IPFW Course Reviews

Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne

BIOL 53300Medical Microbiology00000
BUS F446Bank & Financl Intermediation00000
ANTH 20000Ritual In Human Life00000
BIOL 34900Environmental Science00000
ANTH 45500Anthro Of Religion00000
AD 49003Chasing And Repose00000
BUFW M590Strategic Management00000
AD 32501Advanced Painting I00000
ANTH 40002Archaeol Meth & Tech00000
AD 35200Twentieth-Century Art00000
BIOL 21600Basic Mammal Physiol00000
ARET 28100Envir Equip For Bld I00000
AD 43600Advanced Ceramics IV00000
BIOL 50200Conservation Biology00000
AD 30601Illustration III: Vector00000
BIOL 56500Immunobiology Lab00000
ANTH H445Hist & Theory Of Anthropology00000
BUFW X380Prof Pract In Acct-Alt00000
AD 20101History Of Graphic Design I00000
BUS F305Intermediate Corporate Finance00000
AD 33501Advanced Ceramics I00000
ANTH 42600Human Osteology00000
AD 20701Photography I: Portraiture00000
ARET 12400Arch Eng Constr I00000
AD 40301Graphic Dsgn V:Dig Preprs/Port00000
BIOL 14000Marine Biology00000
ASTR 10500Stars and Galaxies00000
AD 43202Advanced Sculpture IV00000
BIOL 31700Addiction: Biol/Psy00000
AD 30103Photography II: Applied Imagng00000
BIOL 43400Marine Comm Ecology00000
AD 46700Entrepreneurship In The Arts00000
BIOL 51501Non-Mendelian Genetics00000
AD 13300Metalsmth Fund-Non Maj00000
BIOL 54210Biometry00000
ANSC 10100Animal Agriculture00000
BIOL 58200Ecotoxicology00000
AD 31001Intro To 3D Computer Modeling00000
BUFW C600Experiential Learning00000
ANTH B200Bioanthropology00000
BUFW M540Data Anlys & Mngmt Sci00000
AD 10202Introduction To 2-D Design00000
BUS W430Organiz & Org Change00000
ANTH 33000Indians Of South Amer00000
BUS K321Management Of Information Tech00000
AD 20502Graphic Dsgn I: Intr Grap Dsgn00000
ANTH 40500Ethnographic Methods00000
AD 34102Adv Printmaking I00000
ANTH 44500Seminar-Medical Anthropology00000
AD 10401Introduction To Typography00000
ARET 11000Sketching For Tech & Design00000
AD 39003Women And The Arts00000
ARET 22200Arch Eng Constr II00000
AD 22501Painting Fundmntals00000
ARET 32400Sustainable Constructn00000
AD 40601Advanced 3D Computer Modeling00000
BIOL 11900Prin Structure & Funct00000
ASTR 37000Cosmology00000
AD 42601Advanced Painting IV00000
BIOL 20400Human Antmy & Physiol00000
AD 24101Printmaking Fundmntl00000
BIOL 21900Prin Of Funct Biol00000
AD 43401Advanced Metalsmithing IV00000
BIOL 33400Clinical Pathophysiol00000
AD 11201Hist Of Art II:Renaiss Con00000
BIOL 38200Lab In Cell Biology00000
AD 44201Advanced Printmaking IV00000
BIOL 44500Aquatic Biology00000
AD 30301Graphic Dsgn II:Identity&Brang00000
BIOL 50500Biol Of Invert Animals00000
AD 47300Social Media Mgmt Design00000
BIOL 51810Biomedicine00000
AD 10101Art Appreciation00000
BIOL 54000Biotechnology00000
AD 49600Thesis Seminar & Exhibition II00000
BIOL 54400Prin Of Virology00000
AD 30801Photograhy V: Spec Prjs/Portf00000
BIOL 57710Emerging Infectious Diseases00000
ANTH E470Psychological Anthropology00000
BIOL 59500Special Assignments00000
AD 19600Printmaking For Non-Majors00000
BUFW X502Basic Finance00000
ANTH E398Peoples & Cultrs Central Asia00000
BUFW X504Ethics & Regltry Envmt00000
AD 32101Advanced Drawing I00000
BUFW F542Fin Anlys & Dcsn Mkng00000
ANTH E455Anthro Of Religion00000
BUS A424Auditing00000
ACS 56700Software Proj Mgmnt00000
BUS L203Commercial Law I00000
ANTH 20003Intro Prehist Archaeology00000
BUS A202Intro To Mgrl Account00000
AD 33101Advanced Sculpture I00000
ANTH 37500Cultural Psychiatry00000
ACS 54500Crypto And Network Security00000
ACS 57500Database Systems00000
AD 10801Intro To Draw:Non-Mjr00000
AD 23301Metalsmithing Fundmntals00000
AD 42101Advanced Drawing III00000
BIOL 10001Intro Biol World Lab00000