IUPUC Course Reviews

Indiana University - Purdue University Columbus

ENGW 206Introduction To Creative Writing00000
LSTUL 101American Labor History00000
CNIT 28000Systems Analysis & Design Meth00000
ENGE 450Capstone Seminar00000
COMMC 395Gender And Communication00000
CHEMC 125Experimental Chemistry I00000
GEOLG 109Fundamentals Of Earth History00000
BUSF 303Intermediate Investments00000
COASQ 131Writing A Winning Resume00000
BUSK 201The Computer In Business00000
EDUCM 305Laboratory/Field Experience00000
ECE 20400Introduction To Electrical And Electronic Circuits00000
BUSZ 302Managing And Behavior In Organizations00000
ENGL 378Studies In Women And Literature00000
BUSBE 498Be-Bus00000
ENGW 401Advanced Fiction Writing00000
CJUSP 302Courts And Criminal Justice00000
HISTA 363Hoosier Nation: Indiana In American History00000
BIOLN 261Human Anatomy00000
LSTUL 331Global Problems: Local Solutions00000
BUSH 321Principles Of Epidemiology00000
COMMC 299Communicating Queer Identity00000
BUCOP 501Operations Management00000
COMMR 330Communication Criticism00000
BUSM 432Digital Marketing00000
EDUCL 442Teaching English Language Learners: Bilingual And English As...00000
ECET 38501Introduction To Automotive Electronics Lecture00000
BUSX 103Learning Communities00000
EDUCM 470Practicum00000
BUSA 312Intermediate Accounting II00000
ENGL 213Literary Masterpieces00000
CGT 11000Technical Graphics Communication00000
ENGR 29700Computer Tools For Engineering00000
BIOLN 108Plants, Animals, And The Environment00000
ENGW 301Writing Fiction00000
CHEMC 342Organic Chemistry Lectures 200000
FN 31300Principles Of Healthy Menu Planning And Food Preparation00000
BUSF 151Personal Finances Of The College Student00000
HERE 101Beginning Drawing I00000
CNIT 17500Visual Programming00000
HPERH 160First Aid And Emergency Care00000
BIOLK 324Cell Biology00000
LSTUL 210Workplace Discrimination And Fair Employment00000
CNIT 40500Software Development Methodologies00000
LSTUL 380Theories Of The Labor Movement00000
BUCOG 511Microeconomics For Managers00000
COM 32000Small Group Communication00000
BUSH 450Health Systems Administration00000
COMMC 380Organizational Communication00000
BIOLK 342Principles Of Ecology And Evolution Laboratory00000
COMMG 300Independent Study00000
BUSM 401International Marketing00000
CSCIN 207Data Analysis Using Spreadsheets00000
BUCOW 516Organizational Development And Change00000
ECET 22400Electronic Systems00000
BUSP 330Project Management00000
EDUCL 400Instructional Issues In Language Education00000
ECONE 201Introduction To Microeconomics00000
BUSW 430Organizations And Organizational Design00000
EDUCM 301Laboratory/Field Experience00000
BUSA 201Introduction To Financial Accounting00000
EDUCM 403Laboratory/Field Experiences:00000
BUSX 483Undergraduate Internship In Business00000
EDUCW 201Beginning Technology Skills00000
BIOLK 493Independent Research00000
ENGL 203Introduction To Drama00000
BUSZ 447Leadership, Teamwork And Diversity00000
ENGL 301English Literature Survey I00000
BUSA 337Accounting Information Systems00000
ENGR 19500First-Year Engineering Projects00000
CHEMC 106Principles Of Chemistry II00000
ENGT 18100Engineering Technology Applications00000
BIOLK 295Intermediate Topics In Biology00000
ENGW 231Professional Writing Skills00000
CHEMC 209Special Problems00000
ENGW 303Writing Poetry00000
BUSD 101Introduction To International Relations00000
ENGW 411Directed Writing00000
CHEMC 344Organic Chemistry Laboratory 200000
FOLKF 101Introduction To Folklore00000
BIOLN 217Human Physiology00000
GEOLG 115Oceanography00000
CJUSP 481Field Experience In Criminal Justice00000
HERH 100Art Appreciation00000
BUSF 251Managing Personal And Financial Risk00000
HISTH 108Perspectives On The World To 180000000
CNIT 25501Object-Oriented Programming Introduction00000
HPERR 129Night Map, Compass And Gps00000
ASLA 132First Year Asl II00000
LSTUL 201Labor Law00000
CNIT 38000Advanced Analysis And Design00000
LSTUL 290Topics In Labor Studies00000
BUSF 421Derivatives Securities/Corporate Risk Management00000
CNIT 48900Adv Topics In Database Tech00000
ANTHA 104Cultural Anthropology00000
ASTA 205Quasars, Pulsars And Black Holes00000
BIOLK 384Biochemistry00000
BUCOX 522Experiential Learning00000
BUSW 200Introduction To Business And Management00000
EDUCK 441Transition Across The Lifespan00000