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Ivy Tech Franklin Course Reviews

Ivy Tech Community College, Franklin

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ITSP 135Hardware/Software Support-1st 8weeks-Franklin(Virtual)00000
BUSN 108Personal Finance-1st 8weeks-Franklin(Virtual)00000
INDT 104Fluid Power Basics-1St 8Weeks-Shelbyville Blue River00000
CRIM 134Introduction to Criminal Justice Careers Franklin 1st 8 wks...00000
NETI 105Network Fundamentals-2nd 8weeks-Franklin(Virtual)00000
CRIM 120Introduction to Courts00000
NRSG 207NRSG Care of Childbearing Clin-2nd 8weeks-Franklin00000
MATH 136College Algebra-Virtual-1st 8wk00000
MATH 100Intermediate Algebra 16 weeks Franklin00000
NRSG 115Nursing Lab FRANKLIN00000
BUSN 222Benefits Administration 16wk Online Franklin00000
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology-Learn Anywhere-2nd 8wk00000
BIOL 101Introductory Biology-Blended Traditional-Lab synchronous Lec...00000
HIST 111World Civilization I-Blended Traditional-1st 8wk00000
INDT 201Fluid Power Systems-2nd8weeks-Shelbyville00000
MKTG 101Principles of Marketing 2nd 8wks Sharing w/Columbus Virtual...00000
ENGL 075Co-Req Integrated Read/Write-16weeks-Franklin(Virtual)00000
ADMF 116Automation & Robotics Manf. I-2nd8weeks-Shelbyville(Hybrid)00000
CRIM 110Introduction to Law Enforcement 1st 8wks Blended Primarily T...00000
COMM 102Introduction to Interpersonal Communication-Blended Traditio...00000
MTTC 103Milling Processes I00000
MEAS 209Electronic Administrative Prac-Virtual-2nd 8wk00000
DBMS 110Database Design and Management Franklin Learn Anywhere00000
NRSG 200Complex Med-Surg NSG for ASN FRANKLIN00000
POLS 101Introduction to American Gover-2nd 8 Weeks-Franklin00000
BUSN 105Principles Of Management 2nd 8wks Franklin Learn Anywhere00000
ACCT 101Financial Accounting Franklin 1st 8wks Learn Anywhere CAFE00000
AGRI 145Susatainable Agriculture 2nd 8 wks Franklin TR00000
COMM 104Workplace Communication 16 weeks Shelbyville00000
HLHS 105Medical Law & Ethics 16 weeks-Franklin00000
EDUC 240Intro to Physical and Health Ed for Elem Teach-BT-10 hrs fie...00000
BUSN 230Business Statistics 1st 8wks (connects w/Columbus LA) Virtua...00000
HUMS 206Group Process and Skills 1st 8wks Blended Primarily Tradtion...00000
COMM 101Fundamentals of Public Speaking-Blended Traditional-2nd 8wk00000
MATH 122Applied Technical Mathematics 16 weeks Shelbyville00000
ECON 101Economics Fundamentals-Blended Traditional-1st 8wk00000
NRSG 105Medical-Surgical Nursing I Cli FRANKLIN00000
IVYT 112Student Success-Health Science-1st 8weeks-Franklin(Virtual)00000
SDEV 120Computing Logic-2nd 8weeks-Franklin(Virtual)00000
HLHS 101Medical Terminology-Learn Anywhere-1st 8wk00000
ARTH 110Art Appreciation 1st 8 weeks Franklin00000
BUSI 279School of Business Evaluation and Prof Dev 2nd 8wks connect...00000
BUSN 223Occupational Safety & Health 1st 8wk Online Franklin00000
ITSP 175IT Customer Support and Helpdesk Software Learn Anywhere00000
CPIN 280Co-Op/Internship/Externship Franklin00000
CRIM 201Ethics In Criminal Justice Franklin 1st 8wks BT00000
MATH 141Math for Elementary Teachers-1st 8 Weeks-Franklin(Virtual)00000
NRSG 100Fundamentals of Nursing FRANKLIN00000
MTTC 102Turning Processes I00000
BUSN 120Bus. Ethics & Social Respons 16wks Franklin00000
