Harvard Course Reviews

Harvard University

AFVS 156SDocumentary Animation00000
AFVS 278PArt After Nature: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, Process00000
AFRAMER 199YMartin Luther King, Jr. and the Question of Conscientious Ci...00000
AFVS 97Tutorial - Sophomore Year00000
AFRAMER 392Teaching, Writing, and Research00000
AFRAMER 187African Religions00000
AFVS 181Film Theory, Visual Thinking00000
AFRAMER 98AJunior Tutorial - African Studies00000
AFRAMER 299Africa Rising? New African Economies/Cultures and Their Glob...00000
AFRAMER 116Autobiography and Memoir: Remembering the Self00000
AFVS 60XApproaching Narrative: Introduction to Filmmaking00000
AFVS 12Drawing 1: Drawing as a Visual Language00000
AFRAMER 152Y20th Century African American Literature00000
AFVS 120Thinking With Your Hand: Intermediate Painting00000
AESTHINT 59Nazi Cinema: The Art of Propaganda00000
AFVS 162SThis is a show tune, but the show hasn't been written for it...00000
AFRAMER 192YThe Paradox of the Garden: Good and Evil in Paradise00000
AFVS 231Studio Language00000
ADV 9641Proseminar in Landscape Architecture00000
AFVS 352CMP Projects: Production and Publication00000
AFRAMER 109YSocial Justice and the Documentary Film00000
AFRAMER 310Individual Reading Tutorial00000
ADV 9674Proseminar in ECOLOGIES: Interrelated, In-between, Dynamic00000
AFRIKAAN ABElementary Afrikaans00000
AFRAMER 123XMass Incarceration in Historical Perspective00000
AFVS 52RChoice and Chance: Mysteries of the Editing Room00000
AFVS 22One Thing Leads to Another: Introduction to Oil Painting00000
AFRAMER 136XStudies in Afropolitanism00000
AFVS 75The Behavior of Images (New Course)00000
AESTHINT 47Forbidden Romance in Modern China00000
AFVS 108Stranger than Fiction00000
AFRAMER 181YExplorations in Afro-Latin American Art00000
AFVS 137PPolitical Action as Art: A Survey of Artistic Activism (Stud...00000
ADV 9502Independent Study by Candidates for Doctoral Degrees00000
AFVS 158CRSensory Ethnography III00000
AFRAMER 189YSources of Interracial Economic Inequality in the United Sta...00000
AFVS 173Visual Music00000
AFRAMER 11Introduction to African Studies00000
AFVS 196RDirected Research: Studio Course00000
AFRAMER 196XLiterature, Society and Politics in Africa00000
AFVS 254Audio in Multimodal Practice00000
ADV 9155Geaugraphy00000
AFVS 301Film and Visual Studies Workshop00000
AFRAMER 215Queer/ing Ethnography: A Practicum00000
AISC 600Cancer Biology00000
ADV 9671Proseminar in PUBLICS: Of the Public. In the Public. By the...00000
AFRAMER 305Social Theory, In and Out of Africa00000
AFRAMER 115YIntroduction to African Popular Culture00000
AFRAMER 390Individual Research00000
ADV 9204Preparation for Independent Thesis Proposal for MUP, MAUD, o...00000
AFRAMER 399Direction of Doctoral Dissertations00000
AFRAMER 119XChocolate, Culture, and the Politics of Food00000
AFRIKAAN 101ARAdvanced Afrikaans00000
ADV 9692Discourse and Methods II00000
AFVS 15ARSilkscreen00000
AFRAMER 128XPeople as Infrastructure: The Politics of Urban Infrastructu...00000
AFVS 50AIntroduction to Nonfiction Filmmaking00000
AFVS 37Lay of the Land: A Studio-based Seminar00000
AFRAMER 131YBlack Womens Voices in the #MeToo Era00000
AFVS 54SAnimating Science00000
AESTHINT 15Elements of Rhetoric00000
AFVS 70The Art of Film00000
AFRAMER 145XThe Hiphop Cipher: "These are the Breaks"00000
AFVS 81RMalleable Forms (A Studio of The Political)00000
ADV 9342Independent Thesis in Satisfaction of the Degree Master in L...00000
AFVS 99BTutorial - Senior Year (Thesis/Senior Project)00000
AFRAMER 160Christianity, Identity, and Civil Society in Africa00000
AFVS 114Hoarding Fever/Archive Fatigue (Studio Course)00000
AESTHINT 53Anime as Global Popular Culture00000
AFVS 132RObject Matter of Jellyfish : Sculpture Course00000
AFRAMER 183YThe Long Civil Rights Movement in American History00000
AFVS 142WThe Real World (Intermediate Photography)00000
ADV 9153Forms of Assembly00000
AFVS 158BRSensory Ethnography 200000
AFRAMER 188YWriting Africa Today00000
AFVS 160Modernization in the Visual United States Environment, 1890-...00000
AESTHINT 64Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales00000
AFVS 168TInvisible Adversaries: Video Course00000
AFRAMER 190XThe Anthropology of Law: Perspectives from Africa and Elsewh...00000
AFVS 175LQueer (and Queering) Cinema00000
ADV 9506Thesis Extension in Satisfaction of Degree Doctor of Design00000
AFVS 188GPostwall German Cinema00000
AFRAMER 193YLandscape Fieldwork: People, Politics, Practices (with FAS)00000
AFVS 197KCinemas of Resistance: Political Filmmaking Across the Globe00000
AFRAMER 91RSupervised Reading and Research00000
AFVS 241New Media Theory00000
AFRAMER 197XCritiquing Black Muslim Reason in the United States00000
AFVS 270Proseminar in Film and Visual Studies: History00000
AC 700MPrimary Care Clerkship00000
AFVS 283Screens--Projecting Media and the Visual Arts00000
AFRAMER 209BAfrica Rising? New African Economies/Cultures and Their Glob...00000
AFVS 320Directed Study00000
AFRAMER 99ASenior Thesis Workshop00000
AFRAMER 219ARace and Ethnicity in Latin America00000
AC 510MPrimary Care Med/Peds00000
ADV 9148Miami Resilience: Housing & Infrastructure00000
ADV 9302Independent Thesis in Satisfaction of the Degree MAUD, MLAUD...00000
AE 503MRespiratory-Surgical Care00000
AFRAMER 130XRichard Wright: Literature, Philosophy, and Politics00000
AFVS 41AIntroduction to Photography00000