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HCC Course Reviews

Honolulu Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
HIST 152World History since 150011111
FT 193VCooperative Education00000
POLS 110HCC-E-Intro to Political Sci00000
ABRP 102Intermediate Auto Body Repair00000
MUS 121DGuitar I00000
FAMR 244Aging00000
SPAN 101Elementary Spanish I00000
DISL 34Brakes (Air and Hydraulic)00000
ECED 245Child Family and Community00000
HAW 100Lang in Hawai'i: Global Issues00000
HSER 199VSpecial Studies00000
MELE 212Digital Audio: Theory and DAW00000
ENG 257XWI-Science Fiction00000
OESM 208Tech of Industrial Hygiene00000
CSNT 132ICT Support00000
SMP 21Shop Problems00000
FT 28Intro to Industrial Sewing00000
WELD 99VSpecial Studies00000
CE 270Applied Mechanics I00000
AEC 164Residential Planning & Design00000
ECED 127Issues in Diversity00000
HAW 202Intermediate Hi Language II00000
CENT 293VCooperative Education00000
ECED 296IInf-Todd Lab: Fld Exp ECE II00000
HWST 282LHo'okele II: Hawn Voy&Sea Lab00000
IS 197SIntroduction to Sustainability00000
MATH 241Calculus I00000
ENG 250WI-American Literature00000
MSL 100Intro to Physical Fitness00000
COSM 31Inter. Cosmetology Clinic00000
OESM 104Occupational-Related Diseases00000
ENG 271WI-Japanese Lit in Tran Trad00000
PHYS 100Survey of Physics00000
CA 297VProgramming for Video Game Dev00000
RAC 21Basic Refrigeration00000
FIRE 151Intro Wild Land Fire Control00000
SOC 231Intro to Juvenile Delinquency00000
CSNT 293VCooperative Education00000
WELD 66Plasma & Air Carbon Arc Cut00000
FT 93VCooperative Education00000
WS 151HCC-E-Intro to Women's Studies00000
CA 101Power of Advertising00000
AEC 111Intro. to Professional Ethics00000
FT 290FT Special Topics00000
AEC 193VCooperative Education00000
CENT 231Telecommunications00000
ECED 151Field Exp Prac 1 ECED Seminar00000
JPN 201Intermediate Japanese I00000
HIST 296MWI-Intro to Asian American00000
CA 125Beginning Graphic Design00000
HWST 207WI,S-Hawn Perspective Ahupua'a00000
ECED 274Infant-Toddler Env Rel00000
ICS 110PIntro to Information Systems00000
CENT 315Network Management00000
JPN 101Elementary Japanese I00000
EE 160Programming for Engineers00000
MATH 150Technical College Mathematics00000
KOR 202Intermediate Korean II00000
ENG 100TComposition Supplement II00000
MELE 202Pub Rel Mus & Ent Industry00000
COSM 21LElem Cosmetology Lab00000
MELE 275Practicum00000
ENG 254WI-World Literature after 160000000
MSL 102LIntro Military Science II Lab00000
CA 152The Business of Advertising00000
OCN 201S-Science of the Sea00000
ENG 257GWI-Manga as Literature00000
OESM 153Accident Investigation Tech00000
COSM 42Advanced Cosmetology Skills00000
PHIL 101HCC-E-Morals and Society00000
ESL 23Intro Expository Writing NNS00000
PHYS 152LCollege Physics II Lab00000
BLPR 22Blueprint Reading00000
PSY 220Intro to Behavioral Psychology00000
FIRE 111Management in the Fire Service00000
REL 150Intro to World Major Religion00000
CSNT 270Network Operating Systems I00000
SMP 23Intro to Surface Development00000
FIRE 207Haz Mat Awareness & Operations00000
SOSE 199VSpecial Studies00000
CARP 41S-Rough Framing & Ext Finish00000
WELD 54Intro to Arc Welding II00000
FT 38Draping and Design00000
WELD 76TIG Welding II00000
CSNT 390Special Topics in CSNT00000
WELD 154Intro to Arc Welding II00000
FT 140Fabric Technology00000
ZOOL 200Marine Biology00000
ASAN 296CWI-Asian Popular Culture00000
AEC 101Constr. Graphics & Conventions00000
FT 217Flat Patternmaking II00000
AEC 161Bldg Info Modeling Software00000
DISL 93VCooperative Education00000
GEOG 101LThe Natural Environment Lab00000
AS 101LInitial Military Training I00000
BIOL 100Human Biology00000
CA 142Page and Web Layout00000
CHEM 161General Chemistry I00000
EIMT 44AC/DC Systems and Equipment00000
MATH 100Survey of Mathematics00000