NRSG 110Medical Surgical Nursing II-1st 8weeks-Franklin(Virtual)00000
NRSG 206NRSG Care of Childbearing Fam-2nd 8weeks-Franklin00000
NRSG 208Practice Issues Assoc Degree FRANKLIN00000
EDUC 224Introduc to Scientific Inquiry-1st 8 Weeks-Franklin(Virtual)00000
SOCI 111Introduction to Sociology-Learn Anywhere-2nd 8wk00000
SCIN 100Earth Science-2nd 8wk00000
BOAT 207Integrated Microsoft Office Applications 2nd 8wks Virtual In...00000
AGRI 100Introduction to Agriculture 1st 8wks TR00000
ADMF 102Technology In Adv Manf.-2Nd8Weeks-Shelbyville(Hybrid)00000
BUSN 201Business Law 2nd 8wks Connect to Columbus LA Section Virtual...00000
HIST 101Survey of American History I-2nd8weeks-Franklin00000
CHEM 101Introductory Chemistry I-16weeks-Franklin(Virtual)00000
APHY 102Anatomy and Physiology II-Traditional-2nd 8wk00000
CRIM 103Cultural Awareness 1st 8wks Blended Primarily Traditional00000
BUSN 265Labor Relations 2nd 8wk Online Franklin00000
ECON 202Principles of Microeconomics-2nd 8 Weeks-Franklin(Virtual)00000
BUSN 101Introduction To Business 1st 8wks Franklin Learn Anywhere00000
ENGL 202Creative Writing-Traditional-2nd 8wk00000
HUMS 113Problems of Substance Abuse in Society 2nd 8wks Blended Prim...00000
HUMS 101Introduction To Human Services 2nd 8wks Learn Anywhere00000
CPIN 269Comp/Informatics Project Mgmt Franklin00000
INDT 203Machine Maintenance & Install-16Weeks-Shelbyville Blue River00000
ASTR 101Solar System Astronomy-Blended Traditional-on campus lab-2nd...00000
IVYT 115Student Success Information Technology 1st 8 weeks Franklin...00000
CRIM 211Criminal Law 2nd 8wks Blended Primarily Traditional00000
MEAS 109The Professional Medical Assist-Virtual-1st 8wk00000
ITSP 134IT Supplort Essentials II 2nd 8 wks Franklin Learn Anywhere00000
MTTC 106Print Interpretation C9 Traditional Greenwood Students00000
EDUC 121Child and Adolescent Development-Virtual w/Columbus-2nd 8wk00000
NRSG 126Mental Health Nursing-1st 8weeks-Franklin00000
CRIM 101Intro To Criminal Justice Systems Franklin 1st 8 wks BT00000
PHIL 102Introduction to Ethics-Virtual-2nd 8wk00000
GENS 279General Studies Capstone Course-Virtual-PC Approval00000
ACCT 102Managerial Accounting Franklin 2nd 8wks Learn Anywhere CAFE00000
MATH 080Mathematical Principles-16 Weekd-Franklin(Co-Req w/ MATH 123...00000
AGRI 163Wine Production and Appreciation-2nd 8w -Franklin--BT- PC ap...00000
HUMS 103Interviewing and Assessment 1st 8wks Blended Primarily Tradi...00000
BOAT 216Business Communications 1st 8 wks Virtual00000
AGRI 113Introduction to Animal Science 1st 8wks BT00000
BUSN 202Human Resource Management 2nd 8wk Online Franklin00000
INFM 109Informatics Fundamentals 1st 8wks Learn Anywhere00000
CINS 101Introduction to Microcomputers 2nd 8 Weeks Franklin Online00000
MEAS 137Outpatient Insurance and Basic Coding-Blended Traditional-1s...00000
IVYT 113Student Success In Technology 1St 8 Weeks Shelbyville00000
ADMF 101Key Principles Of Adv Manufg.-1St8Weeks-Shelbyville(Hybrid)00000
ANTH 154Cultural Anthropology00000
BUSN 207Intro to International Business Franklin 2nd 8wks LA CAFE00000
ENGL 111English Composition-Traditional-1st 8wk00000
VISC 110Introduction to Web and Social Media 2nd 8wks Franklin Blend...00000
APHY 101Anatomy and Physiology I-Traditional-1st 8wk00000