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HPU Course Reviews

Hawaii Pacific University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENVS 4030Applied Geographic Info System00000
GEOG 1500World Regional Geography00000
ENG 3251Sex, Power, and Narrative00000
ENVS 1020Introductory Meteorology00000
ENGB 3004Biomed Instrument & Device Fab00000
ENG 1101Representations Pacific Life00000
FIN 3200Personal Finance00000
ED 6300Intro to Teaching00000
ENG 4901Senior Thesis I00000
ED 6460Social Studies Curr & Instruct00000
ENGR 4500Engineering Research00000
ENGE 2005Digital Hardware/Microcont Lab00000
ED 6672Theory & Practice of E-Learnin00000
ENVS 3010Environmental Impact Analysis00000
ED 3500Service Learning in Elem Ed00000
ENVS 6030Sustainable Energy Systems00000
ENG 3135Japanese Literature00000
FIN 6310Portfolio Management00000
ECON 6001Econ of Global Comp & Strat00000
GLSD 6340Env Hist of the Modern World00000
ED 6420English Curriculum&Instruction00000
ENGB 2004Bioinstrumentation Lab00000
ED 3040Math Concepts Elem Teachers00000
ENGE 1000Intro to Eng Systems & Prof Pr00000
ED 6512Elem Clinical Practice II00000
ENGR 2600Engineering Statics00000
ENGE 3001Signals and Systems Lab00000
ED 6640Ethics in Ed Leadership00000
ENGT 3000Engineering Project I00000
ED 3430Fnd of Eng Language Learning00000
ENVS 2001Prin of Environmental Sci Lab00000
ED 6997Directed Readings in Education00000
ENVS 3400Hydrology and Water Resources00000
ECON 3300Money and Banking00000
ENVS 4400Environmental Science Seminar00000
ENG 3100British Literature to 180000000
ENVS 6070Conserv&Sustainabty in Tropics00000
ED 4512Elem Clinical Experience II00000
FIN 6000Financial Mgmt and Strategy00000
ENG 3226Special Topics; Hawaii Writers00000
FR 1200Beginning French II00000
CYBS 2210CompTIA A+00000
GLSD 6000Sustainable Human Systems00000
ENG 4100Shakespeare Seminar00000
GLSD 6360Sustainbty Strategies&Indicatr00000
ECON 6997Directed Readings in Econ00000
ENG 4910Eng Major Portfolio Capstone00000
ED 6440Math Curriculum & Instruction00000
ENGB 3002Transport Phenomena00000
ECON 2015Principles of Macroeconomics00000
ENGB 3006Engineering Design Project II00000
ED 6510Elem Clinical Practice Seminar00000
ENGE 2003Bioengineering Signals and Sys00000
ED 3120Edu Psych for Elementary Ed00000
ENGE 2007Electronics Laboratory00000
ED 6521Secondary Clinical Practice I00000
ENGE 4009Image Processing00000
ENGE 3005Engineering Design Proj II00000
ED 6620Educational Assessment00000
ENGR 3501Engineering Design Project II00000
ED 3420Language Arts I00000
ENGT 2001Biomaterials00000
ED 6660Diversity and Social Change00000
ENGT 3002Analytical Biotech00000
ECON 3100Introduction to Econometrics00000
ENVS 1500Natural Disasters00000
ED 6695Capstone Research00000
ENVS 3002Apps of Environmental Science00000
ED 3450Science for Elem Ed00000
ENVS 3030Earth Systems & Global Change00000
ED 7100Professional Paper I00000
ENVS 3990Internship00000
CYBS 2202Fundamentals of Network Secur00000
ENVS 4070Industrial Ecology00000
ENG 2100Reading Lit, Film, Culture00000
ENVS 6010Global Climate Change00000
ED 4510Elem Clinical Experience Semnr00000
ENVS 6050Watershed and Wetland Systems00000
ENG 3122American Literature00000
ENVS 6920Special Topics Environ Sci00000
ECON 3430Environmental Economics00000
FIN 3400Fin in Money/Capital Markets00000
ENG 3202Literature of Slavery00000
FIN 6100International Finance00000
ED 6100Educational Psychology00000
FIN 6997Directed Readings in Finance00000
ENG 3228Fantasy Literature00000
FR 2200Intermediate French II00000
CSCI 3601Operating Systems00000
GEOG 3700Sustainable Cities00000
ENG 3300Theoretical Persp: Video Games00000
GLSD 6005Research Methods00000
ED 6401Elem Curriculum I: Lang Arts00000
ENG 4300Seminar in Textual Criticism00000
CSCI 3401Data Communications00000
CSCI 4911Software Project I00000
ECON 3015Intermediate Macroeconomics00000
ED 3310Fdn of Cultural Based Ed in HI00000
ED 6605Practical Research in Educatio00000
ENGE 3007Control Systems00000