HWC Course Reviews

Harold Washington College

ESLSPCH 99High Intermediate Speech00000
HISTORY 216U.S. Latinx History00000
BUSINES 281Corporate Organizations: Understanding Business Processes00000
DMD 168-1Computer Art I00000
CHLDDV 201Observation, Assessment, & Documentation to Support Young Ch...00000
BUSINES 218Advanced Accounting00000
FSMATH 3001Math Refresher I00000
ART 200-CArt Projects: Color Photography00000
CHINESE 102Chinese II00000
BIOLOGY 121Biology I00000
DANCE 119World I00000
CIS 120Introduction to Computer Applications00000
BUSINES 204Computer Applications Intermediate Accounting00000
ENGLISH 241Creative Writing00000
ART 200-PArt Projects: Crafts Workshop00000
FRENCH 104Fourth Course French00000
BUSINES 239Business Organizations & Agency Law00000
GEOLOGY 201Physical Geology00000
ART 115Beginning Darkroom Photography00000
HUM 202General Course II Humanities00000
BIOLOGY 109Human Genetics & Evolution00000
CHLDDV 107Health Safety And Nutrition00000
ART 131-2General Drawing00000
CHLDDV 262-1Child, Family & Community Relations00000
BIOLOGY 227Human Structure and Function II00000
CRMJUS 250Introduction To Criminology00000
CIS 181Web Development I/Basic Web Technologies00000
BUSINES 150Legal Research and Writing I00000
DANCE 219World II00000
ART 198Sculpture I00000
DMD 279Digital Video II00000
BUSINES 212Business Law II00000
ESLINTG 98Intermediate Integrated ESL00000
ARCHITC 266Architectural Design II00000
FINART 112Dance Appreciation00000
BUSINES 224Wills, Trusts and Probate00000
FSESL 4007ESL: College Prep I00000
ART 200-BArt Projects: Advanced Photography00000
FSWRIT 93Foundational Studies in Literacy00000
BUSINES 265Commercial Insurance00000
HISTORY 114The Afro-American In American History00000
ARCHITC 110Architectural Sketching00000
HUM 141Afro-American Arts00000
CHEM 203General Chemistry II00000
HUM 206World Literature II Existentialism00000
ART 117Beginning Color Photography00000
CHINESE 104Chinese IV00000
BIOLOGY 115Human Biology00000
CHLDDV 142Methods & Materials for Infant Toddler Care00000
ARCHITC 123Advanced Design Studio00000
CHLDDV 258Principles & Practices of Pre-School Education00000
BIOLOGY 209Biochemistry00000
CIS 111Computer Operations00000
ART 142-1Figure Draw & Composition00000
CIS 123Microcomputer Spreadsheets00000
BIOLOGY 251Molecular Biology I00000
CRMJUS 221Police Organization & Management00000
CRMJUS 102Administration of Criminal Justice00000
BUSINES 148Civil Litigation00000
DANCE 113Jazz I00000
ART 176Graphics Design I00000
DANCE 215Modern II00000
BUSINES 182Managerial Accounting00000
DMD 1213D Modeling00000
ARCHITC 202Construction I00000
DMD 231Intermediate Multimedia Design & Development00000
BUSINES 207Intermediate Accounting II00000
ENGLISH 152Intro To Mass Communication00000
ART 200-LArt Projects: Figure Drawing00000
ENGLISH 299-2Special Topics In English00000
BUSINES 215Corporate and Entity Federal Income Tax00000
ESLREAD 99High Intermediate Reading Skills00000
ANTHRO 202Cultural Anthropology00000
FINART 108Hist Of Arch Paint Sculp II00000
BUSINES 221Insurance00000
FRENCH 101First Course French00000
ART 200-OArt Projects: Three Dimensional Design00000
FSESL 4004English Academic Purposes IV00000
BUSINES 231Marketing00000
FSESL 4010ESL: College Prep Iv00000
ART 113Beginning Digital Photography00000
FSREAD 1004Reading, Writing, Critical Thinking I00000
BUSINES 260Digital Marketing and Social Media00000
GEOG 101World Geography00000
ART 200-XArt Projects: Graphic Design I00000
HISTORY 111History of American People To 186500000
BUSINES 273Organizational Behavior00000
HISTORY 141History of World Civilization to 150000000
ADLTFIT 1304Zumba00000
HUM 107Pop Cul-Mirror Of Amer Life00000
CHEM 121Basic Chemistry I00000
HUM 144Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies00000
ASTROMY 201Descriptive Astronomy00000
CHEM 212Survey of Organic & Biochemistry00000
ABEGED 6ABE Reading Beginning Level00000
ADLTLANG 1400Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL)00000
ARCHITC 171Digital Lab II00000
ART 145Three Dimensional Design00000
BUSINES 141Business Mathematics00000
CRMJUS 155Introduction To Corrections00000