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Ivy Tech Anderson Course Reviews

Ivy Tech Community College, Anderson

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
NRSG 112Maternal Child-Nursing-Virtual00000
COMM 101Fundamentals Public Speaking -1st 8 Wks-Learn Anywhere. Stre...00000
HLHS 115Pharmacology for Healthcare Providers-(VI) Virtual/stream li...00000
MEAS 218Pharmacology 1st 8 wks.00000
INCO 213Advanced Insurance Coding00000
EECT 211AC Circuit Analysis00000
ARTH 102Survey of Art and Culture II Anderson Online 2nd 8 Weeks00000
DHYG 102Fundamental Dental Hygiene Lab00000
HUMS 108Psychology of Aging Anderson Online00000
DHYG 120Pharmacology 2nd 8 wks.00000
MATH 212Calculus II / Anderson Online 2nd 8 weeks00000
ITSP 165Frontline IT Customer Support Anderson Online 1st 8 weeks00000
ECON 101Economics Fundamentals -1st 8 Wks Virtual. Streaming Live; N...00000
NETI 105Network Fundamentals -Learn Anywhere: Streaming Live Recorde...00000
DENT 102Dental Materials I-Blended: Face-to-Face w/Online Components...00000
WELD 210Welding Fabrication I00000
ENGL 206Introduction to Literature / Anderson Online 2nd 8 weeks00000
BUSI 279School of Business Evaluation & Prof ONLINE 2nd 8 weeks ANDE...00000
BUSN 230Business Statistics Anderson Online00000
CSIA 106WF Prep CompTIA Security 2nd 8 Wks- Learn Anywhere: Streamin...00000
DHYG 107Head & Neck Anatomy 2nd 8 wks00000
HUMS 206Group Process and Skills 2nd 8 weeks -Virtual Streaming Live...00000
COMM 104Workplace Communications00000
INDT 203Machine Maintenance & Install 2nd 8 weeks00000
DHYG 203Dental Materials 1st 8 wks00000
MATH 123Quantitative Reasoning Virtual. Streaming Live; No Campus Re...00000
IVYT 115Student Success-Info Tech / Anderson Online 2nd 8 weeks00000
ECED 101Health, Safety, Nutrition 2nd 8 weeks Learn Anywhere00000
MEAS 110Introduction to Clinical Practice Blended/Primarily Traditio...00000
CRIM 280Internship / Advisor Permission Required Blended BI00000
METC 107Mechanical Design & Doc.00000
EECT 112Digital Fundamentals 1st 8 Weeks Blended Traditional: On Cam...00000
NETI 120Infrastructure Design Hybrid00000
BUSN 201Business Law 2nd 8 Weeks Learn Anywhere: Streaming Live Reco...00000
NRSG 200Complex Med-Surg NSG for ASN00000
EETC 279EE Capstone 1st 8 Weeks Learn Anywhere00000
ADMF 101Key Principles of Advanced Mfg 2nd 8 Weeks Blended Tradition...00000
DENT 124Preventive Dentistry/Diet & Nutrition 1st 8 wks.00000
BOAT 121Office Procedures and Team Dynamics Cafe Anderson Online / 1...00000
HLHS 101Medical Terminology-(LA) Learn Anywhere/streaming, in class...00000
BUSN 204Strategic Management- Learn Anywhere 1st 8 Weeks00000
BOAT 109Microsoft PowerPoint 1st 8 Weeks Learn Anywhere: Streaming L...00000
CRIM 134Introduction to Criminal Justice 2nd 8 Weeks Virtual: Stream...00000
HLHS 279Healthcare Specialist Capstone-(VI) Virtual/stream live w/on...00000
DBMS 110Database Design & Mgmt 2nd 8 Wks Learn Anywhere: Streaming L...00000
CHEM 106General Chemistry II00000
HUMS 135Love, Romance & Relationships / Anderson Online 2nd 8 weeks00000
DHYG 113Dental Radiography Clinic00000
