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HBU Course Reviews

Houston Baptist University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
HSRV 7306Trauma & Community Crisis00000
MSCI 1131Intermediate Physical Fitness00000
ART 4364Experimental Painting00000
HNRS 2640Enlightenment & Modernity00000
COSC 2351Data Structures00000
ART 3363Hist:Art: Renaissance-Modern00000
MIS 4350Predictive Analytics and Data Mining00000
APOL 5360Film, Visual Arts, Apologetics00000
ART 6348Graduate Sculpture Viii00000
APOL 6325Theistic Ethics & Moral Apol00000
HNRS 1060Honors Lecture II00000
COSC 3352Theory of Computing00000
ART 2381Sptop: Integral Arts00000
HNRS 3399Special Top/Independent Study00000
APOL 3303Apologetics for Everyone00000
MGMT 6364Training and Development00000
ART 3388Life Drawing II: Refined00000
MKTG 6365Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurial New Ventures00000
ACCT 6345Tax Seminar00000
MUED 2183Instrumental Technique: String00000
APOL 6310Apologetics Communication00000
COMM 4314Great American Speeches00000
ACCT 6365Integrating Accounting and Finance for New Ventures00000
COSC 3341Computer Architecture00000
APOL 6375Creative Writing/Apologetics00000
HIST 5399Thesis00000
COSC 4352Software Design & Engineering00000
ART 13132D Design00000
HNRS 2020Honors Writing III00000
AFSC 3302Air Force Leadership II00000
HNRS 3050Honors Writing Vi00000
ART 2394Drawing I: Basic00000
HSRV 7301Mental Health And Communities00000
ACCT 5362Accounting Principles00000
HUM 5392West Cult/Human Experience III00000
ART 3376Printmaking II: Advanced00000
MGMT 6382Strategic Planning And Hrm Challenges00000
APOL 5315Evangelism For Everyone00000
MKTG 4336Principles Of Advertising00000
ART 3393Ceramics II: Advanced00000
MLA 5387The Modern World00000
ACCT 4306Government And Nonprofit00000
MSCI 3320Applied Leadership00000
ART 4388Life Drawing III: Refined00000
MUED 4382Elementary Music Methods00000
ACCT 6352Accounting for Managers00000
COMM 1101Forensic Workshop00000
APOL 6322Philosophical Theology00000
COSC 1351Introduction to Computer Programming00000
ACCT 4315Advanced Management Accounting00000
COSC 2353Operating Systems00000
APOL 6333Apologetics and Evangelism in Practice00000
COSC 3342Computer Networks00000
AFSC 1201Foundations Of The Usaf I00000
COSC 3353Programming Languages00000
APOL 6390Thesis00000
HIST 5320Readings In American History00000
COUN 5309Counselor Professional Identity and Function00000
ARHS 6393The New & The Avant-Garde00000
HNRS 1020Honors Writing I00000
AFSC 3301Air Force Leadership I00000
HNRS 1699Indep Study: Hnrs 161000000
ART 2343Art Appreciation00000
HNRS 2060Honors Lecture IV00000
ACCT 5302Auditing00000
HNRS 2710Faith, Reason & Romance: The Medieval & Renaissance Worlds00000
ART 2391Ceramics I: Basic00000
HNRS 3199Indep Stud: F. Douglas00000
AFSC 4302National Security Affairs II00000
HNRS 4398Senior Thesis00000
ART 3332Gallery And Museum Practices00000
HSRV 7304Multicultural Issues in Mental Health00000
ACCT 4201Accounting Research00000
HUM 5390Western Culture and Human Experience I00000
ART 3373History of Modern Art00000
HUM 5394HUM 5394 The Glory That Was Greece00000
APOL 5181Sp Top: God and Time00000
MGMT 6378Management of Global Human Resources00000
ART 3386Sculpture II: Intermediate00000
MHSC 5301Intro To Human Services Coun00000
ACCT 6320Accounting Theory Seminar00000
MKTG 3360Professional Sales00000
ART 3391Ceramics II: Basic00000
MKTG 4360Marketing Strategy00000
APOL 5330Ancient Philosophy and Culture00000
MLA 5323Tolkien And The World Of Fantasy00000
ART 3398Painting II: Intermediate00000
MLA 6328Early American Literary Traditions00000
ACCT 3317Accounting Systems00000
MSCI 2210Foundations Of Leadership00000
ART 4383Printmaking III: Advanced00000
MSCI 4398Special Problems00000
APOL 5380"Mere Christian" Theo/Apol00000
ART 4393Ceramics III: Advanced00000
ACCT 3303Cost Accounting00000
ACCT 3323Intermediate Financial Accounting III00000
ACCT 4381Indep Study: Acct 430200000
AFSC 2201Evolution Of Air Power I00000
ARHS 5388The Last Fifty Years00000
HIST 3379Late Antiquity00000