IU East Course Reviews

Indiana University East

CGT 30900Internship In Computer Graphics Technology00000
CJUSP 200Theories Of Crime And Deviance00000
BUEAM 557Contemporary Managerial Ethical Issues00000
BUSP 301Operations Management00000
BUSA 411Accounting Information Systems00000
BIOLT 575Molecular Biology00000
CHEMC 126Experimental Chemistry II00000
BIOLL 114Body 10100000
BUSA 318Fraud Examination 100000
BIOLL 314Genetics00000
BUSM 300Introduction To Marketing00000
BUSF 152Basic Financial Planning And Investment00000
BIOLN 213Human Biology Lab00000
BUSW 480Professional Practice In Management00000
ASTA 100The Solar System00000
CGT 44500Video Game Design And Development00000
BSSB 490Senior Seminar00000
CHEMC 485Biosynthetic Pathways And Control Of Metabolism00000
ANATA 210Elementary Human Anatomy00000
CJUSP 376Procedural Criminal Law00000
BIOLL 213Molecular Biology Laboratory00000
BUSA 336Internship In Accounting00000
ANTHA 105Human Origins And Prehistory00000
BUSA 465Financial Investigations00000
BIOLL 325Ecological Principles00000
BUSJ 401Administrative Policy00000
BUSF 301Financial Management00000
BIOLL 498Internship In Professional Practice00000
BUSM 401International Marketing00000
ANTHE 320Indians Of North America00000
BUSW 212Explore Entrepreneurship00000
BIOLT 570Evolution00000
CGT 10101Foundations Of Computer Graphics Technology00000
AHSCH 350Economics Of Health Care00000
CGT 34500Game And Simulation Development00000
BIOLT 591History Of Life00000
CHEMC 100The World Of Chemistry00000
BIOLB 301Introduction To The Plant Kingdom00000
CHEMC 343Organic Chemistry Laboratory 100000
BUEAM 550Leadership And Motivation00000
CHEMT 540Physical Chemistry00000
AHSCA 440Health Care Administration And Strategic Planning00000
CJUSP 302Courts And Criminal Justice00000
BUSA 202Introduction To Managerial Accounting00000
CJUSP 422Crime In The Mass Media00000
ANTHA 103Human Origins And Prehistory00000
BUSA 328Introduction To Taxation00000
BIOLL 235Neuroscience Laboratory00000
BUSA 350Principles Of Forensic Accounting00000
AHSCC 425Program Assessment, Planning, And Evaluation I00000
BUSA 422Advanced Financial Accounting00000
BIOLL 318Evolution00000
BUSD 301International Business Environment00000
ANTHA 305Museum Methods00000
BUSF 260Personal Finance00000
BIOLL 344Biology Of Addictions00000
BUSH 320Systems Of Health Care Delivery00000
BUSF 420Equity And Fixed Income Investment00000
BIOLL 452Capstone In Biology00000
BUSK 209Fundamentals Of Microsoft Office00000
ANTHE 105Culture And Society00000
BUSM 325Selling00000
BIOLN 212Human Biology00000
BUSM 415Advertising And Integrated Marketing Communications00000
AHSCH 330Intercultural Health Communication00000
BUSS 310Systems Analysis And Project Management00000
BIOLQ 201Biological Science For Elementary Teachers00000
BUSW 311New Venture Creation00000
ANTHP 200Introduction To Archaeology00000
BUSZ 302Managing And Behavior In Organizations00000
BIOLT 571Introductory Biochemistry00000
CGT 25600Principles Of User Experience Design00000
AHSCA 420Healthcare Finance00000
CGT 34000Digital Lighting And Rendering For Computer Animation00000
BIOLT 583Problems In Genetics - Higher Organisms00000
CGT 41101Contemporary Problems In Applied Computer Graphics I00000
ASTA 150Introductory Astronomy Laboratory00000
CGT 45001Computer Graphics Professional Practices II00000
BIOLZ 460Animal Behavior00000
CHEMC 106Principles Of Chemistry II00000
AHSCH 370Informatics00000
CHEMC 341Organic Chemistry 1 Lectures00000
BUEABE 103Be: Buea-M 556/557/55800000
CHEMC 360Introductory Physical Chemistry00000
BIOLL 101Introduction To Biological Sciences I00000
CHEMN 100Nutrition00000
BUEAM 552Managerial Research00000
CJUSK 300Techniques Of Data Analysis00000
AHLTH 415Global Child And Adolescent Health00000
CJUSP 300Topics In Criminal Justice00000
BUSA 200Foundations Of Accounting00000
CJUSP 320Foundations Of Criminal Investigations00000
BIOLL 150Biology Freshman Seminar00000
BUSA 312Intermediate Accounting II00000
AHLTB 311Systems Of Health Care Delivery00000
AHLTW 310Women's Health00000
AHSCH 310Health Policy, Ethics, And Legal Issues00000
ANTHB 200Bioanthropology00000
BIOLL 391Special Topics In Biology00000
BUSF 446Bank And Financial Intermediation00000