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Ivy Tech Gary Course Reviews

Ivy Tech Community College, Gary

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
DBMS 160Data Visualization Students attend remotely via livestream/w...00000
DMSI 203OB/Gyn Sonography II & Lab 16 wks Sessions on Campus and Onl...00000
AVIT 208Air Traffic Control 2nd 8wks BT00000
CRIM 216Comm.&Conflict Mgmt-CrimJust 16 Wks Learn Anywhere00000
BCOM 210Codes & Specifications00000
AUTI 263Motor Sports Fabrication II00000
DESN 108INDIANAPOLIS Residential Design00000
ARTS 201Indianapolis Intermediate Drawing II00000
AVIT 253Engine Starting System00000
ARTS 245Indianapolis Constructed Fabric Design00000
CRIM 112Public Safety Dispatching00000
CHEM 279Intro to Scientific Research (Blended-campus & online) 16 we...00000
AUTI 141Egine Fundamentals and Repair, on campus requirement, South...00000
CSIA 106WF Prep Comp TIA Security & Cert 2nd 8 weeks Virtual Instruc...00000
APHY 102Anatomy and Physiology II00000
DENT 121Dental Radiography II (blended) pathway00000
AVIT 141Aviation Basics I00000
DHYG 121Medical and Dental Emergencies 1st 8 wks.00000
AGRI 209Agricultural Commodity Mktg.00000
ECED 233Emerging Literacy 2nd 8 wk Learn Anywhere; Requires Field Ex...00000
ARTS 226Indianapolis The Art of the Book00000
BCOM 103Green Construction 2nd 8 weeks ONLINE00000
AGRI 259Agricultural Policy 2nd 8 weeks ONLINE00000
CHEM 106General Chemistry II00000
AUBR 125Automotive Body Welding00000
CPTR 206Modern Concepts Exercise Fitness-2nd 8wks-Fort Wayne-TR-REQU...00000
COMM 104Workplace Communication00000
AUTC 243Electrical & Electronics III00000
CRIM 134Intro to Crim.Justice Careers00000
ANTH 154HCulutral Anthropology 16 weeks Honors (must be admitted into...00000
CSCI 101Computer Science I Students attend remotely via livestream/w...00000
AUTI 250Manual Transmissions, South Bend, October00000
CSTC 102Surgical Instrumentation 1st 8 weeks00000
AGRI 164Landscape Design I 2nd 8 wks Richmond00000
DBMS 241WWF Prep Admin MS SQL Cert 2nd 8 Weeks Virtual Students atte...00000
AVIT 123Part Time Private Pilot Flight Training I00000
DENT 129Dental Materials and Lab II-Advisor Approval-1st 8wk00000
ARTH 110Art Appreciation Warsaw Virtual 16 weeks REQUIRED Virtual me...00000
DHYG 104Dental Anatomy -1st 8 wks00000
AVIT 146Aviation Regulations00000
DMSI 102Adbominal Sonography I & Clinical 16 Weeks On Campus & Onlin...00000
AGRI 100Introduction to Agriculture 1st 8 weeks ONLINE00000
ECED 120Child Growth & Development-1st 8 wks-Virtual through link in...00000
AVIT 241Aircraft Fuel Sys&Welding Prac00000
ECED 293High Scope I,Streaming Live, no campus requirement, South Be...00000
AGRI 223Plant Pest ID and Control00000
AVIT 271Aviation Management Career Seminar 2nd 8wks Virtual00000
ARTS 232Indianapolis Painting II00000
BCOM 115Intro to Building Constr. Mgmt 1st 8 weeks ONLINE00000
AGRI 110Intro Agr Business & Economics-Marion- 1st 8 Weeks (Blended...00000
BUSN 265Labor Relations00000
AUBR 100Intro. to Collision Service 1st 8 Weeks00000
CHEM 211Organic Chem I-16Wk-REQ'D virtual class time w/webcam-Labste...00000
AGRI 280Co-Op Internship00000
COMM 101HFund of Public Speaking 2nd 8 weeks Honors (must be admitted...00000
AUTC 100Introduction to Automotive-1st 8 Weeks-Indianapolis(Blended)00000
CPIN 270Workforce Prep: CompTIA Project+ Certification 2nd 8 wks Vir...00000
COMM 211Intro to Public Relations 1st 8 weeks ONLINE00000
AUTC 135Automatic Transmission I-2nd 8 Weeks-Indianapolis(Blended)00000
CRIM 106Introduction to Serial Killers Warsaw Virtual 1st 8 weeks00000
AMSL 201American Sign Language III 1st 8 weeks Virtual Instruction00000
CRIM 120Introduction to Courts Warsaw Virtual 16 weeks00000
AUTI 121Brake Systems 1st 8 Weeks00000
CRIM 205Procedural Criminal Law 1st 8 weeks ONLINE00000
AGRI 130Intro. to Vegetable Production- Marion- 2nd 8 Weeks (Blended...00000
CRIM 252Juvenile Delinquency 2nd 8 weeks ONLINE00000
AUTI 210Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Tech00000
CSCI 210Database Systems Students attend remotely via livestream/web...00000
AOLS 201Followership 1st 8 weeks ONLINE00000
CSIA 215Perimeter Defense 1st 8 weeks ONLINE00000
AUTI 255High Perform. Engines/Syst. II00000
DBMS 110Database Design and Management00000
ADMF 122Industrial Electrical II 2nd 8wks Blended Primarily Traditio...00000
DBMS 231WF Prep Design Database Cert-2nd 8 Weeks Virtual Students at...00000
AUTI 299Automotive Special Topics Blended Traditional (campus and on...00000
DENT 116Dental Emergencies/Pharmacology-Program Chair Approval-1st 8...00000
ARTH 101Survey of Art and Culture I Blended, on campus w/ online or...00000
DENT 124Preventive Dentistry/Diet & Nutrition 1st 8 wks.00000
AVIT 132Aviation Operations TR00000
DENT 171Dental Terminology 1st 8 weeks ONLINE00000
AGRI 202Animal Production Facilities00000
DESN 279Design Technology Capstone, on campus requirement, South Ben...00000
AVIT 142Aviation Basics II00000
DHYG 110Periodontology 1st 8 wks.00000
ARTS 102Color and Design Theory I00000
DHYG 222Oral Pathology- 2nd 8 wks00000
AVIT 205Instrument Pilot Flight Training TR00000
DMSI 119Cardiac Sonography Clinical II00000
ACCT 203Cost Accounting I 1st 8 weeks Learn Anywhere00000
ECED 100Intro to Early Childhood Edu 1st 8 wk-Students attend virtua...00000
AVIT 231Reciprocating Powerplants00000
ECED 213Infant & Toddler Programming 2nd 8 weeks ONLINE field experi...00000
ARTS 211Indianapolis Sculpture I00000
AVIT 246Aircraft Hydraulic & Land.Gear00000
ACCT 102Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 225Integrated Accounting Systems Blended, on campus with online...00000
AGRI 117Soil Science; 1st 8 weeks; All class sessions meet on campus...00000
ALTF 103Principle Alt/Renewal Energie 12 Weeks Independent Study Dep...00000
AUTC 113Electrical & Electronics I-1st 8 Weeks-Indianapolis(Blended)00000
COMM 212Culture and Communication00000