Ivy Tech Logansport Course Reviews

Ivy Tech Community College, Logansport

BOAT 114Microsoft Publisher (Logansport)00000
ENGL 223American Literature After 1865 (ASAP and open enrollment)00000
LEGS 102Legal Research00000
ARTH 110Art Appreciation00000
NRSG 207NRSG Care of Childbearing Clinical pathway00000
HLHS 121Customer Relations in Healthcare (Virtual Instruction) pathw...00000
CRIM 105Introduction to Criminology00000
BUSI 279Sch Business Evaluation & Prof00000
MEAS 242Disease Conditions (Blended) pathway00000
CRIM 103Cultural Awareness00000
AGRI 202Animal Production Facilities (Blended) pathway00000
WELD 100Welding Fundamentals00000
ENGL 215Rhetoric and Argument (blended) pathway00000
BCTI 201Carpentry Forms, Part 100000
BOAT 109Microsoft PowerPoint00000
BUSN 105Principles of Management (Blended)00000
INDT 103Motors and Motor Controls00000
ECED 103Curriculum Early Childhood Ed (Logansport)00000
ARTH 102Survey of Art and Culture II (reserved for ASAP students and...00000
HLHS 211Nutrition00000
CHEM 105General Chemistry I (ASAP & open enrollment)00000
NRSG 111Medical Surgical NSG II Clinical pathway00000
BCTI 100Intro to Construction Tech -- Virtual (in-person lab compone...00000
PSYC 205Abnormal Psychology00000
CRIM 130Introduction To Corrections (Logansport)00000
AGRI 110Intro Agr Business & Economics (Blended) pathway00000
WELD 208Gas Tungsten Arc TIG Welding00000
EDUC 233Literacy Devlpmt Children Lit (concurrent with EDUC 233-KBE)...00000
AGRI 285Special Topics in Agriculture (blended)00000
BIOL 105Biology I (lec 8-9:50; lab 10-11:50) (reserved for ASAP stud...00000
BCTI 102Intro to Carpentry, Part 2 (blended)00000
HIST 111World Civilization I (Virtual Instruction)00000
BIOL 211Microbiology I (lec M; lab W) (blended)00000
AGRI 280Co-op/Internship (blended)00000
BOAT 216Business Communications (blended) pathway00000
HUMS 103Interviewing & Assessment (blended)00000
CINS 101Introduction to Microcomputers (blended)00000
BOAT 214Microsoft Project00000
CRIM 205Procedural Criminal Law00000
INFM 109Informatics Fundamentals00000
EDUC 240Intro Phys & Health Ed for Teachers (hybrid)00000
AGRI 114Intro to Agricultural Systems (blended)00000
HLHS 100Intro to Healthcare00000
MATH 135Finite Math00000
HUMS 102Helping Relationship Techniques (blended)00000
BCOM 102Construction Blueprint Reading (Virtual Instruction)00000
NRSG 105Medical-Surgical Nursing I Cli00000
COMM 102Intro Interpersonal Communication pathway00000
NRSG 200Complex Med-Surg NSG for ASN (Virtual Instruction)00000
AGRI 128Agricultural Safety -- Virtual (in-person lab component may...00000
PHIL 102Introduction to Ethics pathway00000
CRIM 110Intro to Law Enforcement00000
SDEV 120Computing Logic (Virtual Instruction)00000
BCTI 104Carpentry Framing & Finish, 2 (concurrent with BCTI 132-LME)00000
WELD 204Pipe Welding II00000
CSIA 135Digital Forensics00000
ADMF 112Mechanical Drives I00000
WELD 211Welding Fabrication II00000
EDUC 121Child & Adolescent Development (Virtual Instruction)00000
AGRI 115Natural Resources Management -- Virtual (in-person lab compo...00000
BCTI 231Intermed. Electrical, Part 100000
AGRI 212Environmental Systems Mgmt00000
ENGL 111English Composition00000
APHY 201Advanced Human Physiology (lec 6-7:50; lab 8-9:50)00000
AGRI 204Agriculture Salesmanship (Blended) pathway00000
BCOM 104Construction Materials (virtual instruction)00000
GENS 279General Studies Capstone (Logansport)00000
BCTI 130Introduction to Electrical -- Virtual (in-person lab compone...00000
BOAT 019Keyboarding00000
BCTI 232Intermed. Electrical, Part 200000
HLHS 105Medical Law & Ethics (blended) pathway00000
BOAT 101Microsoft Outlook (concurrent with BOAT 101-6AE) (Blended) p...00000
AGRI 101Agricultural Data Management (blended)00000
BOAT 201Emerging Technologies00000
HUMA 100Theatre Appreciation (ASAP and open enrollment)00000
BOAT 222Microsoft Access00000
BOAT 130Customer Relation Mgmt w Sales (Virtual Instruction)00000
BUSN 222Benefits Administration (Blended)00000
HUMS 113Problems of Substance Abuse00000
COMM 104Workplace Communication (Reserved For School Of Technology S...00000
APHY 102Anatomy and Physiology II (lec M; lab W) (blended)00000
CRIM 117Introduction to Forensics00000
INDT 114Introductory Welding (Blended) pathway00000
DBMS 110Database Design and Management00000
BOAT 221Organizational Leadership00000
EDUC 201Technology in Education00000
IVYT 112Student Success Health Science (Virtual Instruction)00000
ENGL 112Exposition and Persuasion00000
ACCT 205Income Tax (hybrid)00000
HIST 101Survey of American History I00000
MATH 080Mathematical Principles (must also enroll in Math 123-8AE) (...00000
HLHS 111Health and Wellness for Life00000
BUSN 202Human Resource Management00000
MEAS 110Intro to Clinical Practice (blended)00000
ACCT 102Managerial Accounting00000
ADMF 102Technology in Adv Manf.00000
AGRI 165Turf Science (Blended) pathway00000
BCTI 132Electrical, Part 2 (concurrent with BCTI 104-LPE)00000
ECED 101Health, Safety, Nutrition00000
ACCT 106Payroll Accounting (Blended) pathway00000