Hamline Course Reviews

Hamline University

ENG 3320Fundamentals of Journalism00000
EXSC 3510LAB: Exercise Physiology00000
COMM 3670Gender, Communication, and Knowledge00000
EDUC 7202Understanding the College Admission Process00000
DMA 3420Digital Video II00000
CJFS 3740Courts and Sentencing00000
ESL 8105English Teaching Practices00000
CFST 3300The Role of Conflict in Social Change00000
DMA 1300Creative Coding00000
CHEM 3700Chemical Biology00000
EDU 1150LAB: Schools and Society00000
DMPS 8530Quantitative Research Methods00000
CJFS 3440Forensic Fingerprint Examinatn00000
ENG 1100English for International Students00000
BIOL 5960Senior Capstone00000
ESL 7620TEFL Certificate Course00000
COMM 1320Introduction to Critical Media Studies00000
ESTD 1850Campus Sustainability00000
ARTH 1200Western Traditions: Prehistory to the Middle Ages00000
FIN 3730Corporate Finance00000
CHEM 3240LAB: Analytical Chemistry00000
DMA 1470Animation I00000
BIOL 1140Human Heredity and Disease00000
DMA 5480Digital Audio III00000
CHEM 5951Chemistry Seminar B00000
ECON 3750Behavioral and Experimental Economics00000
ECON 1100Principles of Economics00000
CJFS 1120Crime and Justice in America00000
EDUC 6186Devel Designs Middle School 200000
BIOL 3770Population Genetics/Evolution00000
ENED 6220Equity & Inclusion in Env Ed00000
CJFS 3700Policing in America00000
ENG 1800Introduction to Professional Writing and Rhetoric00000
ART 5740Advanced Painting00000
ENG 3540Studies in Americn Literatures: Speculative Fiction and Now00000
CJFS 5660Senior Capstone and Internship in CJFS00000
ESL 7634Adult ESL: Oral Skills00000
BIOL 5980Special Topics: Immune System00000
ESL 8130Exploring Learner Language and Second Language Acquisition00000
COMM 3390Organizational Communication00000
EXSC 3210LAB: Human Anat & Physiology I00000
ART 1150Art Foundations00000
EXSC 5964Exercise Science Seminar Presentation00000
CPAL 6215Public Works Ldrshp Acad Pt 200000
FREN 1110Beginning French I00000
BIOC 3830LAB: Biochemistry II00000
DMA 1450Graphic Design I00000
CHEM 3460Organic Chemistry II00000
DMA 1490Fundamentals of Making00000
ART 1540Beginning Painting00000
DMA 3480Digital Audio II00000
CHEM 3950Physical Chemistry Laboratory Techniques00000
DMA 5920Digital Media Arts Senior Seminar II00000
BIOL 1520LAB: Integrated Concepts in Biology II00000
DMPS 8998Topics: DPA to Ph.D. Bridge Course00000
CHIN 1110Beginning Chinese I00000
ECON 3720International Economic Development00000
ECON 1310Microeconomic Analysis00000
CHIN 3600Advanced Intermediate Chinese I00000
ECON 5820Econometrics00000
BIOL 3060Principles of Cell Biology00000
EDU 3500LAB: Diversity and Education00000
CJFS 3400Survey of Forensic Science00000
EDUC 7143Cyber Bullying00000
ART 3800Intermediate Printmaking00000
EDUC 7636Course Design for Adult Education00000
CJFS 3650Forensic Science Internship00000
ENED 7126Theories-Models: Climate Chng00000
BIOL 5540Aquatic Biology00000
ENG 1230American Literatures to 186000000
CJFS 3720Constitutional Issues in Criminal Procedure00000
ENG 3020Literary and Cultural Theory00000
ANTH 5260Anthropological Thought and Theory00000
ENG 3370Topics in Professional Writing: Aging and Digital Inclusion00000
CJFS 3770Punishment, Corrections and Society00000
ENG 3980Special Topics: Mental Illness in Popular Culture00000
BIOL 5963Biology Seminar III00000
ESL 7622TEFL Certificate Part II00000
COMM 1110Public Speaking00000
ESL 7770Critical Praxis in TESOL00000
ART 5950Senior Seminar00000
ESL 8110Language and Society00000
COMM 3360Interpersonal Communication00000
ESL 8160Phonetics and Phonology00000
CDS 3200Elements of Statistical Learning00000
ESTD 3950Junior Seminar for Practicing Studying Environments00000
COMM 3480Media and Global Environmental Conflicts00000
EXSC 3300Research Methods in Exercise Science00000
ACCT 3980Special Topics: SEC Reporting00000
EXSC 5961Exercise Science Seminar I00000
CPAL 6020Leadership Communicatn Skills00000
FIN 3700Financial Markets and Institutions00000
CHEM 1140LAB: General Chemistry II00000
DMA 1100Introduction to Digital Media Arts00000
ACCT 3010Intermediate Accounting I00000
ANTH 1160Introduction to Anthropology00000
ART 1980Special Topics: Anti-capitalist press: Zines and Bookmaking00000
BIOL 3040Principles of Physiology00000
CHIN 3110Intermediate Chinese I00000
ECON 3100Intermediate Economic Theory00000