HACC Harrisburg Course Reviews

Harrisburg Area Community College, Harrisburg

CIS 222Introduction to Windows Servers00000
CPS 230Object Oriented Programming JAVA00000
AUCT 103Procurement and Appraisal of Merchandise II00000
CARP 110Carpentry Fundamentals00000
BAKE 205Bakery Operations I00000
ART 183Modern Art00000
CNT 220Internetworking00000
ARCH 135Codes, Specifications, & Safety00000
AUTO 157Engine Performance Testing00000
ARCH 291Arch CoOp Work Experience00000
BIOL 294AIndependent Study Topics in Biology (Lab)00000
BIOL 100Basic Microbiology00000
ART 147Graphic and Interactive Design Portfolio Development00000
CIS 100Computer Fundamentals00000
AOS 224Office Applications00000
CJ 206Criminalistics00000
ART 208Advanced Digital Photography00000
COMM 221Media Writing00000
AGM 255GM Advanced Automotive Electronics00000
CULI 153Culinary Arts III00000
ARCH 214Site Planning00000
AUTO 251Service Department Management00000
AH 140Introduction to Allied Health00000
BCT 212Construction Contracts and Related Laws00000
ART 114Interactive Media and Design00000
BIOL 212Botany00000
BIOL 105Medical Terminology00000
ART 140Web Design00000
BUSI 290Business Capstone00000
AOS 112Desktop Publishing00000
CHEM 102General Inorganic Chemistry II and Qualitative Analysis00000
ART 171Jewelry and Metal Design I00000
CIS 128Client Administration00000
AGM 192GM Cooperative Work Experience II00000
CIS 243Database Administration II00000
ART 191Glass00000
CJ 243International and Domestic Terrorism00000
ARCH 102Architectural Design II00000
COMM 101HHonors Effective Speaking00000
ART 295CIndependent Study Special Topics in Art (Lab)00000
COMM 261Public Relations Writing00000
ACCT 215Accounting Software Applications00000
CULI 113Sanitation and Safety00000
AUTO 105Fundamentals of Electrical/Electronics I00000
CULI 207Restaurant Operations III: Culinary00000
AGM 292AGM Cooperative Work Experience IV00000
AUTO 203Manual Transmissions/Transaxles and Differentials00000
ARCH 251Environmental Control Systems for Buildings00000
BAKE 101Baking I00000
AGM 103GM Automotive Powerplants00000
BAKE 291Baking and Pastry Arts Internship00000
ART 107Fundamentals of Three-Dimensional Design00000
BCT 216Construction Planning and Scheduling00000
AH 210Health Care Law and Ethics00000
BIOL 102General Biology II00000
ART 116Silver Gelatin Photography00000
BIOL 203Environmental Science with Laboratory00000
BIOL 108Biology for Non-Science Majors00000
ART 131Painting I00000
BIOL 221Microbiology00000
AOS 101Document Processing00000
BUSI 209Legal Environment of Business00000
ART 144Graphic Design I00000
CAD 125MicroStation II00000
AGM 159GM Automotive Heating/Air Conditioning Systems00000
CARP 130Floor, Wall, and Roof Framing00000
ART 149Design Practice00000
CHIN 101Elementary Chinese I00000
AOS 160Office Accounting00000
CIS 109Technology in Education00000
ART 176Digital Photo Imaging00000
CIS 140Intermediate Database Management00000
ACCT 208Professional Bookkeeping00000
CIS 227Technical Support00000
ART 186History and Aesthetics of Photography00000
CJ 109Instrumentation and Technologies00000
ARAB 101Elementary Arabic I00000
CJ 212Criminal Law and Procedure00000
ART 205Color Digital Photography00000
CNT 125Network Communications Technology II00000
AGM 207GM Automotive Fuel Injection Systems00000
CNT 260Wireless Network Administration00000
ART 216AAdvanced Crafts: Glass00000
COMM 201Communication Theory00000
ARCH 112Architectural Working Drawings I00000
COMM 251Small Group Communication00000
AUCT 101Audience Communications00000
CPS 121Computer Science I - Introduction to Computer Programming JA...00000
ACCT 151Principles of Financial Accounting II00000
CULI 106Professional Bartending00000
AUCT 106The Auction00000
CULI 125Dining Room Management00000
ARCH 202Architectural Design IV00000
AUTO 151Braking Systems00000
ACCT 101Principles of Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 200Principles of Managerial Accounting00000
AGM 107GM Automotive Fuel and Emission Control Systems00000
ANTH 101Introduction to Anthropology00000
ART 122Drawing II00000
BIOL 115Intro to Cells & Molecules00000