HCC Northwest Course Reviews

Houston Community College, Northwest

FLMC 1311Survey of the Motion Picture00000
HRPO 1302Human Resource Training and Development00000
COSC 2425Computer Organization00000
ENGL 2332World Literature I00000
DANC 2247Intermediate Jazz Dance00000
CHEM 1411General Chemistry I00000
GOVT 2107Federal And Texas Constitutions00000
ARTV 23012-D Animation I00000
CSME 2439Advanced Hair Design00000
BIOL 1406Biology for Science Majors I00000
EMSP 1338Introduction to Advanced Practice00000
DFTG 2317Descriptive Geometry00000
CDEC 1313Curriculum Resources00000
ESOL 0349Advanced Intermediate Conversation/Foreign Speakers00000
ARTS 1303Art History I (Prehistoric to the 14th Century)00000
GEOL 1301Earth Sciences for Non-Science Majors I00000
CMED 1175Canaan and Tribal Israel in the Egyptian Period00000
HALT 2323Horticulture Pest Control00000
AHS 1412Int Phys/Chem B - High School00000
IBUS 2335International Business Law00000
BCIS 1305Business Computer Applications00000
DANC 1247Beginning Jazz Dance00000
AHS 3022English 3B - High School00000
DFTG 1333Mechanical Drafting00000
BIOL 2416Genetics00000
ELCV 2002English Literacy and Civics00000
DFTG 2373Piping Design Management Systems (PDMS)00000
BUSI 2305Business Statistics00000
ENGL 1302Composition II00000
ARTC 1305Basic Graphic Design00000
ENGR 1204Engineering Graphics00000
CEC 1706Independent Living I / Healthy Living00000
ESOL 0355Advanced Grammar for Foreign Speakers00000
AHS 1085US History 1B - High School00000
FLMC 2344Advanced Film & Video Editing00000
CMED 1111Yoga: Meditation and Movement00000
GISC 1411Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)00000
ARTS 2316Painting I00000
HALT 1325Landscape Plant Material00000
CNBT 1302Mech.Plumbing & Electrical Systems in Construction00000
HIST 2311Western Civilization I00000
AHS 1024Journalism 1A - High School00000
IBUS 1291Special Topics in International Business00000
CRIJ 2328Police Systems and Practices00000
IMED 1316Web Design I00000
AHS 2022English 2B - High School00000
DANC 1151Freshman Dance Performance00000
BIOL 1306General Biology I00000
DANC 1305World Dance00000
AHS 1058Algebra 1B - High School00000
DFTG 1309Basic CAD00000
BIOL 2102Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory II00000
DFTG 2302Machine Drafting00000
AHS 4069BIM A - High School00000
DFTG 2335Advanced Technologies in Mechanical Design & Drafting00000
BMGT 1327Principles of Management00000
EDUC 1300Learning Framework00000
DRAM 1351Acting I00000
BUSG 2309Small Business Management00000
ELPT 1329Residential Wiring00000
ARAB 1411Beginning Arabic I00000
EMSP 1501Emergency Medical Technician - Basic00000
C4UC 1004Career4UC-Information Technology Academy SCH00000
ENGL 2322British Literature I00000
AHS 1079World Geog.1B - High School00000
ENGL 2341Forms of Literature00000
CEC 1093Small Business Marketing on a Shoestring00000
ENGR 2405Electrical Circuits I00000
ARTC 1359Visual Design for New Media00000
ESOL 0352Advanced Intermediate Grammar for Foreign Speakers00000
CHEM 1111General Chemistry Lab I00000
ESOL 0370ESL Integrated Read/Write Course for ENGL 130100000
AGRI 1309Computers in Agriculture00000
FLMC 2333Cinematography00000
CHIN 1411Beginning Chinese I00000
FREN 1412Beginning French II00000
ARTS 1312Design II (3-Dimensional)00000
GEOL 1403Physical Geology00000
CMED 1119Middle Eastern Dance00000
GISC 2380Cooperative Education in Cartography00000
AHS 1409Env Sys A - High School00000
HALT 1319Landscape Construction00000
CMED 1183Prepare for Retirement00000
HALT 1380Co-op Ownership00000
ARTS 2389Academic Cooperative00000
HART 1345Gas and Electric Heating00000
CNBT 2342Construction Management I00000
HIST 2382African American History II00000
ACNT 1335Accounting Ethics00000
HSES 1201High School Equivalency in Spanish00000
CRIJ 1301Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
IBUS 1354International Marketing Management00000
ASTR 1304Solar System00000
CSME 1453Chemical Reformation and Related Theory00000
ACNT 1303Introduction to Accounting I00000
ACNT 2304Intermediate Accounting II00000
AHS 1075Biology 1B - High School00000
ANTH 2301Physical Anthropology00000
BUSG 1370Personal Finance Planning00000
ECON 1301Introduction to Economics00000