IUPUI Course Reviews

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

BIOLN 251Introduction to Microbiology00000
BME 69600Adv Biomedical Engr Projects00000
ASLA 132First Year Asl II00000
BIOLK 416Cellular And Molecular Neuroscience00000
BIOL 55000Plant Molecular Biology00000
ANTHE 404Field Methods in Ethnography00000
BME 35400Cell and Tissue Laboratory00000
ANESB 522Foundations of Anesthesia Practice II00000
ASLI 365Theory & Process Of Interpreting III00000
ANESB 571Advanced Clinical Anesthesia I00000
BIOLK 331Developmental Biology00000
BIOL 57100Developmental Neurobiology00000
ANTHA 699Master's Project in Applied Anthropology00000
BIOLN 100Contemporary Biology00000
ANATD 710History of Anatomy00000
BIOLT 591History of Life00000
ANTHP 402Archaeological Method and Theory00000
BME 49101Biomedical Engineering Design00000
AIE 10000Introduction To Artificial Intelligence00000
BUPAA 538Corporate Taxation II00000
ANESB 541Professionalism I00000
BIOCG 901Advanced Research00000
AMSTA 341Organizing For Social Action00000
BIOL 56010Clinical And Molecular Aspects Of Neurodegenerative Diseases00000
ANESB 593Senior Seminar III00000
BIOLK 295Intermediate Topics in Biology00000
BIOL 62500Immune System Disorders00000
ANTHA 507Indigenous Cultural Heritage00000
BIOLK 342Principles Of Ecology And Evolution Laboratory00000
AMSTG 805Phd Thesis00000
BIOLK 494Senior Research Thesis00000
ANTHB 526Human Osteology00000
BIOLN 213Human Biology Lab00000
AHLTR 405Advanced Diagnostic Imaging I00000
BIOLT 570Evolution00000
ANTHE 509Modern Material Culture00000
BME 24300Biomechanics Lab00000
ANATG 901Advanced Research00000
BME 41100Quantitative Physiology00000
ART 223003D Architectural Modeling I00000
BME 53700Experimental Methods In Biomedical Engineering00000
AFROA 152Introduction to African Studies00000
BUPAA 511Fin Acctg Theory & Prac II00000
ASLA 312Third Year Asl II00000
BUPAA 555Taxation of S Corporations00000
AMSTA 102Asian-American Culture00000
BIOCB 855Research00000
ANESB 551Anesthesia Simulation I00000
BIOL 51600Molecular Biology Of Cancer00000
AFROA 303Topics in Afro-American Stdys00000
BIOL 55700Physiology II00000
ANESB 582Anesthesia Knowledge II00000
BIOL 56400Molecular Genetics Development00000
AMSTA 363American Cyber Identity00000
BIOL 59500Special Assignments-Purdue00000
ANTHA 104Cultural Anthropology00000
BIOLK 103Concepts of Biology II00000
BIOL 69800Research M S Thesis00000
ANTHA 460Topics In Anthropology00000
BIOLK 323Genetics And Molecular Biology Laboratory00000
AMSTB 497Overseas Study, Newcastle, Uk00000
BIOLK 338Introductory Immunology00000
ANTHA 565Anthropological Thought00000
BIOLK 357Microbiology Laboratory00000
AFROA 364Research on Contemporary Afro-American Problems II00000
BIOLK 488Endocrinology in Health and Disease00000
ANTHB 468Bioarchaeology00000
BIOLL 114Body 10100000
ANATD 527Neuroanatomy: Contemporary and Translational00000
BIOLN 207Physiology for Healthcare Management00000
ANTHE 380Urban Anthropology00000
BIOLN 222Special Topics In Biology00000
AFROA 140Introduction to African American and African Diaspora Studie...00000
BIOLS 323Honors Genetics And Molecular Biology Laboratory00000
ANTHE 457Ethnic Identity00000
BIOLT 575Molecular Biology00000
ANATD 861Seminar00000
BME 22400Biomeasurements Lab00000
ANTHE 681Seminar In Urban Anthropology00000
BME 33100Biosignals And Systems00000
AHLTR 413Introduction to Medical Imaging Leadership00000
BME 38800Applied Biomaterials00000
ART 15500Residential Construction00000
BME 46100Transport Processes In Biomedical Engineering00000
ANESB 512Foundations of Clinical Science II00000
BME 49600Biomedical Engineering Design Projects00000
ART 49900Architect Technology00000
BME 58200Advanced Biomedical Polymers00000
AEROA 152Air Force Rotc Leadership Lab (Llab) II00000
BME 69900Research Phd Thesis00000
ASLA 221Linguistics of American Sign Language00000
BUPAA 522Fed Taxatn Of Prtnrshp & Llc00000
ANESB 532Foundations of Anesthesia Science II00000
ASLI 361Theory & Process Of Interpreting I00000
AEROA 101Heritage And Values Of The United States Air Force I00000
AEROA 301Leading People And Effective Communication I00000
AFROA 326Race, Beauty, and Popular Culture00000
AMSTA 601American Studies In Theory00000
ANTHA 407Indigenous Cultural Heritage00000
BIOLK 101Concepts of Biology I00000