Ivy Tech Gary Course Reviews

Ivy Tech Community College, Gary

BCTI 201Carpentry Forms pt. 1 1st 8wks Blended Traditional (campus a...00000
BOAT 216HBusiness Communications 2nd 8 weeks Honors (must be admitted...00000
AUBR 103Automotive Paint Fundamentals 1st 8 Weeks00000
AVIT 245Aircraft Systems00000
AUTI 142Climate Control Systems, on campus requirement, South Bend,...00000
ARTS 100Life & Object Drawing I00000
BIOT 201Cell Culture and Cellular Processes BT with on campus labs00000
AGRI 165Turf Science; 2nd 8 weeks; All class sessions meet on campus...00000
AUTC 135Automatic Transmission I-2nd 8 Weeks-Indianapolis(Blended)00000
AGRI 213AG Equipment Power Systems; 2nd 8 weeks; Weekly on campus se...00000
AVIT 222Non-Metallic Structures00000
AUTI 255High Perform. Engines/Syst. II00000
AOLS 101Applied Theories of Mgmt.&Ldr 1st 8 weeks ONLINE00000
BCOM 103Green Construction 2nd 8 weeks ONLINE00000
AGRI 125Agriculture Leadership II 1st 8 Weeks Advisor Approval00000
BIOL 211Microbiology I00000
ARTS 228Foundations of Printmaking-16 Week-Indianapolis (Blended)00000
BOAT 019Keyboarding 1st 8 weeks Virtual Instruction00000
ADMF 206Industrical Robotics II 2nd 8 weeks BT with on campus labs00000
BUSN 120Busn Ethics & Social Responsibility (Blended-campus/online -...00000
AGRI 203Livestock Selection & Evaluation (blended)00000
AUTI 121Brake Systems 1st 8 Weeks00000
ADMF 222Fluid Power II 2nd 8wks Blended Primarily Traditional00000
AUTI 234Engine Performance Systems III 1st 8 wks Richmond00000
AGRI 230Sheep,Goat,&Fiber Animal Prod.00000
AVIT 145Aircraft Ground Servicing00000
AUTI 280Co-Op or Internship00000
AMSL 201American Sign Language III 1st 8 weeks Virtual Instruction00000
AVIT 232Turbine Powerplants00000
AGRI 112Fundamentals of Horticulture00000
AVIT 254Aircraft Systems TR00000
APHY 201Advanced Human Physiology-Traditional-1st 8wk00000
BCTI 122Heavy Highway Construc. Pt. I Garrett High School Students O...00000
ADMF 201Lean Manufacturing 1st 8wks Virtual00000
BIOL 105Biology I Molecular and Cellular Processes, on campus requir...00000
ARTS 204Exploration of Women in Art00000
BIOT 102Survey of Good Manufacturing Practices 1st 8 weeks BT with o...00000
AGRI 132Intro to Aquaculture; 2nd 8 weeks; All class session meet on...00000
BIOT 220LAWRENCE Molecular Biology Lectures00000
ARTS 250Indianapolis Fine Arts Portfolio00000
BOAT 130Quality and Customer Service 1st 8 weeks Learn Anywhere00000
ACCT 223Enrolled Agent Review Virtual Instruction00000
BUSI 279Sch Business Evaluation & Prof00000
AUTC 101Steering & Suspension Systems00000
BUSN 165Techniques of Supervision 2nd 8 weeks ONLINE00000
ADMF 211Quality Systems in Manuf. 2nd 8 weeks ONLINE00000
AUTI 100Basic Automotive Service, on campus requirement, South Bend,...00000
AGRI 208Agricultural Financial Records, Streaming Live, no campus re...00000
AUTI 131Engine Performance Systems I 2nd 8 weeks Blended Traditional00000
ACCT 280Co-op/Internship Virtual Instruction00000
AUTI 210Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Tech00000
AGRI 219Crop Machinery and Equipment 2nd 8wks TR00000
AUTI 251Automatic Transmissions I Face to Face on Campus00000
ADMF 226Industrial Robotics lll; 2nd 8 weeks; Weekly on campus sessi...00000
AUTI 262Motor Sports Fabrication I-16 Week-Indianapolis (Blended)00000
AGRI 255Agricultural Education 1st 8 weeks ONLINE00000
AVIT 141Aviation Basics I00000
AVIT 120Private Pilot Theory BT00000
ALTF 103Principle Alt/Renewal Energie 12 Weeks Independent Study Dep...00000
AVIT 202Aviation Instrument Theory MUST SEE DEPARTMENT CHAIR TO ENRO...00000
AGRI 109Advanced Plant and Soil Science 2nd 8wks- Shelbyville Tradit...00000
AVIT 228Aircraft Instruments &Avionics00000
AMSL 202American Sign Language IV 2nd 8 weeks Virtual Instruction00000
AVIT 237Propellers00000
ADMF 116Industrial Robotics l; 1st 8 week; All class sessions meet o...00000
AVIT 251Engine Cooling and Exhaust00000
APHY 067Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology BT with on campus lab...00000
AGRI 114Introduction to Agricultural Systems 1st 8wks TR00000
BCTI 103Carpentry Framing & Finish, I 1st 8 wks Blended Traditional...00000
ARTH 102Survey of Art and Culture II Blended, on campus with online...00000
BCTI 132Electric const 1 pt 2 2nd 8 weeks Blended Traditional (campu...00000
ACCT 208Advanced Income Tax 2nd 8 weeks ONLINE00000
BCTI 270Project Supervision (Learn Anywhere-in person or virtual) 2n...00000
ARTS 103Three-Dimensional Design00000
BIOL 121General Biology I00000
AGRI 129Alternative Growing Methods 1st 8 Weeks00000
BIOL 240Ecology 16-Wks Wed, 8-11:50 AM; Mon, 10-11:50 AM Service Lea...00000
ARTS 221Materials and Processes II On Campus Course00000
BIOT 105Survey of Regulatory Affairs 2nd 8 weeks BT with on campus l...00000
ADMF 202Digital Fund.& SiemensAutoCtrs 2nd 8 wks Blended Traditional...00000
BIOT 215Clinical Trials 1st 8 weeks ONLINE00000
ARTS 241Ceramics I On campus course00000
BIOT 279Capstone in Biotechnology 2nd 8 weeks BT with on campus acti...00000
AGRI 145Sustainable Agriculture 2nd 8 Weeks00000
BOAT 109Microsoft PowerPoint-2nd 8 Wks-VIRTUAL attend through link i...00000
ASTR 102HStellar & Galactic Astronomy H 16wk Honors (must be admitted...00000
BOAT 207Integrated MS Office Applicati00000
ACCT 122Accounting Systems Applications 1st 8 wks Learn Anywhere00000
BOAT 222Microsoft Access 2nd 8 Wks VIRTUAL attend through link in Ca...00000
AUBR 207Automotive Painting Technology 2nd 8 Weeks00000
BUSN 106Customer Service, Blended Traditional, campus and online req...00000
AGRI 200Precision Farm Technology (Blended) pathway00000
AUTC 113Electrical & Electronics I-1st 8 Weeks-Indianapolis(Blended)00000
ACCT 102Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 203Cost Accounting I 1st 8 weeks Learn Anywhere00000
ADMF 102Technology in Advanced Manufacturing 2nd 8wks00000
AGRI 100Introduction to Agriculture 1st 8 weeks ONLINE00000
AGRI 262Woody Landscape Plants; 2nd 8 weeks; All class sessions meet...00000
AVIT 125Private Pilot Flight Training TR00000