Immaculata Course Reviews

Immaculata University

EDL 592Student Teaching00000
EDL 728Curr Theory & Evaluation00000
CIS 224Database and Information I00000
COUN 640Diversity Counseling00000
COM 221Broadcast Performance II00000
CHE 201Introductory Organic Chemistry00000
EDL 667Delivery Tech for Teach Online00000
BIOL 291Special Problems00000
COM 200Business & Technical Writing00000
BIOL 392Biological Research00000
COUN 601Counseling Skills & Techniques00000
COM 250Public Speaking00000
BUSL 396Leading Strategy/Chng in Bus00000
CYB 390Cybersecurity Capstone00000
BIOL 112Human Ecology00000
EDL 625Sch Law & Legal Process00000
CHE 326Fundamentals of Medicinal Chem00000
EDL 692Reading Specialist Practicum00000
ART 216Art Abroad00000
EDU 201Sophomore I Field Experience00000
BIOL 310Developmental Biology00000
COM 208Cell Phone Photography00000
ART 307Potter's Whl &Hand Bldg Skills00000
COM 234WI: Life Writing00000
BUS 324Entrepreneurship00000
COM 356Novel Writing00000
COM 308Media Ethics and Law00000
BUSL 375Practices in Mgmt & Leadership00000
COUN 608Psychopathology00000
ATP 552Clinical II00000
CYB 301Cybersecurity Fundamentals00000
CHE 103Fundamental Chem Concepts I00000
ECO 323Global Economics00000
ART 204Typography00000
EDL 617Foundations of Educ & Learning00000
CHE 309Process Chemistry00000
EDL 660Instr Strat-St Align Curr-Lit00000
BIOL 208Microbiology for Health Sci00000
EDL 678Rdg Diagnosis and Remediation00000
CHE 399Intro Lab & Recitation Tchg00000
EDL 721Sch Lead in Tchg & Lrng00000
AHS 200Allied Health Seminar II00000
EDL 735The Superintendency00000
CIS 335Technology and Ethical Issues00000
EDU 204Junior II Pre Student Teaching00000
ART 302IS: Graphic Design I00000
COM 206WI: Journalism00000
BIOL 340Comparative Animal Behavior00000
COM 211HON: Media and Love00000
AHS 400Allied Health: Degr Completion00000
COM 228Women and the Media00000
BUS 200ST: Excel00000
COM 239Intro to Public Relations00000
ATEP 303Therapeutic Exercise00000
COM 278Digital Cityscapes00000
BUS 338Business Ethics00000
COM 342Writing Cntr Scholarshp Projct00000
COM 330WI:Proposal and Grant Writing00000
BUS 399Business Practicum00000
COUN 511Behavioral Addictions00000
ATP 509Therapeutic Modalities00000
COUN 604Group Process00000
BUSL 378Team Leadership & Coaching00000
COUN 614Substance Abuse Ed & Couns00000
ART 200ST:Drawing at Philadelphia Zoo00000
COUN 691Prac in Cl Mntl Hlth Counsel00000
CHE 100Survey of Chemistry00000
CYB 325Vulnerability Assess & Testing00000
BIOL 106Science for Elementary Educ00000
ECO 202Principles of Microeconomics00000
CHE 105Forensic Science00000
ECO 344Business Analytics00000
ACC 421Advanced Accounting I00000
EDL 613Testing & Assessment00000
CHE 212Organic Chemistry II00000
EDL 622Curriculum & Instruction00000
BIOL 204Microbiology for Food Science00000
EDL 629Intro to Special Education00000
CHE 315IS: Physical Chemistry III00000
EDL 664Literacy Assess & Intervention00000
ART 209Fundamentals of Ceramics00000
EDL 675Mntl Hlth Ltcy Prom Pos Beh00000
CHE 350Seminar in Chemistry I00000
EDL 690Principal Practicum Experience00000
BIOL 233Cell Biology00000
EDL 702Methods of Research00000
CHE 402Advanced Research in Chemistry00000
EDL 725Comm Theory & Practice00000
ACC 304Intermediate Accounting II00000
EDL 732Staff Development00000
CIS 317Networks and Infrastructure00000
EDL 797Comp Exam/EDD00000
BIOL 307WI: Ecology00000
CIS 345Data and Information II00000
ACC 205Financial Accounting00000
ACC 317Cost Accounting I00000
ART 102Basic Drawing00000
ATP 506Upper Extremity Assessment00000
BUS 365WI: Strategic Planning00000
COM 339WI:PR Campaigns & Case Studies00000