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HACC Harrisburg Course Reviews

Harrisburg Area Community College, Harrisburg

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENVS 220Environmental Laws, Regulations and Compliance00000
HIST 103HHonors United States History I00000
CULI 209Interna'l Culinary Tour: Italy00000
ELEC 211AC/DC Circuits II00000
DA 180Dental Office Practice00000
CJ 211Juvenile Justice00000
GERT 100Introduction to Gerontology - Overview00000
AUTO 159Automotive Heating/Air Conditioning Systems00000
CVT 228Cardiac Sonography Clinical II00000
BIOL 108HHonors Biology for Non-Science Majors00000
EDUC 221Math and Science: Birth through Kindergarten00000
DH 212Clinical Experience III00000
CIS 227Technical Support00000
ENGL 003Strategy-Based Reading III00000
ART 202Mtls & Process of Photo00000
FIRE 207Educational Methodology00000
COMM 241Visual Communication00000
GP 201Introduction to American Government00000
ARCH 212Architectural Working Drawings II00000
HTMT 122Food Purchasing, Receiving, and Storing00000
BAKE 201Advanced Baking and Pastry Arts00000
CVTE 208Strength of Materials00000
ART 113Introduction to Printmaking00000
DH 113Clinical Experience II00000
BIOL 221Microbiology00000
EDUC 120Observation and Assessment of the Young Child00000
DH 235Community Dental Health Education00000
CIS 100Computer Fundamentals00000
ELEC 101Equipment Utilization00000
ART 172Jewelry and Metal Design II00000
EMS 231Advanced Life Support I00000
CIS 270Microcomputer Systems Internship00000
ENGR 291Engineering Cooperative Experience00000
ARCH 101Architectural Design I00000
EXSC 203Exercise Testing and Measurement00000
CNT 250Virtualization and Cloud Computing00000
FS 103College Success for Online Students00000
AUCT 102Procurement and Appraisal of Merchandise I00000
GERT 220Caregiving and Aging00000
CULI 110Menu Design and Marketing00000
GTEC 202Statistical Quality Control00000
AGM 291AGM Cooperative Work Experience III00000
HIST 218Hitler and Nazi Germany00000
CVT 210Introduction to Invasive Cardiovascular Technology00000
HTMT 212Front Office Operations and Management00000
ARCH 261Portfolio Development for Architecture00000
CVTE 110Civil Engineering Graphics00000
BCT 216Construction Planning and Scheduling00000
DA 172Dental Materials00000
AH 210Health Care Law and Ethics00000
DH 101Dental Hygiene Theory and Clinical Experience I00000
BIOL 122Anatomy and Physiology II00000
DH 150Dental Materials00000
ART 121Drawing I00000
DH 221Periodontics II00000
BUSI 230Introduction to International Business00000
DMS 274Diagnostic Medical Sonography Topics00000
DMS 120Diagnostic Medical Sonography Lab I00000
CHEM 101General Inorganic Chemistry I00000
EDUC 180Diversity and Partnerships in Family, Schools, and Community00000
ART 146Graphic Design III00000
EDUC 275Teaching and Supporting English Language Learners (ELLs) in...00000
CIS 128Client Administration00000
ELEC 125Introduction to PC Technology00000
AOS 203Records and Imaging Management00000
ELOC 168Introduction to Fiber Optics00000
CIS 245Database Programming00000
EMS 245ALS Field Summative Evaluation00000
ART 184The Art of the Cinema00000
ENGR 102Engineering & Engineering-Technology Orientation00000
CJ 104Police Operations00000
ENVI 183Sensory Evaluation I00000
AGM 203GM Automotive Manual Transmissions/Transaxles and Differenti...00000
ESL 050Grammar I00000
CJ 245Criminal Justice Study Abroad in London00000
FIRE 103Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Surviva...00000
ART 214Advanced Glass00000
FRCH 102Elementary French II00000
COMM 120Mass Media and Society00000
GEOG 230Introduction to Human Geography00000
ARCH 130Construction Materials and Methods00000
GERT 105Careers in Gerontology00000
CPS 161Computer Science II - Algorithmic Design JAVA and C++00000
GIS 204Cartographic Design00000
AUTO 103Automotive Powerplants00000
GP 205International Politics00000
CULI 143Culinary Arts II00000
HBR 140Introduction to Masonry00000
ACCT 204Managerial Cost Accounting00000
HIST 120Military History of World War II00000
CULI 291Culinary Arts Internship00000
HLTH 101Healthful Living00000
AUTO 251Service Department Management00000
CVT 219Introduction to Ultrasound Imaging Systems00000
ACCT 160Principles of Managerial Accounting I00000
AGM 151GM Automotive Braking Systems00000
AOS 101Document Processing00000
ART 133Introduction to Mac00000
CAD 154Computer-Aided Drafting and Design00000
DMS 215Clinical Experience III00000