HCC Central Course Reviews

Houston Community College, Central

CHEF 1302Principles of Healthy Cuisine00000
CRIJ 1310Fundamentals of Criminal Law00000
CEC 1422Test for Essential Academic Skills Prep Course00000
CEC 9508Natural Health & Healing, Introduction00000
CEC 7077IPhone Fundamentals for Seniors00000
C4UC 1002Career4UC-Construction Management Academy SCH00000
CNBT 1316Construction Technology I00000
BIOL 1306General Biology I00000
CEC 3057Skills for Making Great Decisions00000
BIOL 2416Genetics00000
CEC 7576Microsoft Office Suite Adv.00000
CEC 7210Effective Business Writing00000
BUSG 1303Principles of Finance00000
CEC 9701Real Estate Investing00000
ASTR 1404Solar System00000
CHEF 2302Saucier00000
CDEC 2328Administration of Programs for Children II00000
COMM 2315News Reporting00000
ARTC 2335Portfolio Development for Graphic Design00000
DANC 1112Dance Practicum00000
BIOL 1413General Zoology00000
CEC 5126Teaching Science: Grades 4-600000
ARTS 1316Drawing I00000
CEC 7102Human Resources Exam Prep (PHR/SPHR)00000
BMGT 2303Problem Solving & Decision Making00000
CEC 7418Introduction to QuickBooks00000
CEC 7257Writeriffic I: Creativity Training for Writers00000
BNKG 2380Cooperative Work Experience I00000
CEC 7637Introduction to Windows XP00000
ARTS 2356Photography I (fine arts emphasis)00000
CEC 9658Administrative Medical Specialist00000
BUSG 2309Small Business Management00000
CEC 9812Accounting Fundamentals II00000
ANTH 2351Cultural Anthropology00000
CHEF 1381Practicum (Or Field Experience) - Culinary Arts/Chef Trainin...00000
CDEC 1358Creative Arts for Early Childhood00000
CHEM 1412General Chemistry II00000
BARB 2432Barber Law and Shop Management I00000
CNBT 2335Computer-Aided Construction Scheduling00000
CEC 0059Air Conditioning II00000
COSC 2425Computer Organization00000
ACP 1000Accelerated Teacher Certificiation Program00000
CSME 1453Chemical Reformation And Related Theory00000
CEC 1801Intro To Theatre Arts00000
DANC 1151Freshman Dance Performance00000
ARTS 1311Design I (2 Dimensional)00000
CEC 3441Grammar Refresher II00000
BIOL 2301Human Anatomy & Physiology I00000
CEC 7071Speed Spanish Series00000
AHS 1093Chemistry 1A - High School00000
CEC 7079Social Media Fundamentals for Seniors00000
BMGT 1325Office Management00000
CEC 7148Senior-Introduction to Computers00000
ARTS 2317Painting II00000
CEC 7234Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
BNKG 1340Money and Financial Markets00000
CEC 7353Writing for ESL00000
CEC 7278Learn to Buy and Sell on eBay00000
BNKG 1373Teller Training Lab00000
CEC 7465QuickBooks 2016 Series00000
ARTS 2347Ceramics II00000
CEC 7590Accounting Fundamentals I00000
BNKG 2381Cooperative Work Experience II00000
CEC 8020Retail Training00000
ANTH 2302Introduction to Archaeology00000
CEC 9634Advanced Hospital Coding00000
BUSG 1380Cooperative Education Business General00000
CEC 9685Cisco CCNA Certification Training00000
ASTR 1303Introduction To Stars And Galaxies00000
CEC 9744OSHA 30 Hour Construction Certification00000
BUSI 1307Personal Finance00000
CHEF 1205Sanitation and Safety00000
ACNT 2304Intermediate Accounting II00000
CHEF 1314A La Carte Cooking00000
CDEC 1323Observation and Assessment00000
CHEF 2201Intermediate Food Preparation00000
BARB 1391Special Topics in Barber/Hairstylist00000
CHEM 1305Introductory Chemistry I00000
CDEC 2307Math and Science for Early Childhood00000
CHIN 1411Beginning Chinese I00000
ARTC 1305Basic Graphic Design00000
CNBT 1346Construction Estimating I00000
CEC 0048Write and Publish Your Nonfiction Book00000
COMM 1307Introduction to Mass Communication00000
BARB 2444Barber Law and Shop Management II00000
COMM 2389Academic Coop in Communication00000
CEC 1059Welding Level I00000
CRIJ 1301Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
ACNT 1329Payroll And Business Tax Accounting00000
CRIJ 2323Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement00000
CEC 1773Exploring Houston-VAST00000
CSME 2410Advanced Haircutting and Related Theory00000
BIOL 1322Nutrition & Diet Therapy00000
CEC 3054Beginning Conversational French00000
ACCT 2301Principles of Financial Accounting00000
ACNT 1382Cooperative Education Accounting Tehnician00000
AHS 3021English 3A - High School00000
ARTS 2333Printmaking00000
BNKG 1349Commercial Lending00000
CEC 7301Database Development, Introduction00000