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Harper Course Reviews

Harper College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ART 114Introduction to Film34421
ENG 101Composition43441
MCM 200Film History55521
FYE 101First Year Experience00000
FIS 212Fire Protection Systems00000
DMS 201Introduction To The Medical Sonography Clinical00000
CNB 104Cannabis Pharmacology00000
GRA 131Digital Photography I00000
EDU 219Students With Disabilities in School00000
HIT 299Health Information Technology Capstone00000
ELT 120Introductory Industrial Electronics Maintenance00000
FAS 229Promotion of Fashion00000
DIT 101Fundamentals Of Nutrition00000
FSM 113Dining Room Operations00000
CHM 201Basic Organic Chemistry00000
GER 201Intermediate German I00000
ECE 250Health, Nutrition and Safety00000
HED 203Community Health00000
AST 100Astronomy Survey00000
HMS 290Human Services Practicum I00000
DCS 106Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation II00000
BIO 110Introduction to Biology and Society00000
ELT 218Embedded Microcontroller/Processor Systems00000
DCS 230Cardiac Sonography Clinical00000
ENT 257Ideashop: 2D/3D Prototyping00000
ESL 008Grammar Review for Levels I and II00000
FAS 113Advanced Industrial Sewing Methods00000
DHY 250Dental Hygiene Principles IV00000
FIS 104Building Construction for Fire Protection00000
CAS 290Office Assistant Capstone00000
FRN 205French Conversation00000
DIT 225Sports Nutrition00000
FSM 212Hospitality Supervision00000
ART 132Modern and Contemporary Art00000
GEG 152Spatial Analysis00000
ECE 101Introduction to Early Childhood Education00000
GRA 105Color Management00000
CIS 143Intro to Database Systems00000
GRA 229Page Layout00000
ECE 293Early Childhood Director Practicum00000
HIT 199Health Care Reimbursement00000
ANT 101Introduction to Anthropology00000
HMS 221Introduction To Gerontology00000
EGR 110Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering00000
HSC 105Introduction To Health Care Today00000
BIO 101Biology Survey00000
ELT 144Ac And Dc Motors00000
DCS 207Cardiac Sonography Theory I00000
ENG 221Writing Fiction00000
ANT 215Introduction to Forensic Anthropology00000
ESC 111Physical Geology00000
DHY 108Medical Emergencies In Dentistry00000
BIO 135Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology00000
ESL 032Esl: Academic Communication Skills III00000
DHY 121Dental Hygiene Principles II00000
ESL 053Esl: Reading III00000
ESL 067Esl: Writing IV00000
FAS 107Textiles I00000
DHY 230Pain Management00000
FAS 208Computer-Aided Patternmaking00000
CAS 160Microsoft Office 365/201900000
FIN 215Financial Statements Interpretation And Analysis00000
DHY 260Dental Hygiene Principles V00000
FIS 122Fire Prevention Principles00000
DHY 161Oral And Dental Anatomy00000
ESL 076Esl: Grammar IV00000
FIS 280Firefighting Around the World00000
DIT 200Dietetic Clinical Laboratory II00000
FSM 108Advanced Quantity Bread and Pastry Arts00000
CHM 103The Chemistry Connection00000
FSM 163Garde Manger00000
DMS 107Sonography Theory I00000
FSM 220Hospitality Promotions00000
ACC 280Cpa Review Course/Business Environmental Concepts00000
GEG 104The Developed World00000
DMS 208Abdominal and Small Parts Sonography Theory II00000
GEG 161Introduction to Small Unmanned Aerial Systems00000
CHW 101Introduction To Community Health Work00000
GER 230German Civilization and Culture00000
ECE 209Language Development/Activities For Young Child00000
GRA 113Digital Imaging II00000
ART 250Fine Art Photography00000
GRA 214Digital Illustration II00000
ECE 290Family Child Care Practicum00000
GRA 232Digital Photography II00000
CNA 101Nursing Assistant Training00000
HIT 150Health Information Protection, Analysis, And Technology00000
ECO 212Macroeconomics00000
HIT 235Advanced Medical Coding00000
ACC 203Cost Accounting00000
HMS 102Helping Skills In Human Services00000
EDU 999Preparing For The Tap00000
HMS 241Disabilities And Human Service00000
CSC 216Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis00000
ESL 087Esl: Advanced Vocabulary II00000
EGR 240Thermodynamics00000
ACC 102Intro to Managerial Accounting00000
ACC 251Business Tax Accounting00000
ARC 117Architectural Cad II00000
BIO 161Human Physiology00000