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HVCC Course Reviews

Hudson Valley Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CISS 111Prog & Logic II-Data Structure55341
AUTO 120Engines00000
BADM 295Honors Internship00000
BIOL 135Oral Histology & Embryology00000
BADM 220Statistics00000
AUBR 228Panel Straightening00000
BIOL 119General Zoology00000
ARTS 121Painting II00000
ARTS 140Television Production I00000
AUTO 150Transmissions/Transaxles00000
AUTO 230Automotive Lab II00000
BADM 140Introduction To Insurance00000
ASLN 100American Sign Lang&Deaf Cltr I00000
BADM 234Honors Business Capstone00000
ARTS 110Drawing I00000
BIOL 104Topics in Bio-The Environment00000
AUBR 240Automotive Refinishing I00000
BIOL 127Sports and Exercise Nutrition00000
ACTG 218Intermediate Accounting I00000
BIOL 151General Biology II00000
ARTS 133Intro to Digital Photography00000
AUTO 220Alternative Fuels00000
ARBC 100Arabic Language & Culture I00000
ARTS 151Gllry Prctcm-Exhibit Plng&Prep00000
AUTO 245Passenger Car Chassis II00000
AUTO 255Passenger Car Diagnosis00000
BADM 116Honors Lgl&Ethical Env Bus II00000
ARTS 272History of American Cinema00000
BADM 207Organization & Management00000
ARTS 104History of Fashion00000
BADM 226Honors Quant Bus Apps00000
AUBR 160Body Mechanical00000
BADM 280International&Intercltrl; Bus00000
ACTG 212Not-For-Profit Accounting00000
BIOL 102Orientation-Environmental Sci00000
AUBR 235Collision Repair Lab II00000
BIOL 109Biology of the Human Organism00000
ARTS 115Two-Dimensional Design00000
BIOL 125Nutrition00000
AUBR 250Estimating Auto Body Repairs00000
BIOL 130Concepts Anatomy & Physiology00000
ACTG 116Honors Managerial Accounting00000
BIOL 139Anatomy & Physiology for RES00000
AUTO 140Fuel Systems00000
BIOL 155The Greenhouse Environment00000
ANTH 100Anthropology00000
AUTO 200America on Wheels00000
ARTS 139Photography II00000
AUTO 225Automotive Lab I00000
ACTG 200Accounting Computerized Sys00000
AUTO 235Automotive Electronics00000
ARTS 150Intro to Gallery Mgmt00000
AUTO 250Diesel Engines00000
ARBC 101Arabic Language & Culture II00000
ARTS 152Gllry Prctcm-MuseumPrctcs&Thry00000
AUTO 260Business Management00000
BADM 100Introduction to Business00000
BADM 115Honors Legal&Ethical Env Bus I00000
ARTS 270History of Photography00000
BADM 120Business Mathematics00000
ARTS 101Survey of Art History II00000
BADM 200Business Communications00000
ARTS 273Documentary Film:HistoryTheory00000
BADM 208Organizational Leadership00000
ACTG 210Federal Income Tax00000
BADM 221Quantitative Bus Applications00000
ASLN 101American Sign Lng&Deaf Cltr II00000
BADM 230Honors Statistics00000
ARTS 107Art Appreciation00000
BADM 240Intro to Sport Mgmt00000
AUBR 225Frame/Underbody Repair00000
BADM 290Internship00000
ACTG 115Honors Financial Accounting00000
BADM 299Business Capstone00000
AUBR 230NonStrctrl Collision Rpr Lab I00000
BIOL 103Orientation & Bio Ethics00000
ARTS 111Drawing II00000
BIOL 105Topics in Biology-The Gene00000
AUBR 236Collision Repair Lab III00000
BIOL 115Medical Terminology00000
ACTG 216Adv Bookkeeping Applications00000
BIOL 122Introductory Biomanufacturing00000
AUBR 245Automotive Refinishing II00000
BIOL 126General Nutrition00000
ARTS 120Painting I00000
BIOL 128Sports Nutrition00000
AUBR 265Basic Automotive Welding00000
BIOL 134Anatomy00000
ACTG 110Financial Accounting00000
BIOL 136Anatomy & Physiology00000
AUTO 125Automotive Electricity00000
BIOL 150General Biology I00000
ARTS 129Photography I00000
BADM 110Legal & Ethical Env of Bus I00000
AUTO 145Passenger Car Chassis I00000
ACTG 100Applied Accounting00000
ACTG 111Managerial Accounting00000
ACTG 201Principles of QuickBooks00000
ARTS 100Survey of Art History I00000
ARTS 202Modern Art History00000