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ISU Course Reviews

Iowa State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COMS 227Object-oriented Programming3.6344.45
COMS 311Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms1.
COMS 228Introduction to Data Structures22251
COMS 103Computer Literacy and Applications00000
COMS 106Introduction to Web Programming00000
COMS 113Introduction to Spreadsheets and Databases00000
COMS 192XExplr Comput Res I00000
COMS 203Careers in Computer Science00000
COMS 290Independent Study00000
COMS 309Software Development Practices00000
COMS 319Construction of User Interfaces00000
COMS 326XC For Programmers00000
COMS 331Theory of Computing00000
COMS 342Principles of Programming Languages00000
COMS 362Object-Oriented Analysis and Design00000
COMS 398Cooperative Education00000
COMS 402CComputer Science Senior Project: Project in Computer Science00000
COMS 407XAppld Formal Methds00000
COMS 410Distributed Development of Software00000
COMS 413Foundations and Applications of Program Analysis00000
COMS 415Software System Safety00000
COMS 418Introduction to Computational Geometry00000
COMS 424Introduction to High Performance Computing00000
COMS 430Advanced Programming Tools00000
COMS 435Algorithms for Large Data Sets: Theory and Practice00000
COMS 440Principles and Practice of Compiling00000
COMS 453XPrivcy Algrthm&Data00000
COMS 461Principles and Internals of Database Systems00000
COMS 476XMotion Stratg Algor00000
COMS 481Numerical Methods for Differential Equations00000
COMS 487Network Programming, Applications, and Research Issues00000
COMS 507XAppld Formal Methds00000
COMS 511Design and Analysis of Algorithms00000
COMS 514Gerontechnology in Smart Home Environments00000
COMS 525Numerical Analysis of High Performance Computing00000
COMS 531Theory of Computation00000
COMS 540Principles and Practice of Compiling00000
COMS 551Computational Techniques for Genome Assembly and Analysis00000
COMS 555Simulation: Algorithms and Implementation00000
COMS 559Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing00000
COMS 561Database Design, Management, and Research00000
COMS 568Statistical Bioinformatics00000
COMS 570Bioinformatics IV (Systems Biology)00000
COMS 573Machine Learning00000
COMS 574Introduction to Machine Learning00000
COMS 576XMotion Stratg Algor00000
COMS 577Problem Solving Techniques for Applied Computer Science00000
COMS 579XNaturl Lang Process00000
COMS 583Reconfigurable Computing Systems00000
COMS 587Network Programming, Applications, and Research Issues00000
COMS 592Research Colloquia00000
COMS 599Creative Component00000
COMS 611Advanced Topics in Analysis of Algorithms00000
COMS 631Advanced Topics in Computational Complexity00000
COMS 634Theory of Games, Knowledge and Uncertainty00000
COMS 661Advanced Topics in Database Systems00000
COMS 673Advanced Topics in Computational Models of Learning00000
COMS 699Research00000
COMS 107Windows Application Programming00000
COMS 252Linux Operating System Essentials00000
COMS 295XProg-Base Prob Solv00000
COMS 295Programming-based problem solving practices00000
COMS 321Introduction to Computer Architecture and Machine-Level Prog...00000
COMS 327Advanced Programming Techniques00000
COMS 336Introduction to Computer Graphics00000
COMS 350Number Theory00000
COMS 352Introduction to Operating Systems00000
COMS 363Introduction to Database Management Systems00000
COMS 401Fundamentals of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology00000
COMS 407Applied Formal Methods00000
COMS 409Software Requirements Engineering00000
COMS 412Formal Methods in Software Engineering00000
COMS 413XFndtns Progrm Anlys00000
COMS 414Gerontechnology in Smart Home Environments00000
COMS 417Software Testing00000
COMS 421Logic for Mathematics and Computer Science00000
COMS 425High Performance Computing for Scientific and Engineering Ap...00000
COMS 433Computational Models of Nanoscale Self-Assembly00000
COMS 437Computer Game and Media Programming00000
COMS 444Bioinformatic Analysis00000
COMS 455Simulation: Algorithms and Implementation00000
COMS 474Introduction to Machine Learning00000
COMS 477Problem Solving Techniques for Applied Computer Science00000
COMS 486Fundamental Concepts in Computer Networking00000
COMS 490Independent Study00000
COMS 509Software Requirements Engineering00000
COMS 512Formal Methods in Software Engineering00000
COMS 513Foundations and Applications of Program Analysis00000
COMS 518Introduction to Computational Geometry00000
COMS 527XConcurrent Systems00000
COMS 535Algorithms for Large Data Sets: Theory and Practice00000
COMS 544Fundamentals of Bioinformatics00000
COMS 554Distributed Systems00000
COMS 559XSec&Privcy In Cloud00000
COMS 560XData-Drv Secur&Priv00000
COMS 402BComputer Science Senior Project: Multimedia and Computer Gam...00000
COMS 441Programming Languages00000
COMS 454Distributed Systems00000
COMS 472Principles of Artificial Intelligence00000
COMS 476Motion Strategy Algorithms and Applications00000
COMS 490HIndependent Study: Honors00000
COMS 507Applied Formal Methods00000
COMS 510Distributed Development of Software00000
COMS 513XFndtns Progrm Anlys00000
COMS 515Software System Safety00000
COMS 527Concurrent Systems00000
COMS 533Computational Models of Nanoscale Self-Assembly00000
COMS 541Programming Languages00000
COMS 552Principles of Operating Systems00000
COMS 557Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling00000
COMS 560Data-Driven Security and Privacy00000
COMS 567Bioinformatics Algorithms00000
COMS 569Structural Bioinformatics00000
COMS 572Principles of Artificial Intelligence00000
COMS 574XIntro Machine Lrng00000
COMS 575Computational Perception00000
COMS 576Motion Strategy Algorithms and Applications00000
COMS 578XMachine Lrng Optimz00000
COMS 581Computer Systems Architecture00000
COMS 586Computer Network Architectures00000
COMS 590Special Topics00000
COMS 598Graduate Internship00000
COMS 610Seminar00000
COMS 612Distributed Algorithms00000
COMS 633Advanced Topics in Computational Randomness00000
COMS 641Advanced Topics in Programming Language Semantics00000
COMS 665AAdvanced Topics in Software Engineering: Foundations00000
COMS 681Advanced Topics in Computer Architecture00000
COMS 101Orientation00000
COMS 104Brief Introduction to Computer Programming for Non-Majors00000
COMS 127Introduction to Computer Programming00000
COMS 207Fundamentals of Computer Programming00000
COMS 230Discrete Computational Structures00000
COMS 290HIndependent Study: Honors00000