Hofstra Course Reviews

Hofstra University

ASTR 012(Ns) Stars and Galaxies23311
ANTH 014S(Bh) Bones, Bodies & Burials54551
ANTH 003(Bh, Cc) Cultural Anthropology33231
ENGG 035Fields, Energy & Power55531
ANTH 107(Bh, Cc) Dev,Cnsrv&Indig Peop00000
AUD 564Clinical Practicum In Aud IV00000
BAN 330Graduate Internship00000
BIO 011(Ns) Intro Cell Bio & Genetics00000
AFST 134(Bh) Race Relations In Us00000
APS 371Eco & Fin Of Higher Education00000
BIO 117Behavior00000
AUD 521Amplification III00000
AMST 145A(Lt)American Fiction 1900-195000000
BAN 271Data Visualization Bus Anlysis00000
ACCT 309Research Seminar00000
BCHM 163Bio-Org Chem of Metabolism00000
ANTH 186Theory In Anthropology00000
BIO 090Independent Study - Ug Res I00000
ACCT 203Acct & Financial Reporting00000
AH 006(Aa) Why Art Matters00000
BIO 145Hormones & Behavior00000
ARAB 001Elementary Arabic 100000
ARAB 103Adv Arabic Lang00000
ACCT 218Financial Statement Analysis00000
AH 101(Aa) Ancient Art00000
ASL 191American Sign Lang I00000
AUD 514Amplification II00000
AH 265Asian Art & Archaeology00000
AUD 550Current Issues In Audiology00000
ACCT 250Sem Adv Cntmp Acct00000
BAN 250Multivariate Data Anlsys Mthds00000
BAN 257AAi And Its Applications00000
BAN 286Statistical Quality Control00000
ACCT 157ASem: Spl Tpc Intl Reg Enviromt00000
BBA 110Fund Design Think & Data Sci00000
ANTH 137(Bh) Race&Eth Anth Perspv00000
BCHM 183Biochemical Research00000
AFST 039(Cc, Cp) Amer Exp & Afrcn Dnce00000
BIO 025General Microbiology00000
ANTH 192Anthropology Internship00000
BIO 100Biostatistics00000
ACCT 140Apply Strat Acct Tech Dec Mkg00000
BIO 135Genetics00000
APS 376Legal & Ethical Issues In H.E.00000
BIO 161Bacterial Genetics00000
ACCT 214Individual Income Tax00000
ARAB 004Intermed Arabic II00000
AH 014F(Aa) Exploring Nyc Art Museums00000
ASL 001(La) American Sign Lang I00000
ACCT 144Income Tax Acct 200000
AH 106(Aa) Ital Renaissance Art00000
ASST 021(Cc, Is) Discover Japan00000
ASST 150CSp Tp: Jap Aest Thru Flower Ar00000
ASTR 014S(Ns) Our Solar System00000
ACCT 228Strategic Acct For Managers00000
AH 110(Aa) Mod Architect & Design00000
ASTR 190LIndependent Studies Laboratory00000
AUD 512Electrophysiology I00000
AH 164Senior Seminar00000
AUD 518Vestibular Assessmnt & Mgmt I00000
ACCT 242Adv Acct Thry and Practice00000
AUD 546Pharmacology/Ototoxicity00000
AMST 145ELit, Trauma & Climate Change00000
AUD 561Clinical Practicum in Aud I00000
ACCT 157FArtificial Intel for Business00000
AUD 570Clinical Externshp in Audiolgy00000
ANTH 004(Bh, Cc) World Cultures00000
ACCT 257FArtfcl Intlignc for Bus & Acct00000
AUD 502Research Methods00000
BAN 280Practicum in Business Analytic00000
ANTH 101(Bh) The Native Americans00000
BAN 291Practicum In Quality Managemnt00000
ACCT 135Accounting Info Systems00000
BAN 402Spreadsheet Modeling00000
ANTH 114(Bh) Rise Of Civilizations00000
BBA 120A I for Business00000
ACCT 330Graduate Internship00000
BCHM 173Experimental Biochem00000
ANTH 146(Bh,Cc) Anthr & Social Justice00000
BIO 003(Ns) Biology In Society00000
ACCT 174Business Internship00000
BIO 013(Ns)Prokryts,Prsts,Fngi &Plant00000
ANTH 188KDangerous Ideas00000
BIO 080ABiology Seminar00000
AFST 115(Hp) Afro Amer:1619-185000000
BIO 093Dept Honors Candidacy:Research00000
APS 352Indepndnt Rsrch Capstone Prjct00000
BIO 109ACoastal Marine Biology00000
ACCT 123Financial Acct Thry & Prac 100000
BIO 119Organic Evolution00000
APS 374Tchng/Learn Higher Educatn00000
BIO 142Neurobiology00000
AFST 187E(Cc) Rvltn Wll Not Be Televisd00000
AH 120(Aa) 20Th Cent Paint-Eur00000
AUD 505Psychoacoustics00000
AUD 506Genetics of Communtn Disorders00000
APS 381Assessment & Prgm Evaluation00000
ACCT 101Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 131Cost Accounting Systems00000
ACCT 156AAdv Spreadsheet Tools In Acct00000