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IU Course Reviews

Indiana University Bloomington

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
THTRD 456Advanced Jazz Dance53531
THTRD 109Core Of Dance Technique00000
THTRD 121Improvisation For Contemporary Dance I00000
THTRD 156Introduction To Jazz Dance Technique00000
THTRD 211Dance Practices III00000
THTRD 222Approaches To Dance-Making II00000
THTRD 256Intermediate Jazz Dance00000
THTRD 312Dance Practices Vi00000
THTRD 351Dance Pedagogy00000
THTRD 355Advanced Modern Dance00000
THTRD 412Dance Practices Viii00000
THTRD 457Jazz Dance Repertory00000
THTRD 483Topics In Dance00000
THTRD 108Dance Practices I00000
THTRD 125Fundamentals Of Movement And Creativity: Twyla Tharp00000
THTRD 161Improvisation For Contemporary Dance II00000
THTRD 231Introduction To Dance Studies00000
THTRD 301Contemporary Dance Workshop00000
THTRD 332Twentieth Cent Concert Dance00000
THTRD 361Indiana University Contemporary Dance Theatre00000
THTRD 421Choreographic Performance Project00000
THTRD 461Methods Of Movement Analysis00000
THTRD 484Professional Body Work Certification00000
THTRD 155Beginning Modern Dance00000
THTRD 221Approaches To Dance-Making I00000
THTRD 255Intermediate Modern Dance00000
THTRD 311Dance Practices V00000
THTRD 354Advanced Tap Dance00000
THTRD 480Advanced Choreographic Investigations00000
THTRD 112Dance Practices II00000
THTRD 154Beginning Tap Dance00000
THTRD 212Dance Practices IV00000
THTRD 254Intermediate Tap Dance00000
THTRD 302A Somatic Approach To Contemporary Ballet Practices00000
THTRD 341Cultural Choreographies00000
THTRD 411Dance Practices Vii00000
THTRD 462Senior Dance Summary00000