HUMS 210Issues of Substance Abuse 2nd 8 weeks Anderon Online00000
BOAT 214Microsoft Project 2nd 8 Weeks Learn Anywhere: Streaming Live...00000
INDT 113Industrial Electrical I 1st 8 Weeks Blended Traditional: On...00000
DHYG 122General Pathology 2nd 8 wks.00000
INDT 279Industrial Techology Capstone00000
CPIN 279Computing and Infomatics Exploration Approval Required LATE...00000
IVYT 103Health and Wellness/ Anderson Online 2nd 8 weeks00000
DHYG 222Oral Pathology- 2nd 8 wks00000
MATH 043Intermediate Algebra Virtual. Streaming Live; No Campus Requ...00000
LIBA 279Liberal Arts Capstone Course ASAP 2nd 8 Weeks00000
DHYG 235Community Oral Health Practicm00000
MATH 141Mathematics for Elementary Teachers Learn Anywhere. Streamin...00000
CRIM 201Ethics: Crim Justice Syst -2nd 8 Wks -Learn Anywhere: Stream...00000
MATH 222Calculus for Technology II00000
ECED 120Child Growth & Development -1st 8 Wks -Virtual. Streaming Li...00000
MEAS 209Electronic Administrative Practices-Blended: Face-to-Face w/...00000
BUSN 105Principles of Management -1st 8 Weeks -Learn Anywhere: Strea...00000
MEAS 239Medical Assisting Clinical II 2nd 8 wks.00000
EDUC 101Introduction to Teaching / 2nd 8 week / Blended / Lecture Vi...00000
METC 220CAD for Mechanical Design00000
CSIA 225Ethical Hacking Anderson Online00000
NETI 115Routing & Switching Learn Anywhere: Streaming Live Recorded,...00000
EECT 121Electronics Circuit Analysis Blended Traditional: On Campus...00000
NRSG 105Medical-Surgical Nursing I Clinical 2nd 8 wks.00000
BIOL 105Biology I Molecular Cellular: Blended: Virtual lectures, Fac...00000
NRSG 122Introduction to ASN Transition-Virtual00000
EECT 223Electrical Machines00000
NRSG 208Practice Issues for Associates Degree (ASN) 2nd 8 wks.00000
DENT 118Dental Radiography00000
ACCT 101Financial Accounting 2nd 8 Weeks Learn Anywhere: Streaming L...00000
ENGL 112Exposition & Persuastion Online Anderson00000
ADMF 222Fluid Power II00000
BUSN 221Principles of Employment Late Start 2nd 8 weeks00000
BIOL 201General Microbiology00000
HIST 101Survey of American History I 1st 8 Wks Virtual. Streaming Li...00000
BOAT 216Business Communications 1st 8 Weeks -Learn Anywhere: Streami...00000
DENT 130Clinical Externship I & II00000
BUSN 120Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Hybrid 2nd 8 weeks...00000
HLHS 106Healthcare Specialist Cert00000
CARD 206Advanced Electrocardiograph Technique-2nd 8 wks.00000
ADMF 112Fluid Power I Blended Traditional: On Campus plus Online Con...00000
CRIM 101Intro Criminal Justice Sys -1st 8 wks- Learn Anywhere: Strea...00000
HLHS 122Electronic Health Records00000
CRIM 210Police & Community Relations -1st 8 Wks-Learn Anywhere: Stre...00000
DHYG 105Nutrition and Oral Health 2nd 8 wks00000
HUMA 118Music Appreciation Online Anderson00000
ACCT 203Cost Accounting I Anderson online00000
APHY 201Advanced Physiology Virtual. Lecture Streaming Live; Online...00000
BOAT 221Organizational Leadership Anderson Online00000
CRIM 110Intro to Law Enforcement 2nd 8 Wks Learn Anywhere: Streaming...00000
DHYG 230Clinical Seminar00000
LOGM 228Principles of Procurement Anderson Online / 1st 8-weeks00000