HPU Course Reviews

Hawaii Pacific University

BIOL 3070Marine Vertebrate Zoology00000
CHEM 3023Physical Chemistry Laboratory00000
ARTH 3301Art of China00000
BIOL 2052General Biology II00000
AS 1021Initial Military Training II00000
ART 1112Ceramics: Creative Clay00000
BIOL 6120Ichthyology00000
AL 6340Translation Second Lang Acquis00000
ARTS 2010Beginning Drawing00000
AL 6740Rsrch/Comp-Assisted Lang Learn00000
BIOL 2030Anatomy and Physiology I00000
AS 3020Air Force Leadership Stud II00000
ANTH 4900Reflections on Anthropology00000
BIOL 3035Human Physiology Laboratory00000
AL 6110Eng Phonology/Teaching of Pron00000
BIOL 4041Environmental Microbiology Lab00000
ART 1250Intro to Printmaking00000
CHEM 2030Intro Organic Chem/Biochem00000
AL 3120English Sentence Structure00000
CHEM 3043Instrumental Analysis Lab00000
AL 6720Second Lang Reading & Writing00000
ARTS 3051Photography00000
AL 3310History Of The Eng Language00000
AS 2021Field Training Preparation II00000
AL 6760Teaching English to Children00000
BIOL 1000Introductory Biology00000
AS 3520Air Force Leadership Stud II00000
ANTH 3400Anthropology of Food00000
BIOL 2033Anatomy and Physiology II Lab00000
AL 4710Teaching Listening & Speaking00000
BIOL 3021Plant Biology Lab00000
ART 1073Oil Painting00000
BIOL 3050Genetics00000
AL 1050Languages in the Pacific00000
BIOL 3090Biometry00000
ART 1150Chinese Brush Painting00000
BIOL 4220Immunology00000
AL 6150Using Corpora in Lang Class00000
BUS 7999MBA: A Hui Hou00000
ART 1432Weaving I And II00000
CHEM 2053General Chemistry II Lab00000
ACCT 3700Accounting/Information Systems00000
CHEM 3033Organic Chemistry II Lab00000
ARTH 3711Superheroes in Manga & Anime00000
CHEM 3060Inorganic Chemistry00000
AL 3140Intro to Discourse Analysis00000
ARTS 3000Arts Entrepreneurship00000
AL 6730Assessment in TESOL00000
AS 1011Initial Military Training I00000
ACCT 6000Accounting for Managers00000
AS 2011Field Training Preparation I00000
AL 6750Materials Development00000
AS 3010Air Force Leadership Studies00000
AL 3340Translation in SLA00000
AS 3510Air Force Leadership Stud. I00000
AL 7099Practicum II & Capstone00000
ASIA 3950Asian Studies Practicum00000
AS 4010National Security Affairs I00000
ANTH 2000Cultural Anthropology00000
BIOL 1500Conservation Biology00000
AL 3750Materials Development00000
BIOL 2032Anatomy and Physiology II00000
ANTH 3900Anth. Thoughts And Theories00000
BIOL 2050General Biology I00000
AFP 0810English: Reading And Writing00000
BIOL 2170Ethnobotany: People and Plants00000
ART 1070Watercolor I And II00000
BIOL 3031Comp Animal Physiology Lab00000
AL 4970Prac Teach in Lang Other Eng00000
BIOL 3037Human Anatomy Laboratory00000
ART 1110Ceramics00000
BIOL 3060Marine Invertebrate Zoology00000
ACCT 3300Federal Income Tax Indiv00000
BIOL 3080Ecology00000
ART 1124Jewelry: Moving Metal00000
BIOL 3171Cell and Molecular Biology Lab00000
AL 6130Semantics00000
BIOL 4090Biometry00000
ART 1208Figure Drawing00000
BIOL 4950Biology Practicum00000
AL 2000Introduction to Linguistics00000
BUS 1000Introduction to Business00000
ART 1260Printmaking II00000
CHEM 1020Intro to Chem & the Env00000
AL 6320Language and Society00000
CHEM 2051General Chemistry I Lab00000
ARTH 2301Foundation of Western Art00000
CHEM 3020Physical Chemistry I00000
ACCT 3000Intermediate Accounting I00000
CHEM 3031Organic Chemistry I Lab00000
ARTH 3556Art of Hawaii00000
CHEM 3041Quantitative Analysis Lab00000
AL 67102nd Lang Listening & Speaking00000
ARTS 1000Introduction to Visual Arts00000
ACCT 2000Principles of Accounting I00000
ACCT 3020Intermediate Accounting III00000
ACCT 6990Internship00000
AL 3740Technology in Lang Teaching00000
ANTH 1500Contemp Social Activism in HI00000
AS 4020National Security Affairs II00000