IUN Course Reviews

Indiana University Northwest

CMCLC 427Cross Cultural Communication00000
DHYGH 250Local Anesthesia And Pain Control00000
BUSF 152Basic Financial Planning And Investment00000
CHEMC 362Physical Chemistry Of Molecules00000
BUSM 432Digital Marketing00000
BUNWB 514Legal, Ethical And Social Environment Of Business00000
CSCIC 307Applied Programming Techniques00000
ANTHP 200Introduction To Archaeology00000
BUSJ 403Management Capstone00000
BIOLL 111Foundations Of Biology: Diversity, Evolution, And Ecology00000
CHEMC 121Elementary Chemistry Lab 100000
BUSW 490Independent Study In Business Administration00000
BIOLZ 317Developmental Biology00000
CHEMT 550Introductory Biochemistry00000
AHSCH 480Healthcare Grant Writing And Internship00000
CSCIA 213Database Applications00000
BUSA 311Intermediate Accounting I00000
DASTA 271Clinical Science I00000
AHLTR 406Advanced Diagnostic Imaging II00000
DHYGH 347Community Dental Health00000
BIOLB 351Fungi00000
BUSL 203Commercial Law I00000
AHSCA 420Healthcare Finance00000
BUSW 100Principles Of Business Administration00000
BIOLL 331Introduction To Human Genetics00000
CHEMC 105Principles Of Chemistry I00000
BUSX 475Volunteer Community Service00000
BIOLM 440Medical Microbiology Lectures00000
CHEMC 341Organic Chemistry 1 Lectures00000
AHSCH 340Research In The Health Sciences00000
CHEMC 484Biomolecules And Catabolism00000
BUNWA 513Accounting For Decision Making00000
CHRIC 490Topics In Latino Studies00000
AHLTH 415Global Child And Adolescent Health00000
CSCIA 103Microcomputer Applications: Word Processing00000
BUNWG 514Human Resources Management00000
CSCIA 348Mastering The World Wide Web00000
ANTHE 200Social And Cultural Anthropology00000
DASTA 211Oral Pathology, Physiology, Anatomy00000
BUSA 337Accounting Information Systems00000
DHYGH 215Pharmacol And Therapeutics - First Year00000
AAADA 355African-American History I00000
DHYGH 307Radiology Clinic III00000
BUSF 420Equity And Fixed Income Investment00000
EALCJ 102Elementary Japanese 200000
AHLTR 473Multiplanar Anatomy And Pathology II00000
BUSK 321Management Of Information Technology00000
BIOLL 100Humans And The Biological World00000
BUSM 301Introduction To Marketing Management00000
AAADA 370Recent Black American Writing00000
BUSM 490Special Studies In Marketing00000
BIOLL 311Genetics00000
BUSW 311New Venture Creation00000
AHSCA 440Health Care Administration And Strategic Planning00000
BUSX 255Topics In Business00000
BIOLL 473Ecology00000
CHEMC 101Elementary Chemistry 100000
BUSZ 302Managing And Behavior In Organizations00000
BIOLM 215Microorganism Laboratory00000
CHEMC 110The Chemistry Of Life00000
AHSCH 310Health Policy, Ethics, And Legal Issues00000
CHEMC 126Experimental Chemistry II00000
BIOLT 571Introductory Biochemistry00000
CHEMC 344Organic Chemistry Laboratory 200000
AAADA 651Independent Research/Directed Readings00000
CHEMC 410Principles Of Chemical Instrumentation00000
BIOLZ 406Vertebrate Zoology00000
CHEMT 510Inorganic Chemistry00000
AHSCH 360Population Health, Epidemiology, And Biostatistics00000
CHRIC 351Latino Culture And Society00000
BUNWB 511Marketing Management00000
CJUSP 100Introduction To Criminal Justice00000
AAADA 303Topics In Afro-American Stdys00000
COMMJ 219Introduction To Public Relations00000
BUNWC 517Financial Management Analysis00000
CSCIA 106Introduction To Computing00000
ANTHA 360Development Of Anthropological Thought00000
CSCIA 285Advanced Microcomputer Applications00000
BUSA 201Introduction To Financial Accounting00000
CSCIC 106Introduction To Computers And Their Use00000
AHLTM 366Leadership For Health Professionals00000
CSCIC 430Object-Oriented Systems Analysis And Design II00000
BUSA 325Cost Accounting00000
DASTA 231Dental Materials Lecture I00000
ANTHE 445Seminar In Medical Anthropology00000
DHYGH 205Medical And Dental Emergencies00000
BUSD 300International Business: Operations Of International Enterpri...00000
DHYGH 219Clinical Practice 100000
AAADA 204Topics In Afro-American Studies00000
DHYGH 303Radiology00000
BUSF 301Financial Management00000
DHYGH 320Practice Management, Ethics And Jurisprudence00000
ASTA 105Stars And Galaxies00000
BUSF 494International Finance00000
AAADA 150Survey Of The Culture Of Black Americans00000
AAADA 261The Black Family00000
AAADA 404Topics In Afro-American Studies00000
AHSCC 425Program Assessment, Planning, And Evaluation I00000
BIOLL 498Internship In Professional Practice00000
BUSZ 442Leading And Motivating Individuals And Teams00000