Hawaii CC Course Reviews

Hawaii Community College

ECON 130Microeconomics00000
ETRO 241Accessing the WAN00000
BIOL 171Introduction to Biology I00000
DIMC 150Intro Brakes/Steer/Susp/Hydra00000
BUSN 150Intro to Business Computing00000
ART 217Screen Printing00000
ESL 97XEnglish Essentials00000
AJ 104Criminalistics00000
BOT 101General Botany00000
AJ 234Police and Community Relations00000
CULN 160VDining Room Service/Stewarding00000
CARP 57Framing and Exterior Finish00000
ART 114Introduction to Color00000
ECED 115Hlth, Safe, Nutri Young Child00000
AG 245Tropical Silviculture00000
ENG 106Technical English00000
BIOL 100Human Biology00000
ESOL 30DListening/Speaking 400000
AEC 238Arch Historic Preservation00000
FIRE 106Emergency Medical Tech Prac00000
AJ 208Criminology00000
BOT 130LIntro Plants Hawaii Lab00000
AG 31Farm Equip, Mach, Power00000
BUSN 182Machine Transcription00000
AMT 120Powertrain I00000
CULN 120Fundamentals of Cookery00000
CENT 240CLAN Switching and Wireless00000
ART 107DIntro to Digital Photography00000
CULN 270Food/Beverage Cost Control00000
AG 190VInternship00000
DNCE 285Modern Jazz Dance II00000
ART 202Digital Imaging00000
ECED 245Child, Family, and Community00000
AEC 129Sustainable Design & Site Prep00000
ENG 20Reading and Writing Essentials00000
ASAN 120Japanese Culture I00000
ENT 125Starting a Business00000
AG 275Forest Pest Management00000
ESOL 20BReading/Vocabulary 200000
BIOL 141Hum Anatomy/Physiol I00000
ETRO 122LFundamentals of Elec II Lab00000
ACC 201Intro to Financial Accounting00000
ETRO 287LPLC's Lab00000
BLPR 30BBLPR for Welders00000
FIRE 156Incident Command System00000
AEC 242Basic Architectural Studio B00000
BOT 105Ethnobotany00000
AJ 221Criminal Law00000
BUS 120Principles of Business00000
ACC 255Using Spreadsheets in Acct II00000
BUSN 164Career Success00000
AJ 290BAJ Practicum I00000
BUSN 292Integrated Office Procedures00000
AG 46Landscape Maintenance00000
CARP 151Basic Carpentry II00000
AMT 220Diagnostics and Repair00000
CULN 111Intro to the Culinary Industry00000
CHEM 100Chemistry and Society00000
ART 101WWI-Intro to Visual Arts00000
CULN 133Bistro Cookry/Intro Dining Svc00000
AG 157Marketing of Ag Products00000
CULN 240Garde Manger00000
ART 111Intro Watercolor00000
DIMC 120Introduction to Diesel Engines00000
AEC 115Introduction to Architecture00000
DNCE 185Modern Jazz Dance I00000
ART 125Introduction to Graphic Design00000
DNCE 298Introduction to Korean Dance00000
AG 200Principles of Horticulture00000
ECED 170Intro to Infants and Toddlers00000
ART 209Image In Motion Studio00000
ECED 291Early Childhood Practicum II00000
ACC 132Payroll & HI Gen Excise Tax00000
EIMT 41Commercial Wiring00000
ART 243Intermed Ceramics-Handbuilding00000
ENG 100Composition I00000
AG 250Sustainable Crop Production00000
ENG 256WWI-Poetry and Drama00000
ASAN 199VInd/Directed Studies00000
ESL 21Intro to College Reading ESL00000
AEC 230Res Contract Drawings & Codes00000
ESOL 10CWriting/Grammar 300000
BIOL 101LBiology and Society Lab00000
ESOL 30BListening/Speaking 200000
AG 291Forest Ecosyst Mngment00000
ETRO 121LProcess Controls Etro Fab Lab00000
BIOL 142LHum Anat/Physiol II Lab00000
ETRO 240CLAN Switching and Wireless00000
ABRP 100Collision Repair00000
ETRO 266Introduction to Fiber Optics00000
BIOL 172LIntroduction to Biology II Lab00000
FIRE 101Essentials of Fire Suppression00000
AJ 150Correctional Process00000
BLPR 30FBLPR for Carpenters00000
ABRP 40APanel & Glass Replacement Tech00000
ACC 124Principles of Accounting I00000
AEC 100Drafting Conventions/Materials00000
AG 122Soil Technology00000
ANTH 150Human Adaptations00000
CHEM 161LGeneral Chemistry I Lab00000