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HU Course Reviews

Hampton University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIO 621Helminthology00000
CDS 612Stud in Artic Prblms00000
AVN 394Homeland Security00000
BIO 507Microbial Ecology00000
BIO 103General Biology00000
AVN 253Flight Safety00000
CDS 315Diagnostic Methods in Speech-Language Pathology00000
ART 215Introductory Drawing00000
AVN 470Air Traffic Management00000
ART 330Graphic Design I00000
BIO 424Cancer Biol & Bioinformatics00000
BIO 220Laboratory00000
AVN 164Private Pilot Lab II00000
BIO 541Medical Entomology00000
ARC 414Adv Struc & Bldg Systms III00000
CDS 224Phonetics00000
AVN 282Airport Operations II00000
CDS 436Differential Audiology00000
ARC 101Grph Comm Basic Desgn I00000
CHE 102General Chemistry II00000
ART 316Intermediate Painting00000
BAN 101Marching Band00000
ARC 204Representation II00000
BIO 110Intro to Biology Seminar00000
ART 350Photography I00000
BIO 408Research Problems00000
BIO 304General Microbiology00000
AVN 153Aviation Foundations I00000
BIO 503General And Cellular Phy00000
ARC 315Environmental Systems00000
BIO 515BIO 515 Parasitology00000
AVN 170ATC Foundation w/lab00000
BIO 605Compara Animal Physiolog00000
APS 750Atmospheric Measurements00000
BIO 701Coop Work Study00000
AVN 264Commercial Pilot Lab II00000
CDS 301Language Disorders in Children and Adolescents00000
ARC 532Adaptation to Sea Lvl Rise II00000
CDS 426Sup Exp Spch Path/Aud II00000
AVN 352Aviation Seminar00000
CDS 529Aural Rehabilitation00000
APS 351Remote Sensing00000
CDS 634Dialogues on Diversity00000
AVN 454Senior Prac/Capstone (Hybrid)00000
CHE 202Gen Chem/Qual Analys II00000
ARC 201Basic Architectural And Environmental Design Studio00000
AVN 480Airport Design00000
ART 326Printmaking II00000
BAN 112Concert Band00000
APS 604Principles of Planetary Sci00000
BIO 106Intro To Biology00000
ART 335Ceramics I00000
BIO 210General Botany00000
ARC 213Elements of Building Assembly00000
BIO 225Anatomy & Physiology II00000
ART 402Illustration & Rendering00000
BIO 405Topics in Molec Biol00000
BIO 311Biotechnology Explorations Lab00000
AVN 151Aviation Seminar00000
BIO 414Senior Seminar II00000
ARC 309Structures I00000
BIO 430Genomics & Bioinformatics00000
AVN 162Private Skills Enhancement00000
BIO 505Stem Cell Research00000
APS 699APS Special Topics00000
BIO 513Immunology00000
AVN 167Instrument Rating Lab I00000
BIO 520Biological Techniques00000
ARC 406Adv Architectural Dsg II00000
BIO 550General Ecology00000
AVN 251Aviation Seminar III00000
BIO 609Adv Human Anatomy & Physiolog00000
APS 101Aps 101 – Introduction To Weather And Climate00000
BIO 681Thesis00000
AVN 261Commercial Pilot Certification00000
BIOV 224Anatomy & Physiology I00000
ARC 518Profssnl & Comm Dsgn Pract II00000
CDS 228Artic Dev & Disorders00000
AVN 272Towers Operations I00000
CDS 310CDS 310 Clinical Apprenticeship00000
ARA 102Elem Arabic II00000
CDS 332Intro to Audio II00000
AVN 351Aviation Seminar00000
CDS 431CDS 431 Neuroscience for Communication Disorders00000
ARC 617Technology Issues Seminar00000
CDS 500CDS 500 Introduction to Professional and Technical Communica...00000
AVN 354Aviation Legislation00000
CDS 606Voice Disorders00000
ACC 416Auditing(1)00000
CDS 628Diagn & Mgt of Swallowing Disorders in Neurologically Impair...00000
AVN 452Airline Operations00000
CDS 700Independent Research II00000
ART 305Art History Survey I 21350 ART 305 0100000
AVN 463Advanced Aircraft Systems00000
ACC 309Intermediate Acct I00000
ACC 426Managerial Accounting00000
APS 660Intro to Atmos Struct & Dynmcs00000
ARC 304Interm Architect Dsgn II00000
ART 501Spec Projs In Art I-Gallery00000
BIO 336Human Physiology00000