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Hawaii CC Course Reviews

Hawaii Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
HWST 231Hula IV: Hu'elepo00000
MATH 242Calculus II00000
ECED 291Early Childhood Practicum II00000
HUM 275WWI-Psych/Expressive Arts00000
FIRE 157Interm Wildland Fire Behavior00000
CULN 140Cold Food Pantry00000
ITS 284Data Comm Fundamentals00000
ART 243Intermed Ceramics-Handbuilding00000
ETRO 122LFundamentals of Elec II Lab00000
BIOL 142LHum Anat/Physiol II Lab00000
HSER 192Seminar and Fieldwork I00000
GEOG 292VSpec Topic-Study Abroad-Korea00000
CENT 140Network Fundamentals00000
HWST 107Hawai'i: Center of the Pacific00000
ART 108Elem Studio: Drawing/Painting00000
IS 101LBuild Bridges College Tech Lab00000
DIMC 150Intro Brakes/Steer/Susp/Hydra00000
MATH 75XIntro to Math Reasoning00000
AG 190VInternship00000
MWIM 62Lathe Facing and Knurling00000
BIOC 241Fund of Biochemistry00000
ETRO 287LPLC's Lab00000
AG 275Forest Pest Management00000
GEOG 102World Regional Geography00000
BLPR 30FBLPR for Carpenters00000
HSER 130Intro to Youth Practitioner00000
HIST 152World History Since 150000000
BUSN 188Business Calculations00000
HSER 256Dyn of Fam Violence & Sex Aslt00000
AMT 120Powertrain I00000
HWST 103Hwn Art Culture Ohe Kapala00000
CHEM 162General Chemistry II00000
HWST 201Hawai'i Culture II: 'Ai Noa00000
AG 40Plant Identification00000
ICS 141Discrete Math for Cmptr Sci I00000
CULN 252Patisserie00000
ITS 124Introduction to Networking00000
ART 156Digital Painting00000
JPNS 199VInd/Directed Studies00000
ECED 115Hlth, Safe, Nutri Young Child00000
MATH 120Trig for Surveying00000
AEC 113Geomatics & Land Surveying I00000
MKT 151Principles of Customer Service00000
ESOL 20DReading/Vocabulary 400000
MWIM 142Intro to Machine & Welding00000
AG 245Tropical Silviculture00000
ETRO 240CLAN Switching and Wireless00000
BIOL 124Environment and Ecology00000
FIRE 105Emergency Medical Technician00000
AEC 150Introduction to GIS and GPS00000
FIRE 215Wildland/Urban Interface Oper00000
BIOL 299VInd/Directed Studies00000
GEOG 180GIS in Forest Eco Mngmt00000
AJ 104Criminalistics00000
HAW 201Intermed Hawai'i Language I00000
BOT 101LGeneral Botany Lab00000
HPER 197Volleyball00000
HOST 100Career & Customer Svc Skills00000
BUSN 158Social Media and Collaboration00000
HSER 140Individual Counseling00000
AJ 234Police and Community Relations00000
HSER 245Group Counseling00000
CARP 55Concrete Form Construction00000
HSER 293Human Services Pract II00000
AEC 247Geomatics & Land Surveying II00000
HWST 101'Aikapu: Hawai'i Culture I00000
CHEM 151Elem Survey of Chem00000
HWST 105Mea Kanu Hawai'i: Hwn Plant00000
ANTH 121Introduction to Language00000
HWST 130Hula I: Intro to Indig Ldrship00000
CULN 130Intermediate Cookery00000
HWST 219Piko Hawai'i II00000
ACC 252Using Quickbooks in Accounting00000
HWST 270Hawaiian Mythology00000
CULN 220Advanced Cookery00000
ICS 211Intro to Computer Science II00000
ART 114Introduction to Color00000
ITS 104Computer Hardware Support00000
DIMC 55Hydraulic and Hydro System00000
ITS 215Network Administration00000
AG 130Agroforest Bus Managmnt00000
ITS 287IT Internship Preparation00000
DNCE 285Modern Jazz Dance II00000
MATH 1Basic Math00000
ART 212Digital Animation00000
MATH 98College Math Companion00000
ECED 191Early Childhood Practicum I00000
MATH 205Calculus I00000
ABRP 200Panel & Glass Replacement Tech00000
MICR 140LGen Microbiology Lab00000
ECON 131Macroeconomics00000
MWIM 45Intro to Arc Welding00000
ASAN 121Chinese Culture00000
ETRO 120LFundamentals of Elec I Lab00000
ABRP 20ACollision Repair00000
ACC 132Payroll & HI Gen Excise Tax00000
AEC 238Arch Historic Preservation00000
AJ 208Criminology00000
BOT 199VInd/Directed Studies00000
HOST 258Hospitality Marketing00000