IU Kokomo Course Reviews

Indiana University Kokomo

BUSF 420Equity And Fixed Income Investment00000
BUSZ 301Organizational Behavior And Leadership00000
BIOLL 213Molecular Biology Laboratory00000
BUSA 328Introduction To Taxation00000
BIOLT 583Problems In Genetics - Higher Organisms00000
AHSCH 330Intercultural Health Communication00000
BUSM 415Advertising And Integrated Marketing Communications00000
AHLTR 207Seminar:00000
BIOLL 473Ecology00000
AHLTR 406Advanced Diagnostic Imaging II00000
BUKOZ 542Creating, Leading And Maintaining High-Performance Organizat...00000
BUKOA 537Business Information Systems00000
AHSCA 420Healthcare Finance00000
BUSD 302International Business: Operations Of International Enterpri...00000
AHLTR 102Principles Of Radiography 100000
BUSK 302Introduction To Management Science00000
ANTHA 103Human Origins And Prehistory00000
BUSW 100Principles Of Business Administration00000
AHLTM 190Coding I00000
CHEMBE 105Be:Chem-C 105/12500000
AHLTR 260Radiobiology And Protection00000
BIOLN 120Topics In Biology00000
AHLTN 230Food Preparation And Selection00000
BUKOA 522Advanced Financial Accounting00000
AHLTR 473Multiplanar Anatomy And Pathology II00000
BUKOJ 561Advanced Integrated Business Simulation00000
BUKOC 579Buyer Behavior00000
AHLTW 165First Aid And Emergency Care00000
BUSA 311Intermediate Accounting I00000
AHLTN 442Exercise And Nutrition00000
BUSA 422Advanced Financial Accounting00000
AHSCC 425Program Assessment, Planning, And Evaluation I00000
BUSF 260Personal Finance00000
AHLTH 478Evaluation Of Health Programs00000
BUSH 411Management Of Long-Term Care Facilities00000
AHSCH 370Informatics00000
BUSL 406Employment Problems And The Law00000
AHLTR 200Pathology00000
BUSP 301Operations Management00000
ANTHE 310Introduction To The Cultures Of Africa00000
BUSX 107Freshman Seminar In Business00000
AHLTH 327Introduction To Community Health00000
BUSZ 480Professional Practice In Human Resource Management00000
BIOLL 364Principles Of Genetics00000
CHEMC 101Elementary Chemistry 100000
AHLTM 366Leadership For Health Professionals00000
BIOLL 490Individual Study00000
AHLTR 290Comprehensive Experience00000
BIOLT 571Introductory Biochemistry00000
AHLTH 333Cultural Competence In Health Education And Promotion00000
BUKOA 511Financial Accounting Theory & Practice I00000
AHLTR 409Project In Medical Imaging00000
BUKOA 533Accounting Function00000
AHLTN 365Health Assessment, Cpr, And Emergency Management00000
BUKOC 562Professional Development And Self-Leadership00000
AHLTR 482Clinical Practicum: Computed Tomography (Ct)00000
BUKOI 500Financial Management00000
BUKOC 599Project Demonstrating Expertise00000
AHLTR 487Clinical Practicum: Echocardiography00000
BUKOM 560Advanced Marketing Management00000
AHLTN 404Medical Nutrition Therapy 100000
BUSA 201Introduction To Financial Accounting00000
AHLTW 310Women's Health00000
BUSA 325Cost Accounting00000
AHLTH 434Diseases Of Diverse Populations00000
BUSA 339Advanced Income Taxation00000
AHSCA 440Health Care Administration And Strategic Planning00000
BUSD 300International Business: Operations Of International Enterpri...00000
AHLTR 100Orientation To Radiologic Technology00000
BUSF 152Basic Financial Planning And Investment00000
AHSCH 310Health Policy, Ethics, And Legal Issues00000
BUSF 301Financial Management00000
AHLTH 322Epidemiology And Biostatistics00000
BUSF 480Professional Practice In Finance00000
AHSCH 350Economics Of Health Care00000
BUSJ 404Business And Society00000
AHLTR 182Clinical Experience In Radiography00000
BUSL 201Legal Environment Of Business00000
ANATA 210Elementary Human Anatomy00000
BUSM 301Introduction To Marketing Management00000
AHLTH 499Senior Capstone00000
BUSM 455Topics In Marketing00000
ANTHA 105Human Origins And Prehistory00000
BUSS 302Management Information Systems00000
AHLTR 202Principles Of Radiography 200000
BUSW 311New Venture Creation00000
ANTHE 329Indians In United States In Twentieth Century00000
BUSX 410Business Career Planning And Placement00000
AHLTC 360Philosophical Foundation Of Coaching00000
BUSZ 440Personnel: Human Resources Management00000
BIOLL 329Biochemistry 1: Proteins And Enzymes00000
CGT 11000Technical Graphics Communication00000
AHLTR 222Principles Of Radiography 300000
BIOLL 379Principles Of Ornithology00000
AHLTB 311Systems Of Health Care Delivery00000
AHLTF 144Fundamentals Of Human Movement00000
AHLTH 411Promoting Health Behavior00000
AHLTN 378Global Nutrition00000
AHLTR 484Clinical Practicum: Ultrasound00000
BUKOE 542Strategic Managerial Economics00000