Hope Course Reviews

Hope College

DAN 313Dance Pedagogy II: Technique00000
EDUC 281Literacy I:Field Placement00000
CHEM 490RResearch in Chemistry00000
DAN 170Movement Fundamentals00000
COMM 358Advcd PR & Strategic Commun00000
CHEM 231Organic Chemistry II00000
ECON 403Labor Economics00000
BIOL 343Vascular Plant Systematics00000
COMM 257Comm for Public Relations00000
BIOL 395Behavioral Endocrinology00000
CSCI 490Research in Computer Science00000
CSCI 150Web Design & Implementation00000
CHEM 101Principles of Chemistry I00000
DAN 252Tap II00000
BIOL 195Day 1 Watershed Lab00000
DAN 480Composition II00000
CHEM 332Analytical Chemistry Lab00000
EDUC 252Rdg & Literacy for SpEd (K-12)00000
ART 214Drawing II00000
EDUC 314Whole Child Clinical Birth-K00000
BIOL 356Genetics00000
COMM 335Leadership Skills/Perspectives00000
ART 241Modern Art & Architecture00000
COMM 463Rhetorical Theory00000
BIOL 495Capstone00000
CSCI 392Database Systems00000
CSCI 255Algorithms & Discr Structures00000
BUS 390Internships in Vocation00000
DAN 120Modern I00000
BIOL 104Organisms and Environments00000
DAN 217Hip Hop II00000
CHEM 128General Chem II Laboratory00000
DAN 274Stage Production III00000
ART 117Basic Ceramics00000
DAN 345Jazz III00000
CHEM 315Biochemistry II Laboratory00000
ECON 306Econometrics00000
BIOL 231Biology of Microorganisms00000
EDUC 221Educ Psych Field Placement00000
CHEM 346Physical Chemistry Lab II00000
EDUC 260Social Studies for Elem 3-600000
ACCT 490Independent Studies in Acct00000
EDUC 305Physical Geography00000
CHIN 201Chinese III & Drill00000
EDUC 319Ldshp,Advoc,Admn Early Ch Prog00000
ART 219Photography II00000
COMM 295Social Media Strategy00000
BIOL 370Animal Behavior00000
COMM 357Documentary: Theory & Practice00000
AES 494Capstone Seminar00000
COMM 395Compassion for Social Change00000
BIOL 442Sensory Ecology00000
CSCI 125Software Design&Implementation00000
ART 305Elementary Art Educ Methods00000
CSCI 235Data Structures& Software Dsgn00000
BUS 150Introduction to Business00000
CSCI 361Prog Lang Design & Implement00000
CSCI 321Applications Programming00000
BUS 371Financial Management00000
CSCI 481Senior Capstone Project I00000
ART 490Special Problems in Studio00000
DAN 111Fundamentals of Tap Dance00000
BUS 401Management Seminar00000
DAN 150Tap I00000
ART 114Basic Drawing00000
DAN 195Yoga00000
CHEM 104Matter and Energy00000
DAN 226Dance Production I00000
BIOL 107Introduction to Biology I Lab00000
DAN 267Ballet, Pointe00000
CHEM 132Accelerate Gen Chemistry Lab00000
DAN 303Perform Studies II: Repertory00000
ACCT 426Corporate Tax and Research00000
DAN 32020th-21st Cent Hist &Criticism00000
CHEM 256Organic Chemistry Lab II00000
DAN 370Laban Movement Analysis& Motif00000
BIOL 208Honors Lab: Cells & Genetics00000
ECON 212Principles of Microeconomics00000
CHEM 324Inorganic Chemistry Lab00000
ECON 312Intermediate Microeconomics00000
ART 195Glitch Aesthetics00000
EDUC 200Diversity Inclusion and Equity00000
CHEM 343Physical Chemistry I00000
EDUC 241Intro to Emotionally Impaired00000
BIOL 315Principles of Ecology00000
EDUC 254Field Experience:Learning Dis00000
CHEM 354Computational Chem: Modeling00000
EDUC 275Intro SecEd & Instruct Design00000
ACCT 333Accounting Information Systems00000
EDUC 285Literacy in the Content Area00000
CHEM 499Internship00000
EDUC 311Elem & Mdl Sch Curr &Meth F.P.00000
BIOL 348Special Topics in Cell Biology00000
CHIN 301Chinese V Language & Culture00000
ACCT 222Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 375Cost Accounting00000
ART 111Introduction to Art History00000
ART 360Special Problems: Art History00000
BUS 341Business Law00000
CSCI 342Computer Graphics00000