IUFW Course Reviews

Indiana University Fort Wayne

DHYGH 216Chemistry And Nutrition - First Year00000
NURSB 260Fundamentals Of Nursing Practice00000
OLS 37600Human Resources Issues00000
CHM 25500Organic Chemistry00000
RADXR 211Radiography II00000
NURSB 404Informatics00000
HPER 13501Golf00000
DLTPD 129Dental Ceramics I00000
PSY 31400Introduction To Learning00000
FWHSH 101First Year Seminar Introduction To Health Sciences00000
BIOL 21600Basic Mammalian Physiology00000
SOC 30000Race And Ethnic Relations00000
NURSB 234Promoting Healthy Populations00000
DASTA 232Dental Materials Lecture II00000
DHYGH 347Community Dental Health00000
DHYGH 308Dental Materials00000
NURSS 420Care Coordination In Transitions Of Care00000
MSL 20200Leadership And Teamwork00000
DASTA 221Microbiology And Asepsis Technique00000
NURSH 355Data Analysis For Practice And Research00000
ENGL 19000Rhetorical Reading00000
PSY 44400Human Sexual Behavior00000
DASTA 303Radiology Clinic I00000
RADXR 371Advanced Image Acquisition00000
HPER 12100Conditioning And Weight Training00000
BIOL 11700Principles Of Ecology And Evolution00000
SPAN 20301Second Year Spanish I00000
MA 21300Finite Mathematics I00000
CHM 10400Living Chemistry00000
DHYGH 240Introduction To Dental Ethics00000
DAEE 351Advanced Dental Materials Techniques For Auxiliaries00000
NURSB 261Pathophysiology And Pharmacology For Nursing Practice00000
DHYGD 402Practicum In Dental Sciences Education00000
COM 32500Interviewing Principles And Practices00000
DHYGH 221Clinical Dental Hygiene Procedures00000
NURSK 434Global Health Issues In Nursing00000
DLTPD 113Basic Physics, Chemistry And Dental Materials00000
DLTPD 114Occlusion00000
MA 11101Algebra Applications And Activities00000
OLS 26800Elements Of Law00000
MUSC 20103History Of Rock And Roll Music00000
BUS 10001Principles Of Business Administration00000
NURSB 334Transitional Care Of Families And Populations00000
PHYS 22100General Physics00000
NURSK 305New Innovations In Health And Health Care00000
DASTA 271Clinical Science I00000
PSY 34500Psychology Of Women00000
ENGL 23301Intermediate Expository Writing00000
RADXR 185Understanding Medical Terminology00000
CHM 11100General Chemistry00000
RADXR 270Radiologic Physics00000
HIST 10601American History II00000
SOC 16300Social Problems00000
DHYGH 204Periodontics00000
SPAN 11101Elementary Spanish I00000
HPER 19000Yoga I00000
ANTH 10501Culture And Society00000
SPAN 30101The Hispanic World I00000
MA 12401Introduction To Mathematical Ideas00000
BIOL 20300Human Anatomy And Physiology00000
DHYGH 217Preventive Dentistry-Second Year00000
BIOL 38100Cell Biology00000
MSL 30100Leadership And Problem Solving00000
CHM 11500General Chemistry00000
COM 11400Fundamentals Of Speech Communication00000
COM 31800Prin Of Persuasion00000
NURSB 245Health Assessment: Practicum00000
DASTA 212Dental Therapeutics And Medical Emergencies00000
DHYGH 304Oral Pathology-2Nd Year00000
DASTA 301Advanced Orthodontic Procedures00000
NURSB 331Transition To Baccalaureate Nursing Practice00000
DHYGH 211Head And Neck Anatomy00000
BIOL 22000Microbiology For Allied Health Professionals00000
DHYGH 219Clinical Practice 100000
NURSH 356Clinical Nursing Care 1:Biophysical Processes00000
DHYGH 303Radiology00000
DLTPD 111History Ethics Organization00000
DHYGH 406Educational Methodology In Health Sciences00000
NURSR 375Nursing Research And Evidence-Based Practice00000
DLTPD 126Orthodontic-Pedodontic Appliances I00000
DASTA 122Introduction To Dentistry00000
HSRV 16900Introduction To Wellness And Stress Management00000
NURSS 487Nursing Management:Rnbsn00000
MA 15300College Algebra00000
DLTPD 127Complete Denture Prosthodontics I00000
MUSC 10101Music For The Listener00000
OLS 34200Interviewing Strategies In Organizations00000
NURSB 244Comprehensive Health Assessment00000
BIOL 11900Principles Of Structure And Function00000
NURSB 304Health Policy00000
PHIL 11000The Big Questions: Introduction To Philosophy00000
NURSB 403Gerontological Nursing00000
ENGL 12900Introductory Elementary Composition00000
PSY 20100Introduction To Statistics In Psychology00000
ANTH 44500Seminar In Medical Anthropology00000
BIOL 20400Human Anatomy And Physiology00000
CHM 11600General Chemistry00000
DHYGH 214Oral Anat Histlgy & Embryology00000
MA 11100Algebra00000
STAT 30100Elementary Statistical Methods I00000