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Ivy Tech Marion Course Reviews

Ivy Tech Community College, Marion

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ACCT 210Forensic Accounting online course 2nd 8 weeks00000
BUSI 279Sch Business Evaluation & Prof -2Nd 8 Weeks Marion Online Ac...00000
INCO 213Advanced Insurance Coding 1st 8 weeks00000
SCIN 100Earth Science- Marion- 16 Weeks (On Campus)00000
MATH 200Statistics-Marion online00000
FREN 201French III-Marion online00000
AGRI 175Intro. to Greenhouse Mgmt.- Marion- 1st 8 weeks (On Campus)00000
CATX 105PT Care Safety Image Prod & Pr- Marion- 16Wk (Learn Anywhere...00000
IVYT 112Student Success in Health Care 1st 8 weeks00000
CRIM 113Criminal Investigation Blended Traditional Course 2nd 8 week...00000
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology- Marion- 1st 8 Wks (Virtual- Zoom...00000
NETI 114WF Prep CompTIA Network Cert- 2nd 8 Weeks Marion (Learn AnyW...00000
ECED 245School Age Practicum- Marion- 16 Weeks (Blended On Campus an...00000
WELD 273AdvGas Tunsten Arc Welding II 2nd 8 weeks00000
BOAT 207Integrated MS Office Application online 1st 8 weeks00000
AGRI 110Intro Agr Business & Economics-Marion- 1st 8 Weeks (Blended...00000
HLHS 211Nutrition- 2nd 8 weeks Marion (Blended)00000
APHY 101Anatomy and Physiology I- Marion- 16 Weeks (On Campus)00000
AGRI 200Precision Farming Technology00000
COMM 104Workplace Communication 2nd 8 weeks00000
COMM 202Small Group Communication 2nd 8 weeks00000
LOGM 267Operations Management- Marion- 2nd 8 Weeks (Learn Anywhere-...00000
AGRI 210Mmgt. Method Ag Business- Marion- 2nd 8 Wks (Virtual- Zoom m...00000
MEAS 218Pharmacology00000
CRIM 211Criminal Law- Marion- 1st 8 Weeks (Blended On Campus and onl...00000
PHAR 202Pharm Tech Experiential Semina00000
NRSG 110Medical Surgical Nursing II- 2nd 8 Weeks Marion (Face to Fac...00000
ECED 130Devlpmt Appropriate Guidance- Marion- 1st 8 Wks (Blended On...00000
RADT 116Radiographic Clinical Ed II- Marion- 16 Weeks (On Campus)00000
BCTI 101Intro. to Carpentry, Part I00000
SPAN 101Spanish Level I- Marion- 16 weeks- (Virtual- Zoom meeting re...00000
ENGL 202Creative Writing- Marion- 2nd 8 Weeks (Virtual- Zoom meeting...00000
ACCT 118Financial Concepts for Accounting online 1st 8 weeks00000
AGRI 131Introduction to Hydroponics00000
ADMF 122Mechatronics 2 Blended Traditional 2nd 8 weeks00000
HLHS 100Intro to Healthcare00000
AGRI 130Intro. to Vegetable Production- Marion- 2nd 8 Weeks (Blended...00000
BUSN 108Personal Finance- Marion- 2nd 8 Weeks (Virtual- Zoom meeting...00000
AGRI 219Crop Machinery and Equipment00000
HUMS 206Group Process and Skills- Marion- 1st 8 Weeks (Blended On Ca...00000
BIOL 101Introductory Biology- Marion- 16 Weeks (On Campus)00000
ADMF 202Automation-Mechatronics Adv Contrl Blended Traditional 1st 8...00000
BUSN 230Business Statistics Marion campus00000
INDT 260Projects in Manufacturing- Marion- 2nd 8 Weeks (On Campus)00000
CPIN 279Information Tech Capstone- Marion- 2nd 8 Wks (Learn Anywhere...00000
AGRI 204Agriculture Salesmanship- Marion- 1st 8 Wks- Learn Anywhere...00000
LOGM 127Introduction to Logistics- 1st 8 weeks Marion (Learn AnyWher...00000
CRIM 101(Blended On Campus and online work required)00000
MATH 100Intermediate Algebra00000
AGRI 101Agricultural Data Management- 1st 8 Weeks Marion (BLENDED)00000
