HCC Course Reviews

Honolulu Community College

CENT 340Advanced Routing00000
COSM 93VCooperative Education00000
AS 101LInitial Military Training I00000
CARP 30Blueprint Read for Carpenters00000
ASTR 110Survey of Astronomy00000
AMT 140Electrical Systems I00000
COSM 22Elem Chemical Hair Services00000
AJ 101Intro to Admin of Justice00000
ASAN 100Asian Perspectives00000
AJ 220Constitutional Law00000
CA 152The Business of Advertising00000
BOT 101LGeneral Botany Laboratory00000
AMT 50Automatic Transmiss/Transaxles00000
CENT 140Computer Networking I00000
AERO 131Adv Gen Aircraft Maint II00000
CHEM 161General Chemistry I00000
ANTH 135Pacific Island Peoples00000
COSM 33Life Skills for Cosmetology00000
AEC 210Residential Working Drawings00000
CSNT 270Network Operating Systems I00000
AJ 193VCooperative Education00000
ASAN 242Asian Civilizations II00000
AEC 236Introduction to Sustainability00000
BIOL 172LIntroduction to Biology II Lab00000
AJ 233Police Org & Management00000
CA 142Page and Web Layout00000
CA 101Power of Advertising00000
AMT 40Electrical Systems I00000
CA 297VProgramming for Video Game Dev00000
AEC 280Site Modeling00000
CARP 99VSpecial Studies00000
AMT 67Engine Performance00000
CENT 310Network Security00000
AEC 165Construction Administration00000
CHEM 100S-Chemistry and Society00000
AMT 151Automatic Transmiss/Transaxles00000
COSM 20Elem Cosmetology Theory00000
AERO 135Airframe Maintenance II00000
COSM 31Inter. Cosmetology Clinic00000
ART 111Intro to Watercolor Painting00000
COSM 42Advanced Cosmetology Skills00000
AEC 101Constr. Graphics & Conventions00000
CSNT 197AIntro to Data Analytics00000
AS 201LField Training Preparation I00000
CSNT 280Database Systems I00000
AEC 213Construction Codes00000
ASAN 202Intro to South/Southeast Asia00000
AJ 208Criminology00000
ASL 101Elem American Sign Language I00000
AEC 111Intro. to Professional Ethics00000
BIOL 171Introduction to Biology I00000
AJ 224Rules of Evidence00000
BIOL 172Introduction to Biology II00000
AEC 239Field Shadow Experience00000
BOT 105H-Mea Kanu: Hawaiian Plants00000
AJ 280Issues in Admin of Justice00000
CA 132Page Composition00000
CA 122Copy Preparation00000
AMT 30Engines00000
CA 145Graphic Design00000
AEC 264Adv Modeling & Presentation00000
CA 193VCooperative Education00000
AMT 43Air Conditioning00000
CARP 22Concrete Form Construction00000
AEC 163Construction Law00000
CARP 42Finishing00000
AMT 53Brakes00000
CENT 110Intro to Information Systems00000
AERO 93VCooperative Education00000
CENT 293VCooperative Education00000
AMT 121Intro to Automotive Mechanics00000
CENT 315Network Management00000
ACC 201Intro to Financial Accounting00000
CENT 399VSpecial Studies00000
AMT 143Air Conditioning00000
CHEM 105S-Environmental CHEM00000
AERO 133Airframe Maintenance00000
CHEM 162General Chemistry II00000
AMT 155Suspension and Steering00000
COSM 21Elem Natural Hair Services00000
AEC 199VSpecial Studies00000
COSM 30Inter Cosmetology Theory00000
ART 101HCC-E-Intro to Visual Arts00000
COSM 32Intermediate COSM Skills00000
AERO 137Airframe Maintenance III00000
COSM 41Advanced Cosmetology Clinic00000
ART 123Introduction to Painting00000
COSM 50VCosmetology Theory & Practice00000
ABRP 99VSpecial Studies00000
CSNT 132ICT Support00000
AS 102Foundations of US Air Force00000
CSNT 231Telecommunications00000
AJ 138Criminal Just Repts & Comm00000
AS 202LField Training Preparation II00000
ABRP 93VCooperative Education00000
ABRP 101Foundation to Auto Body Repair00000
AEC 160Construction Detailing00000
AEC 261Building Services00000
AMST 201WI-HCC-E-America Exp:Inst&Move00000
CA 125Beginning Graphic Design00000