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Hofstra Course Reviews

Hofstra University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ASTR 012(Ns) Stars and Galaxies23311
ENGG 035Fields, Energy & Power55531
ANTH 014S(Bh) Bones, Bodies & Burials54551
ANTH 003(Bh, Cc) Cultural Anthropology33231
ANTH 145Gndr, Sex & Sexuality00000
BAN 204Data Sci & Bus Analtc Found00000
BCHM 163Bio-Org Chem of Metabolism00000
BIO 080ABiology Seminar00000
AH 106(Aa) Ital Renaissance Art00000
ARAB 001Elementary Arabic 100000
BIO 217Biology Of Birds00000
BAN 001Intro to Business Statistics00000
ANTH 101(Bh) The Native Americans00000
BAN 285Business Process Management00000
AFST 171(Aa) African American Drama00000
BIO 004(Ns) Human Biology00000
APS 352Indepndnt Rsrch Capstone Prjct00000
BIO 117Behavior00000
ACCT 232Acct In Global Envrn00000
AH 118(Aa,Cc) Islamic Art&Archaeolgy00000
BIO 250Advanced Parasitology00000
ASL 192American Sign Lang II00000
ASST 195Asian Studies Sem00000
ACCT 250Sem Adv Cntmp Acct00000
AH 145(Aa) American Art00000
ASTR 031Frontiers Of Astron00000
AUD 563Clinical Prac in Audiology III00000
ANTH 004(Bh, Cc) World Cultures00000
BAN 166Intro To R For Analytics00000
AFST 043(Cc,Lt) Dclnzg Mnd:Afr/Se Asia00000
BAN 265Python for Data Analysis00000
ANTH 113(Cc)Arch Of Anct Amer Civlztns00000
BAN 402Spreadsheet Modeling00000
ACCT 215Income Tax for Bus. Entities00000
BCHM 183Biochemical Research00000
ANTH 188MSp Tpc: Osteology00000
BIO 013(Ns)Prokryts,Prsts,Fngi &Plant00000
AH 014S(Aa) Nyc Art & Architecture00000
BIO 093Dept Honors Candidacy:Research00000
APS 376Legal & Ethical Issues In H.E.00000
BIO 140Human Physiology00000
ACCT 155Rdgs In Accounting00000
BIO 233Applied & Enivironmtl Microbio00000
ARAB 105Adv Arabic Lang00000
BIO 253ASp Tpc in Bio: Animal Communic00000
ACCT 242Adv Acct Thry and Practice00000
ASST 150DSp Tpc: Jpan Amer Internment00000
AH 120(Aa) 20Th Cent Paint-Eur00000
AUD 504Auditory Pathologies00000
ACCT 157FArtificial Intel for Business00000
AUD 501Advanced Audiology00000
AH 151Independent Readings In Ah00000
ACCT 257FArtfcl Intlignc for Bus & Acct00000
AUD 507Aural Rehabilitation00000
AH 164Senior Seminar00000
AUD 510Amplification I00000
AUD 513Electrophysiology II00000
AUD 560Clinical Instruction In Audlgy00000
AMST 145A(Lt)American Fiction 1900-195000000
AUD 570Clinical Externshp in Audiolgy00000
ACCT 401AFncl Rpt & Mgr Acct00000
BAN 122Intermediate Business Stats00000
AH 188(Aa) Art In Age Of Rembrandt00000
AUD 517Advanced Research Seminar00000
BAN 192Practicum in Business Analytic00000
ACCT 203Acct & Financial Reporting00000
BAN 257BSp Tpc:Social Network Analysis00000
ANTH 105(Bh) Latin American Cultures00000
BAN 272Web Analytics for Business00000
AFST 116Afro Amer:1865- Pres00000
BAN 291Practicum In Quality Managemnt00000
ANTH 133(Cc) Food And Culture00000
BBA 115Blockchain For Business00000
ACCT 140Apply Strat Acct Tech Dec Mkg00000
BCHM 176Biochemistry Seminar00000
ANTH 185Methods In Anth00000
BCHM 199Honors Undergraduate Research00000
AH 003(Aa) Art Caves to Cathedrals00000
BIO 011(Ns) Intro Cell Bio & Genetics00000
ANTH 191Rsrch Sem in Anthropology00000
BIO 015Scientific Process Skills00000
ACCT 224Financial Reporting & Analysis00000
BIO 090Independent Study - Ug Res I00000
APS 372Governance In Higher Educat00000
BIO 108Ornithology00000
AH 100Dept Honors Candidacy: Essay00000
BIO 135Genetics00000
APS 381Assessment & Prgm Evaluation00000
BIO 145Hormones & Behavior00000
ACCT 125Acct Entities (Adv)00000
BIO 230Plnt Eclgy Of Li & Adjct Areas00000
ARAB 004Intermed Arabic II00000
BIO 237Bchm Mech: Cell Bio00000
AH 109(Aa) The Global Baroque00000
AUD 521Amplification III00000
ASL 002(La) American Sign Lang II00000
ACCT 102Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 134Advanced Auditing00000
ACCT 157GSem: Sustainablty in Glob Acct00000
ACCT 309Research Seminar00000