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Idaho State Course Reviews

Idaho State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOL 4416LPopulation Ecology Lab00000
BIOL 5516LPopulation Ecology Lab00000
ART 1106Drawing II00000
BIOL 2221Introductory Microbiology00000
ART 5528Mixed Media, Intermedia, Postmedia00000
ANTH 5531ST:Anthro Bites/Dental Anthro00000
BIOL 4459Fish Ecology00000
AIRM 0224Advanced Turbine Engines00000
ART 3342Intermediate Painting II00000
ANTH 4408ST:Anthropology of Disability00000
BED 3332Methods in Business Education00000
ART 6650Thesis Project00000
ANTH 4481ST:Tragedy of the Commons00000
BIOL 3314LComparative Vertebrate Anatomy Lab00000
AIRM 0104Materials and Processes00000
BIOL 4436Food Microbiology00000
ANTH 6615Seminar in Biological Anthropology00000
BIOL 4491Seminar00000
ACRR 0103Introduction to Welding for Collision Repair Lab00000
BIOL 5535Vertebrate Paleontology00000
ANTH 3301Introduction to Shoshoni Folklore00000
ART 4481Advanced Sculpture00000
ACRR 0147Minor Collision Repair And Refinishing00000
ART 5582Advanced Sculpture00000
ANTH 4422Globalization00000
AUTM 0107Manual Drivetrains and Axles00000
AT 6640Research Methods in Athletic Training00000
ANTH 4458Historical Linguistics00000
BIOL 1102LBiology II Lab00000
ADRN 2233Medical and Surgical Nursing IV00000
BIOL 3301LAdvanced Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Lab00000
ANTH 5503Hist and Theory of Archaeology00000
BIOL 4404LPlant Physiology Lab00000
ACCT 6641Tax of Individuals and Property00000
BIOL 4427LIchthyology Lab00000
ANTH 5578Federal Indian Law00000
BIOL 4445Biochemistry I00000
AIRM 0115Aircraft Instruments, Communications, and Navigation00000
BIOL 4473LApplied Environmental Microbiology Lab00000
ARBC 1101Elementary Arabic I00000
BIOL 5500Oral Histology and Embryology00000
ACCT 4499Community Resource Deployment00000
BIOL 5529Regional Anatomy and Histology00000
ART 3301Anatomy Drawing and Painting00000
BIOL 5540LHuman Gross Anatomy Lab00000
ACRR 0107Minor Collision Repair Lab00000
ART 4452Advanced Metals00000
ANTH 4402Ecological Anthropology00000
ART 5508Digital Media00000
ACCT 5533Legal Environment of Accounting00000
ART 5552Advanced Metals-Jewelry00000
ANTH 4411Advanced Global Health00000
ART 6620Graduate Studio Seminar00000
ACRR 0211Advanced Collision Repair II00000
AT 6606Continuum of Care II: Knee, Hip, Pelvis and Lumbar Spine00000
ANTH 4431ST:Anthro Bites/Dental Anthro00000
AUTM 0102Automotive Electrical00000
AT 6663Clinical Education in Athletic Training III00000
ANTH 4453American Indian Literature00000
AUTM 0296Independent Study00000
ADRN 2230Medical and Surgical Nursing III00000
BED 4496Business Education Student Teaching Internship00000
ANTH 4480Varieties of American English00000
BIOL 2207Cell Biology Laboratory00000
ACCT 6613Fraud Examination00000
BIOL 2235LGeneral Microbiology Lab00000
ANTH 4495Department Colloquium00000
BIOL 3304Comparative Vertebrate Morphology And Physiology00000
AIRM 0100Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance and Aviation Aerodynami...00000
BIOL 3337Conservation Biology00000
ANTH 5510Cultural Resources Management00000
BIOL 4408Plant Ecology00000
ACCT 4456Auditing00000
BIOL 4419LMammalian Histology Lab00000
ANTH 5552American Indian Verbal Arts00000
BIOL 4432Biochemistry00000
AIRM 0109Fluid Systems00000
BIOL 4441Mammalogy00000
ANTH 5589St:Shoshoni Cultural Studies00000
BIOL 4451LImmunology Laboratory00000
ACCT 6660Accounting for Governmental and Not-for-Profit Entities00000
BIOL 4463LHuman Pathophysiology Lab00000
ANTH 6649Independent Study00000
BIOL 4480Mentored Research Alliance00000
AIRM 0221Reciprocating Engine Theory and Practice00000
BIOL 4495Animal Behavior00000
ART 1101Survey of Art History I00000
BIOL 5508LPlant Ecology Lab00000
ACCT 3323Intermediate Accounting I00000
BIOL 5523General Parasitology00000
ART 2241Introduction to Painting00000
BIOL 5533Microbial Physiology00000
AIRM 0228Engine Ignition Systems00000
ART 3310Professional Practice and Display00000
ACAD 1199Am Culture and University Exp00000
ACCT 3393Accounting Internship00000
ACCT 5573Accounting Capstone 300000
ACRR 0298Special Topics00000
ANTH 4450Sociolinguistics00000
AUTM 0100MEngine Repair00000