HCC Southeast Course Reviews

Houston Community College, Southeast

INSR 1205Personal Insurance00000
MATH 2414Calculus II00000
CSME 2514Cosmetology Instructor II00000
HIST 2328Mexican-American History II00000
ELPT 1345Commercial Wiring00000
CNBT 1301Introduction to the Construction Industry00000
MATH 0106Basic Mathematics00000
BIOL 1406Biology for Science Majors I00000
DFTG 2319Intermediate Computer Aided Drafting00000
BUSG 1375Small Business Operations II00000
GOVT 2306Texas Government00000
ESL 1001Eng Second Lang-Level I00000
CEC 1454Welding I00000
IBUS 1301Principles of Exports00000
ARTS 2347Ceramics II00000
LBRA 1191Information Literacy, Student Inquiry, and Libraries00000
CSME 1420Orientation to Facial Specialist00000
MATH 0342PBasic Concepts for Statistics00000
AHS 4021English 4A - High School00000
MUSI 1310American Music00000
BMGT 1301Supervision00000
EDUC 2301Introduction to Special Populations00000
ARTC 1302Digital Imaging I00000
ENGL 2351Introduction To Mexican-American Literature00000
C4UN 2000Career4UN-Business Technology Academy CE00000
GEOG 1303World Regional Geography00000
ESOL 0352Advanced Intermediate Grammar for Foreign Speakers00000
CEC 1377Air Balance00000
HART 2334Advanced A/C Controls00000
ARTS 2311Design III00000
HSE 2000High School Equivalency00000
CHEM 1305Introductory Chemistry I00000
INRW 0100INRW 0410 Companion Course00000
AHS 1421Math Mod/App B - High School00000
ITSC 1307Unix Operating Systems I00000
CRIJ 1307Crime in America00000
LMGT 1325Warehouse and Distribution Center Management00000
ATSI 1000Adult Education and Literacy TSI Assessment Prep00000
MATH 0314Corequisite for College Algebra00000
CSME 1534Cosmetology Instructor I00000
MATH 1325Calculus for Business & Social Sciences00000
AHS 1024Journalism 1A - High School00000
METL 2405Atmospheric Corrosion Control00000
DFTG 1305Technical Drafting00000
PHIL 1301Introduction to Philosophy00000
ANTH 2302Introduction to Archaeology00000
ECON 2301Principles of Macroeconomics00000
BUSG 1301Introduction to Business00000
ELPT 1315Electrical Calculations I00000
AHS 1057Algebra 1A - High School00000
ENGL 2328American Literature II00000
BUSI 2305Business Statistics00000
ENGR 2304Computer Programming for Engineers00000
ARTC 1309Basic Illustration00000
ESLP 1001English as a Second Language for Professionals00000
CDEC 1339Early Childhood Development: 0-3 Years00000
GAME 1336Introduction to 3D Game Modeling00000
ESOL 0356Advanced Conversation for Foreign Speakers00000
CEC 1372Sheet Metal I00000
GISC 1401Cartography & Geography in GIS and GPS00000
ARTS 1312Design II (3-Dimensional)00000
HART 1307Refrigeration Principles00000
CEC 1382AutoCAD00000
HIST 1302United States History II00000
AHS 1410Env Sys B - High School00000
HRPO 1392Special Topics In Labor/Personnel Relations And Studies00000
CEC 1807Employment Success00000
HUMA 1305Introduction to Mexican American Studies00000
ARTS 2326Sculpture00000
IBUS 2332Global Business Simulation00000
CHEM 1412General Chemistry II00000
INRW 0303Integrated Reading and Writing Course for SOCI 130100000
ACP 4523Internship II00000
INSR 2340Multiline Insurance Sales and Marketing00000
COSC 1436Programming Fundamentals I00000
ITSY 1342Information Technology Security00000
ARTV 1303Basic Animation00000
LMGT 1271Certified Logistics Technician00000
CSME 1308Principles of Eyelash Extension00000
LMGT 2389Internship Logistics & Materials Management00000
AHS 2057Algebra 2A - High School00000
MATH 0312Intermediate Algebra00000
CSME 1451Artistry of Hair, Theory and Practice00000
MATH 0332PIntroductory Algebra00000
BIOL 1106General Biology Lab I00000
MATH 1314College Algebra00000
CSME 2343Salon Development00000
MATH 1351Mathematics for Teachers II00000
ACNT 1347Federal Income Tax For Partnerships & Corporations00000
METL 1301Introduction to Metallurgy00000
CSME 2544Cosmetology Instructor IV00000
MRKG 1311Principles of Marketing00000
BIOL 2120Microbiology Laboratory for Health Science Majors00000
DFTG 1376Revit Residential00000
ACNT 1303Introduction to Accounting I00000
ACP 1001Human Growth & Development00000
AHS 1074Biology 1A - High School00000
ARTS 1303Art History I (Prehistoric to the 14th Century)00000
CEC 1159General Safety & Health for Construction00000
ESOL 0370ESL Integrated Read/Write Course for ENGL 130100000