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MAT 120

Finite Mathematics

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Prof: Sara Hassani / Spring 2022

Apr 24, 2022

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if you dont like/are bad at math, youll probably have a bad time. but with extra cred, dropped tests, etc, its hard to fail it, as long as you do the homework(graded). avoid sara hassani at all costs.

Comments on the professor

sara hassani is incredibly rude. she only takes questions through email. multiple times throughout the beginning of the semester, students raised their hands to ask questions, as she isnt very clear in her english or her teaching style. She became irrate with these students and told them to look at the syllabus or email her. she also will not allow ANY technology outside of a calculator to be out in her lecture hall. people got kicked out for using their phones in a non-disruptive manner. i stopped going to class except for exams 1/3 the way through the semester, no regrets.


dont take it with sara hassani

Delivery: In personGrade: BWorkload: ModerateTextbook Use: No
Exam HeavyAssignment Heavy

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