Harper Course Reviews

Harper College

MCM 200Film History55521
DCS 107Sonography Theory I00000
ECE 254Interpersonal Relationships in Early Child Education00000
EMS 113Emergency Medical Technician: Trauma Emergencies00000
DMS 206Medical Sonography Lab I00000
CIS 211It Project Management00000
EGR 210Analytical Mechanics (Statics)00000
BIO 115Fundamentals Of Cellular Biology00000
CAS 125Access 2019/Office 36500000
DCS 230Cardiac Sonography Clinical00000
DHY 125Oral Health Strategies00000
DMS 106Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation II00000
CHN 101Elementary Chinese I00000
ECE 111Infant/Toddler Programs00000
ART 280Topics In Art History: Noir Style In Image, Word, And Sound00000
EDU 219Students With Disabilities in School00000
CNB 104Cannabis Pharmacology00000
ELT 140Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers00000
ANT 207Ancient Civilizations Of Mexico/Central America00000
ENG 102Composition00000
BIO 140Animals and Society00000
DHY 108Medical Emergencies In Dentistry00000
ARC 117Architectural Cad II00000
CAS 265Advanced Microsoft Office 201600000
DHY 202Radiology I00000
DHY 235Dental Scientific Literature00000
DIT 205World Cultures And Food00000
CHM 201Basic Organic Chemistry00000
DMS 110Sonography Lab II00000
ART 206Printmaking Studio00000
DMS 210Obstetrical and Gynecological Sonography Theory II00000
CIS 101Intro to Comp Info Systems00000
ECE 221Math and Science for the Young Child00000
ANT 202Cultural Anthropology00000
ECO 200Introduction to Economics00000
CNA 101Nursing Assistant Training00000
EDU 290Substitute Teaching/New Laws00000
AST 115Stars and Galaxies00000
ELT 101Dc Network Analysis00000
CSC 216Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis00000
EMG 231Public Safety Dispatcher II00000
ACC 250Individual Tax Accounting00000
EMS 217Paramedic: Hospital Internship I00000
DCS 208Cardiac Sonography Theory II00000
ENG 220Creative Writing00000
ARC 110Architectural Design Principles00000
DHY 101Dental Hygiene Principles I00000
BIO 161Human Physiology00000
DHY 116Periodontology I00000
ACC 254Auditing00000
DHY 190General and Oral Pathology00000
CAS 175Publisher 201600000
DHY 221Community Dental Health II00000
ART 110Drawing I00000
CGT 101Electrocardiography I00000
DHY 251Dental Hygiene Clinic III00000
DHY 260Dental Hygiene Principles V00000
DIT 200Dietetic Clinical Laboratory II00000
CHM 110Fundamentals of Chemistry00000
DIT 250Dietetic Clinical Laboratory III00000
ART 131Gothic Through Romantic Art00000
DMS 107Sonography Theory I00000
CHM 205Organic Chemistry II00000
DMS 204Abdominal And Small Parts Sonography Theory I00000
ACC 283Cpa Review Course/Reg00000
DMS 208Abdominal and Small Parts Sonography Theory II00000
CHW 210Community Health Worker Practicum00000
ECE 101Introduction to Early Childhood Education00000
ART 250Fine Art Photography00000
ECE 140Family Child Care Management00000
CIS 143Intro to Database Systems00000
ECE 250Health, Nutrition and Safety00000
ACC 213Legal Environment of Business00000
ECE 292Early Childhood Practicum II00000
CIS 220Applied Programming00000
EDU 201Introduction to Education00000
AST 100Astronomy Survey00000
EDU 250Introduction To Technology In Education00000
CNB 101Introduction To Cannabis00000
EGR 105Problem-Solving With Matlab And Excel00000
ANT 205Physical Anthropology00000
EGR 212Mechanics of Solids00000
CSC 122Computer Science II00000
ELT 111Semiconductor Devices and Circuits00000
BIO 104Environmental Lab Biology00000
EMG 155Social Dimensions of Disaster00000
DCS 102Electrocardiography II00000
EMS 110Emergency Medical Technician (Emt) Training00000
ACC 155Payroll Accounting00000
EMS 212Paramedic Medical Emergencies II00000
DCS 110Sonography Lab II00000
ENG 097Read, Write and Think Critically00000
BIO 130Microbiology00000
DHY 270Dental Materials Laboratory Techniques for the Dental Hygien...00000
DCS 210Cardiac Sonography Lab II00000
ACC 101Introduction to Financial Accounting00000
ACC 203Cost Accounting00000
ACC 280Cpa Review Course/Business Environmental Concepts00000
ART 121Design I00000
CHM 103The Chemistry Connection00000