Placement occurs prior to December...00000
BUSN 120Business Ethics & Social Responsibility 2nd 8 weeks Muncie O...00000
ENGL 211Technical Writing-2nd 8 weeks-Virtual Instruction (participa...00000
EDUC 201Technology in Educ.-Up to 20 hrs field exp reqd-1st 8 wks-Bl...00000
CINS 101Introduction to Microcomputers-1st 8 wks-Learn Anywhere(clas...00000
FREN 201French Level III Online00000
AUTI 280Co-Op or Internship00000
HLHS 105Medical Law & Ethics 1st 8 weeks Learn Anywhere00000
CRIM 103Cultural Awareness 1st 8 weeks Learn Anywhere (class on camp...00000
HOSP 101Sanitation and Safety 1st 8 weeks-Lean Anywhere(class on cam...00000
APHY 102Anatomy and Physiology II 2nd 8 Weeks00000
HOSP 171Intro Convention/Meeting Mgmt Muncie online00000
CRIM 260Research Methods Crim Just-1st 8 wks-Learn Anywhere (class o...00000
HOSP 210Classical Cuisine00000
BCTI 201Carpentry Forms pt. 1 1st 8wks Blended Traditional (campus a...00000
HOSP 272The Tourism System 2nd 8 weeks Muncie online00000
CSTC 107Application of CST Skills 2nd 8 weeks Muncie00000
HUMS 206Group Process and Skills 2nd 8 weeks00000
ADMF 122Industrial Electrical II 1st 8 wks Blended Traditional (camp...00000
HVAC 122General Maintenance 2nd 8 wks Blended Traditional (campus an...00000
DESN 218Intro-Statics & Strg Materials00000
INDT 102Introduction to Print Reading00000
AUTI 121Brake Systems00000
DMSI 119Cardiac Sonography Clinical II00000
BOAT 221Organizational Leadership Learn Anywhere (class on campus, v...00000
ECED 105CDA Process-2nd 8 wks-Field Exp. Required-Virtual Instructio...00000
ADMF 206Industrial Robotics II Blended Traditional (campus and onlin...00000
ECED 210Early Childhood Administration 2nd 8 weeks Virtual Instructi...00000
BUSN 101Introduction to Business-1st 8 wks-Learn Anywhere (class on...00000
ECED 243Cognitive Curriculum 32 Hrs Field Exp Req 2nd 8 weeks Learn...00000
AUTI 145Driveline Service 2nd 8 wks00000
EDUC 101Intro to Teaching-20 Hrs Field Exp. Req.-1st 8 wks-Blended T...00000
BUSN 204Strategic Management-1st 8 wks-Learn Anywhere (class on camp...00000
ENGL 112Exposition and Persuasion 1st 8 weeks Muncie online00000
EDUC 233Literacy Devlpmt Children Lit 2nd 8 weeks Blended Traditiona...00000
CHEM 115General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry00000
ENGL 221World Literature II-2nd 8 weeks-Virtual Instruction (partici...00000
AUTI 252Automatic Transmissions II00000
FREN 101French Level I00000
COMM 102Intro Interpersonal Communication Virtual Instruction (parti...00000
GEOG 207World Geography Online00000
ANTH 154Cultural Anthropology 2nd 8 weeks Virtual Instruction00000
HLHS 101Medical Terminology 1st 8 weeks Learn Anywhere00000
CPIN 270Workforce Prep: CompTIA Project+ Certification 2nd 8 wks Vir...00000
HLHS 113Dementia Care 1st 8 weeks Learn Anywhere00000
BCTI 100Intro to Const. 1st 8wks Blended Traditional (campus and onl...00000
HLHS 132Personal Fitness 1st 8 weeks Blended Traditional00000
CRIM 106Intro to Serial Killers 2nd 8 wks Learn Anywhere (class on c...00000
HOSP 104Nutrition 2nd 8 weeks Learn Anywhere (class on campus, via z...00000
ADMF 112Mechanical Drives I 1st 8 wks Blended Traditional (campus an...00000
HOSP 114Introduction to Hospitality-1st 8 weeks- Learn Anywhere(clas...00000
CRIM 150Juvenile Justice Systems-2nd 8 weeks-Virtual Instruction(par...00000
HOSP 200Meat and Seafood Fabrication00000
BCTI 131Electric const1 pt 1 1st 8 weeks Blended Traditional (campus...00000
HOSP 208Cakes Icings and Fillings00000
CSIA 105Intro Cyber Security/Info Learn Anywhere (class on campus, v...00000
HOSP 215Front Office Muncie Online00000
ARTH 110Art Appreciation00000
HOSP 270Bakery Merchandising00000
CSIA 235Advanced Digital Forensics 1st 8 weeks Virtual Instruction (...00000
HUMA 118Music Appreciation Virtual Instruction (participation requir...00000
BCTI 204Carpentry Advanced, Part 200000
HUMS 140Loss and Grief 2nd 8 weeks Learn Anywhere (class on campus,...00000
DBMS 130Data Mgmt, Using Structured QueryLlang- 1st 8 weeks Virtual...00000
HUMS 209Counseling Issues in Subst. Abuse-2nd 8 wks-Virtual Instruct...00000
ACCT 203Cost Accounting 2nd 8 wks Muncie Online00000
HVAC 100Intro to HVAC Technology 1st 8 wks Blended Traditional (camp...00000
DESN 115BIM Architecture 2nd 8 weeks HYBRID CLASS ONLINE AND FACE TO...00000
HVAC 205Heat Pump Systems Muncie Blended Traditional00000
BIOL 107Biology II Diversity of Life00000
DESN 271Introduction to Solidworks 2nd 8 weeks Muncie HYBRID ONLINE...00000
ACCT 106Payroll Accounting 2nd 8 weeks Learn Anywhere (class on camp...00000
ACCT 273VITA Income Tax Assistance Department Chair Approval Require...00000
AMSL 101American Sign Language I 1st 8 weeks Muncie Virtual Instruct...00000
AUTI 234Engine Performance3 Syst III 16 weeks00000
CHEM 101Introductory Chemistry I 1st 8 weeks00000
EDUC 255Multicultural Teaching-1st 8 wks-Virtual Instruction (partic...00000