MEAS 137Outpatient Insur Basic Coding- Marion- 1st 8 Wks (Virtual- Z...00000
CRIM 130Introduction to Corrections- Mairon- 2nd 8 Weeks (Blended On...00000
MEAS 260Med Assisting Externship 16 weeks hybrid course00000
AGRI 220Applied Agronomy00000
NETI 215Connecting Networks00000
CSIA 135Digital Forensics online 1st 8 weeks00000
NRSG 206NRSG Care of Childbearing Fam- 16 Weeks Marion (Face to Face...00000
NRSG 122Intro to ASN Transition 16 weeks00000
ECED 100Intro Early Childhood Education 1st 8 Weeks Marion (BLENDED)00000
PHLB 212Phlebotomy-Marion Campus(Grant County)00000
ARTH 101Survey of Art & Culture I Marion Online00000
RADT 111Orientation & Patient Care- 1st 8 weeks Marion (Blended)00000
ECED 213Infant Toddler Programming Learn Anywhere 16 weeks00000
RADT 206Radiobiology & Rad Protection- Marion- 1st 8 Weeks (Blended...00000
AGRI 114Intro to Agricultural Systems Blended Traditional course 16...00000
SDEV 153Web Site Development- 2nd 8 Weeks Marion (Learn AnyWhere)00000
ENGL 095Integrated Read & Writing- Marion- 1st 8 Wks (Learn Anywhere...00000
WELD 108Shielded Metal Arc Welding I- Marion- 1st 8 Weeks- (On Campu...00000
BOAT 105Microsoft Word online course 2nd 8 weeks00000
ACCT 090Introduction to Accounting- Marion- 1st 8 Weeks (On Campus)00000
ENTR 101Entrepeneur and Enterprise online 1st 8 weeks00000
ACCT 202Intermediate Accounting II 2nd 8 weeks00000
ADMF 106Supervision and Teams Virtual-Marion Campus (Grant County)00000
ADMF 102Technology in Adv Manf.- 2nd 8 Weeks- Marion (BLENDED)00000
HIST 102Survey of American History II- Marion- 1st 8 Weeks (Blended...00000
AGRI 100Introduction to Agriculture- 1st 8 Weeks Marion (Learn AnyWh...00000
BOAT 216Business Communications- Marion- 2nd 8 Wks (Learn Anywhere-...00000
AGRI 113Introduction to Animal Science- 1st 8 Weeks Marion (BLENDED)00000
HLHS 111Health and Wellness for Life- Marion- 1st 8 Weeks (Blended O...00000
AGRI 135Pollination and Pollinators00000
AGRI 164Landscape Design I- Marion- 2nd 8 Weeks (Virtual- Zoom meeti...00000
AGRI 202Animal Production Facilities- 2nd 8 Weeks Marion (Laern AnyW...00000
HUMS 109Understanding Diversity- Marion- 1st 8 Weeks (Blended On Cam...00000
AGRI 271Agriculture Structures00000
BUSN 204Strategic Management Blended Traditional Course 2nd 8 weeks00000
ARTH 110Art Appreciation- Marion- 16 Weeks (Learn Anywhere- On Campu...00000
HUMS 212Family and Child Welfare- Mairon- 1st 8 Weeks (Blended On Ca...00000
BOAT 201Emerging Technologies Marion Online00000
ACCT 203Cost Accounting I- 2nd 8 Weeks Marion (Learn AnyWhere)00000
BUSN 120Bus. Ethics & Social Respons. 2nd 8 weeks00000
INDT 114Introductory Welding 1st 8 weeks00000
CATX 103CT Clinical Education I- Marion- 16 Weeks (On Campus)00000
COMM 101Fund. Public Speaking- Marion- 1st 8 Wks (Learn Anywhere- On...00000
ITSP 136WForce Prep CompTIA A+ Cert- Marion-1st 8 Wks (Virtual- Zoom...00000
ACCT 106Payroll Accounting- Marion- 1st 8 Weeks (Blended On Campus a...00000
ACCT 225Integrated Accounting Systems- Marion- 2nd 8 Weeks (Blended...00000
AGRI 111Intro to Crop Production- Marion- 2nd 8 weeks (Blended On Ca...00000
AGRI 290Agriculture Seminar- Marion- 16 Weeks (Learn Anywhere- On Ca...00000
CSIA 260Bus. Continuity in Info. World online 1st 8 weeks00000
NRSG 126Mental Health Nursing 16 weeks00000