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Howard Course Reviews

Howard University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ARTG 305Digital Design I00000
ATMS 330Atms Chemistry I00000
ARAB 003Arabic III00000
ARTG 250Typography II00000
ARTC 138Ceramic Sculpture00000
ANAT 171Anatomy & Physiology (Nursing)00000
ARTH 195Blk Women in Visual Culture00000
AFST 123Women in Afr Civil & Trad00000
ARID 103Sr. Workshop/Capstone II00000
AFST 211Scope & Methods of Afr Studies00000
ARTG 207Public Art II00000
ARTD 125Industry Prep & Entrepreneur00000
AFST 600Internship00000
ARTG 286Desktop Publishing00000
AFST 012Social Sciences00000
ARTH 167Topics in Art Criticism00000
ANAT 209Comparative Primate Anatomy00000
ARTP 603Digital Darkroom00000
AFRO 006Intro Afro-America Studies II00000
ATMS 597PhD Research in ATM Physic00000
AFST 158South Africa.Hist in Lit %Film00000
ARTA 019Public Art I00000
AFRO 122Education in Black America00000
ARTD 112Prod & Portfolio Techniques I00000
AFST 239Development & Planning00000
ARTF 089Three Dimensional Concepts I00000
ARTE 086Multi-Media00000
AFST 319Dissertation Research00000
ARTG 217Figure Painting Workshop00000
AFRO 186Black Women in America II00000
ARTG 263Sculpture Workshop I00000
AHCC 301Ethics for Hlth Professionals00000
ARTG 295Internship00000
AERO 108AS 400 Lab II00000
ARTG 319Special Topics in Photo.00000
ANAT 200Thesis Writing, Master00000
ARTH 178African-American Art I00000
AFST 110Afr Dev & Underdevelop00000
ARTP 050Basic Black &White Photography00000
ANTG 322Ethnography00000
ARTS 153Sculpture Workshop I00000
ACCT 341Auditing II00000
ATMS 523Synoptic Meteorology I00000
ARHI 288Lat American & Caribbean Art00000
ATMS 799Ph D Res in Geophy Fluid Dyn00000
AFRO 101Exploitation of Third World00000
ARTA 013Painting III Mixed Media00000
AFST 184Directed Research00000
ARTC 121Ceramics I00000
ACCT 375International Accounting00000
ARTD 107Design for Advertising II00000
AFST 225Public Policy & Afri Develop00000
ARTD 118Newspaper & Magazine Design I00000
AFRO 126Introducation to Coptic00000
ARTE 082Presentation Graphics00000
AFST 261Islam Culture Philosophy I00000
ARTF 002Drawing II00000
ARTE 091Independent Study I00000
AFST 307Adv Sem on Pub Pol and Dev00000
ARTG 204Expressive Figurative Draw I00000
AFRO 163Black Experience in Caribbean00000
ARTG 210Painting Workshop III00000
AFST 360NGOs and Africa00000
ARTG 238Digital Printing00000
AERO 021Evol of USAF Air&Space Pwr I00000
ARTG 256Graphic Design Seminar00000
AHCC 110General Orientation00000
ARTG 274Ceramic Workshop II00000
AFRO 301Racism, Law & Injustice00000
ARTG 290Digital Photo00000
AMHR 001Amharic I00000
ARTG 301Thesis II00000
ACCT 318Tax Principles & Procedures00000
ARTG 311Magazine & News Design II00000
ANAT 195Vertebrate Neuroanatomy00000
ARTH 163Black Art & Culture00000
AFST 106HIV/AIDS In Africa00000
ARTH 171Modern Art History II00000
ANAT 205Topics in Evolutionary Biology00000
ARTH 182Research in Art History II00000
AERO 190Independent Study I00000
ARTP 19Public Art I00000
ANAT 301Musculoskeletal Anatomy00000
ARTP 057Senior Photography I00000
AFST 121Environ & Society in Africa00000
ARTS 141Sculpture I: Modeling & Cast00000
ANTG 373Internship-Ling00000
ATMS 301Curr Topics in Atmospheric Sci00000
ACAD 101Career Planning Development00000
ATMS 395MS Res in Atmospheric Chem00000
ARHI 278Trends Ideas Afri Amer Art00000
ATMS 571Numerical Weather Prediction I00000
AFST 132Hip Hop & Popular Cult. Africa00000
ARHI 310Heritage: Art of Romare Brdn00000
ACAD 022Math Lab (Pre-Calculus)00000
ACCT 201Accounting Principles I00000
AERO 003AS 200 Leadership Lab I00000
AFRO 131Blk Philosophy Religion Ritual00000
AFST 301Thesis Research00000
ARTE 0963D Modeling & Animation II00000