HU Course Reviews

Hampton University

CHE 681Thesis00000
COU 674Addiction Counseling Practicum00000
BIO 405Topics in Molec Biol00000
CHE 315Intro Chem Research II00000
BIO 601Comparative Endocrinolog00000
AVN 455Senior Research (Hybrid)00000
COMV 103Oral Communication00000
ART 224Concepts In Color00000
BIO 506Vertbrt Embry-Zebrafish as Mod00000
ART 430Graphic Desgn III 21357 ART 430 0100000
CDS 702Graduate Comprehensive00000
CDS 499Independent Study00000
AVN 361Certified Flight Instructor00000
CHE 506Physical Biochemistry00000
ARC 516Building Systems Integration00000
CME 303Transport Phenomena I00000
BIO 203Intermediate Bio Seminar00000
COU 626Crisis Interventn & Grief Coun00000
ARA 102Elem Arabic II00000
CRJ 305The Criminal Justice System00000
ART 327Sculpture I00000
BIO 520Biological Techniques00000
ARC 203Architecture Representation00000
CDS 425Supervisory Experience Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology00000
AVN 164Private Pilot Lab II00000
CDS 634Dialogues on Diversity00000
CDS 603Aphasia & Related Disorders00000
AVN 282Airport Operations II00000
CHE 202Gen Chem/Qual Analys II00000
ARC 315Environmental Systems00000
CHE 414Chem Research Applic I00000
AVN 381Airport Finance00000
CHE 611CHE 611: Advanced Analytical Chemistry Analytical Chemistry...00000
APS 704Planetary Chemistry & Dynamics00000
CHO 101University Choir00000
BAN 101Marching Band00000
CME 409Data Analysis and Design of Experiment00000
ARC 532Adaptation to Sea Lvl Rise II00000
COU 616Counseling00000
BIO 304General Microbiology00000
COU 642Student Affairs Program00000
APS 399Atmosp & Planetary Sci Seminar00000
COU 805Human Sexuality00000
BIO 424Cancer Biol & Bioinformatics00000
CRJ 333Race, Class & Crime in America00000
ARC 102Grph Comm Bsc Dsgn II00000
BIO 513Immunology00000
ART 336Ceramics II00000
BIO 542Toxic/Venomous Animals00000
APS 604Principles of Planetary Sci00000
CDS 316Treatmnt Meth in Comm Disord00000
AVN 152Aviation Seminar II00000
CDS 432Speech and Hearing Seminar00000
ARC 213Elements of Building Assembly00000
CDS 529Aural Rehabilitation00000
AVN 170ATC Foundation w/lab00000
CDS 632Craniofacial and Other Organic Disorders of Speech and Swall...00000
CDS 611Contmpry Tpcs Spch-Lang Pathol00000
AVN 264Commercial Pilot Lab II00000
CDS 699Independent Research I00000
ARC 306Internat'l Urban Travel Dsgn00000
CHE 102General Chemistry II00000
AVN 353Aviation Management00000
CHE 302Gen Organic Chemistry II00000
APS 699APS Special Topics00000
CHE 405CHE 405: Senior Seminar Chemistry Seminar I.00000
AVN 371Terminal Operations II w/Lab00000
CHE 501Biochemistry I00000
ARC 411Arch Theory00000
CHE 601Modern Inorganic Chemistry I (CHE601-01)00000
AVN 451Coop Work Study Exp(Hybrid)00000
CHE 615CHE 615: Graduate Seminar I00000
APS 105Elements of Astronomy00000
CHEV 101Gen Chemistry I00000
AVN 471Non-Radar Lab00000
CIS 320Information Analysis00000
ARC 530Airport Design00000
CME 308Chem Reaction Engineering00000
BIO 103General Biology00000
CME 507Biochemical Engineering00000
APS 750Atmospheric Measurements00000
COU 606Treating the Substance Abuser00000
BIO 224Anatomy & Physiology I00000
COU 622Assessm & Apprais in Cou00000
ARC 618Commun Dsgn Issues Semnr00000
COU 635Sch Coun Clsrm Mgt, Curric Dsg00000
BIO 311Biotechnology Explorations Lab00000
COU 664Comm Mental Health Intrnshp00000
ACC 417Adv Accounting I00000
COU 710Ethics and Legl Aspts of Couns00000
BIO 413Seminar I00000
CRJ 301US Cyber Security Law and Policy Seminar00000
ART 316Intermediate Painting00000
BIO 503General And Cellular Phy00000
ACC 310Intermediate Acc II00000
ACC 495Independent Study00000
APS 660Intro to Atmos Struct & Dynmcs00000
ARC 304Interm Architect Dsgn II00000
AVN 253Flight Safety00000
CDS 628Diagn & Mgt of Swallowing Disorders in Neurologically Impair...00000