Hostos Course Reviews

Hostos Community College (CUNY)

MAT 120SIIntroduction To Probability And Statistics With Algebra Supp...00000
PED 201Principles and Foundations of Physical Education, Exercise S...00000
ENG 223Women In Literature00000
LAW 101Law and Social Change00000
ESL 86Basic Academic Writing in ESL00000
EDU 111Science and Mathematics for Young Children00000
MUS 207Theory & Ear Training II00000
COM 200Intercultural Communication00000
ENV 111Environmental Science I Laboratory00000
DD 106Introduction to Usable Design00000
HLT 299Field Experience in Community Health00000
GD 101Introduction to Games00000
DM 299Independent Study00000
MA 10Basic Mathematics Skills Workshop00000
CHE 210General Chemistry I00000
MAT 220Calculus II00000
ENG 93Core Reading and Writing00000
OT 101Computer Keyboarding and Document Formatting I00000
BLS 110African Civilization I00000
PPA 122Health and Welfare Administration I00000
CSR 92CUNY Start: Developmental Reading00000
ESL 25ESL in Content Areas II00000
BLS 161Hip-Hop Worldview00000
FRE 102Elementary French II00000
DD 120Typography I00000
HLT 103Interpersonal Relations and Teamwork00000
GD 210Game Studio00000
DM 103History of Electronic Music00000
LAC 108History of the Caribbean00000
CAP 200Bronx Beautiful00000
LEG 240Legal Practicum I00000
ECO 102Macroeconomics00000
MAT 20Elementary Algebra00000
BIO 220General Biology II00000
MAT 160Precalculus00000
EDU 299Independent Study00000
MTS 15Math Start: Intensive Integrated Arithmetic/Elementary Algeb...00000
CJ 201Issues in Law Enforcements00000
NUR 220Pharmacology00000
ENG 210Studies in Fiction00000
PED 100Personal Physical Fitness00000
ASAP 104ASAP Common Hour00000
POL 101HAmerican Government (HONORS)00000
ENG 237HReading Film (HONORS)00000
PSY 110Life-Span Development of Behavior00000
BLS 125The Harlem Renaissance00000
ENV 122Environmental Science II Laboratory00000
DD 101Introduction to the Digital Toolbox00000
ESL 35ESL in Content Areas III00000
BIO 111Principles in Biology (Laboratory)00000
ESL 91Basic Composition00000
DD 112Web Design I00000
FS 220Food, Health, and Environment00000
BUS 100Introduction to Business00000
GD 201Digital Games00000
DEN 129Clinic I00000
HIS 211United States History: Reconstruction to the Present00000
GERO 102Therapeutic Recreation in Long Term Care00000
DEN 222Dental Specialties00000
HLT 212Bilingual Issues00000
BUS 220Principles of Marketing00000
JPN 101Elementary Japanese I00000
DM 205Sound Design00000
LAC 118Caribbean Society and Culture00000
BIO 141Human Biology I Laboratory00000
LEG 101Introduction to the Legal Studies00000
DM 310Sound As Story00000
LIN 101Introduction to Comparative Analysis: English and Spanish00000
CHE 110Introduction to Chemistry00000
MA 21Elementary Algebra Workshop00000
EDU 105Social Studies for Young Children00000
MAT 105Mathematics for Allied Health Sciences00000
ASAP 101ASAP Common Hour00000
MAT 150College Algebra with Trigonometric Functions00000
EDU 131Language Arts in a Bilingual Classroom00000
MAT 215Modern Programming00000
CHE 320Organic Chemistry II00000
MAT 320Linear Algebra with Vector Analysis00000
EN 93Core Reading and Writing Workshop00000
MUS 114History of the Film Score00000
BIO 260Introduction to Genetics00000
NUR 112Maternal/Child00000
ENG 110Expository Writing00000
NUR 228Nursing Care of the Childrearing Family II00000
CLIP 2CUNY Language Immersion Program (CLIP) - Level 200000
OT 105Electronic Health Records00000
ENG 214Readings in Poetry00000
PED 138Weight Training And Body Development00000
ACC 150Computerized Accounting00000
PHY 105Physics of Sound00000
ENG 226Science Fiction00000
PPA 110State and Local Government00000
CSC 205Discrete Mathematics00000
ENG 251Female Detective Novel00000
ACC 102Accounting II00000
ACC 210Cost Accounting I00000
BIO 130Plants and Society00000
BUS 203Business Communications00000
DEN 213Advanced Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice00000
HIS 201World History to 150000000