Idaho State Course Reviews

Idaho State University

ANTH 6605Seminar in Linguistic Anthropology00000
ART 2271Introduction to Ceramics00000
ANTH 2299Forensic Anthro/Beyond Bones00000
ANTH 5563Applied Statistics in Anthropology00000
ANTH 4453American Indian Literature00000
AIRM 0224Advanced Turbine Engines00000
ARBC 2299Intermediate Arabic I00000
ACRR 0107Minor Collision Repair Lab00000
ANTH 4413ST:Neandertals00000
ACRR 0212Advanced Collision Repair III00000
ANTH 5550Sociolinguistics00000
ANTH 4485Anthropology Of War And Violence00000
AIRM 0107Forms and Regulations00000
ANTH 5581ST:Tragedy of the Commons00000
ACCT 6645Tax Research Planning and Policy00000
ANTH 6650Thesis00000
ANTH 1107Nature of Language00000
ART 2201Intermediate Drawing00000
ACCT 4492Special Problems in Accounting00000
ART 3308Digital Design00000
ACRR 0161Advanced Refinishing II00000
ANTH 4431ST:Anthro Bites/Dental Anthro00000
ACCT 5556Auditing00000
ANTH 4472Native American Arts00000
ADRN 2220LHealth Assessment Lab00000
ANTH 5511Advanced Global Health00000
ANTH 4499Cold Case Files00000
AIRM 0100Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance and Aviation Aerodynami...00000
ANTH 5555Phonetics00000
ACCT 6612Corporate Taxation II00000
ANTH 5578Federal Indian Law00000
AIRM 0115Aircraft Instruments, Communications, and Navigation00000
ANTH 5589St:Shoshoni Cultural Studies00000
ACCT 4425Intermediate Accounting III00000
ANTH 6641Research Project00000
AIRM 0230Propeller Systems00000
ARBC 1102Elementary Arabic II00000
ACRR 0102Introduction to Welding for Collision Repair00000
ART 11043D Design00000
ANTH 2230LBiological Anthropology Lab00000
ART 2241Introduction to Painting00000
ACAD 4450Peer Advising Seminar00000
ART 3305Intermediate Drawing I00000
ANTH 4403History and Theory of Archaeology00000
ART 3310Professional Practice and Display00000
ACCT 5503Accounting Information Systems00000
ANTH 4422Globalization00000
ACRR 0210Advanced Collision Repair I00000
ANTH 4438Human Growth and Development00000
ACCT 3303Accounting Concepts00000
ANTH 4458Historical Linguistics00000
ACRR 0298Special Topics00000
ANTH 4481ST:Tragedy of the Commons00000
ACCT 5571Accounting Capstone 100000
ANTH 4492Senior Seminar00000
ADRN 2231Clinical Foundations of Nursing IV00000
ANTH 5509Clinical Medical Anthropology00000
ANTH 5502Ecological Anthropology00000
ADRN 2245Clinical Foundations of Nursing V00000
ANTH 5514Anth of Magic and Ritual00000
ACCT 5593Accounting Internship00000
ANTH 5552American Indian Verbal Arts00000
AIRM 0103Truss Structures00000
ANTH 5558Historical Linguistics00000
ACCT 3393Accounting Internship00000
ANTH 5564Advanced Analytical Methods in Anthropology00000
AIRM 0110Landing Gear Systems00000
ANTH 5580Varieties of American Language00000
ACCT 6631Accounting Theory00000
ANTH 5585Anthropology Of War And Violence00000
AIRM 0221Reciprocating Engine Theory and Practice00000
ANTH 5594Visual Anthropology00000
ACAD 2220Peer Instruction Sem Honors00000
ANTH 6625Seminar in Sociocultural Anthropology00000
AIRM 0227Engine Fuel Metering Systems00000
ANTH 6649Independent Study00000
ACCT 6660Accounting for Governmental and Not-for-Profit Entities00000
ANTH 6699Qualitative Data Analysis00000
ANTH 1100Discover Anthropology00000
ARBC 2205Study Abroad00000
ACCT 4456Auditing00000
ART 1101Survey of Art History I00000
ANTH 2203Discover Archaeology00000
ART 1105Drawing I00000
ACRR 0105Detailing and Polishing00000
ART 2210History and Appreciation of Photography00000
ANTH 2239ST:Health/Illness in Latn Amer00000
ART 2251Introduction to Metals and Jewelry00000
ACAD 1105Leadership and Your Future00000
ART 3301Anatomy Drawing and Painting00000
ANTH 3399Archaeometry00000
ART 3306Intermediate Drawing II00000
ACRR 0147Minor Collision Repair And Refinishing00000
ANTH 4409Clinical Medical Anthropology00000
ACAD 1101College Learning Strategies00000
ACAD 1111Info Literacy and Inquiry: Locating, Evaluating & Integratin...00000
ACCT 3331Principles of Taxation I00000
ACCT 5574Accounting Capstone 400000
ADRN 2232Family Nursing00000
ANTH 5507Anthropology of Global Health00000